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Hi Andy,
I found the site by accident and have thoroughly enjoyed browsing. I was at college at Bishop Lonsdale from 1968 to 1970 and found the photos of Old College and Swiss lodge on the Uttoxeter cemetary page.

Thanks for a good trip down memory lane!

Dave Draycott
Ascot, Berkshire

Great site to visit ,pleasure seeing sites as remembered in the 50s.
will wait with anticipation to see more.

keith parks

I have stumbled accross your site as I am thinking of moving to the Melboune area and thank you so much!!! The area look lovely and I will definaltey be looking into the move in a lot more detail now.

Thanks again.

Ipswich, Suffolk, UK

Andy, you have done more good for the City of Derby, than any of those fools in the council house. keep up your great work.
see you again

Eric Clay
Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada

A quick note to say how brilliant your Then and Now is! Thoughly enjoyed it.  I tried to walk the old Friargate railway line out of Derby the other week, perhaps some of these would be good.

Andrew Day

Absolutely fantastic display in the Then and Now section . It brought back a few memories; although some were well before my time. Even so the differences were amazing.
Thanks for all your work to give us pleasure.

Jack Fletcher
Pontypridd. Wales (Born Derby)

Born 1947 , St Albans Rd. Firs Estate, Rykneld & Derby Schools. Alas left this fine  town[city] in 1970 now no contacts at all in Derby. Moved to Fylde  last year  via London , Leeds [ at the time of Mr Clough's move there]. Just looking at pictures of Markeaton Park gives me a great tingle of nostalgia and a resolve to  visit  v v soon.
Regards mi ducks

David K Goodwin
North Shore , Blackpool, Lancs

It was great to stumble across your website.
I was born and bred in Derby and moved to Northern Ireland 9 years ago.
it was absolutely fantastic to see all the new changes and see old photos too of Derby.
I never thought I would miss derby till I saw your website.
Great photos and fantastic website.

Lorraine Foss
Donaghadee, Northern Ireland

Though born & raised in Lancashire, and not being familiar with any of the locations, I enjoyed your work more than any local, or for that matter national, history webpage I've ever come across. Your attention to detail is greatly appreciated! Now if someone with some sense would give you a grant or commission to cover as much of the country as possible.......!
I just wanted to say thanks!

Martin Johnson
London, Ontario, Canada

Thanks Andy sooooooo much for all your help.  It's really hard to do family research from way over here.  I appreciate your taking time to provide me with web addresses that will help with my searching. 
I will revisit your site many times I am sure. 
Thanks again..!!!!!!

Brenda Rogers
New Brusnwick, Canada

Good Evening,
I would like to thank you for an enthrawling visit to your site. I was in Derby for six great years. Four at college and three as a delivery driver. The pictures I have seen this evening have brought back some very happy memories! Please keep up the good work!
Many thanks,

Finlay Bassett
Barton On Humber, North Lincolnshire

Thank you for allowing us to show some of the excellent photos of the
renewing of the lock gates at Stenson canal. What an splendid record of a rare event. The pics were greatly admired and caused plenty of discussion. The series 'Then and now' is fascinating, I keep returning to it. Keep up the good work, Andy, its invaluable.
Best wishes

Rosemary Jefferson

Great photos on this website.  I grew up in Hartshorne so I know quite a few places. I might have some photos of Hartshorne, I only wish my area of Hampshire would do the same on a website.
Bye for now.

Jean Ward

Would just like to say what a wonderful site you have created I am really enjoying browing it keep up the good work.

Dorothy Smedley

I came across your website by accident (various links on Google) and I spent some time looking at the photos. 
What a wonderful website.  I particularly like the Then and Now images fading into each other.  My great grandfather was from Belper, Derby and I was interested in the landmarks that he would have seen. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You are operating a wonderful website - very professional.
Thank you.

Berenice Foster
Birmingham, England

Just wanted to let you know how much l enjoyed the site. Only managed to view a very small part of it and so will be back many times l'm sure.  I am so impressed with the ease of use in general and it is just so interesting. I loved the "Then and Now' photos.  I moved to Derby only a year ago so it is great to be able to be able to build up a picture of its past. 
Please keep up the excellent work, well done.

Bridget Morgan

Andy, What a great site! We use your "Then and Now" section extenslvely with over 100 primary schools here in Bradford as part of our History curriculum. The transitions from old and new never fail to lose the wow factor with our students!
They demonstrate the chronology really well, Keep up the excellent work!

Kind regards
Steve Dale
e-learning consultant
Education Bradford

Bradford, UK

This is a fantastic web site that I have stumbled across. I am visiting the UK in September and think that I will come and look at Derby as it looks beautiful.
Thanks for the great information.

Cyndy Hannan
Queensland, Australia

Having lived in Derby for 3 years working for BT it is really  wonderful to see some old haunts of mine. Your Then and Now photos have brought back some fond memories for me, unfortunately this is as close as I'll get for awhile. You have done a wonderful job with this site, I truly enjoyed it.
Thank you

Janette Leaney
Wellington,New Zealand

The latest "Then and Now" pictures are excellent. I am still amazed by the quality of your site.
Best Wishes,
Ken Tipping

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Fantastic site - really enjoy browsing it. I'm one of the many students in Derby and I'm enjoying having a lot at its history. The site is very informative and well presented. Very fast and helpful responses to queries too!
Excellent work mate, keep it up.

Abingdon and Derby, UK

I've just had a look at some of the Then and Now presentations.
Absolutely wonderful.

Thank you.
(Brought up in Marlpool, near Heanor)

I think that this is an excellent website. I lived in Breadsall Village for 17 years before emigrating to South Africa and I have only been able to visit briefly in the last two years.

In my youth I spent a great deal of time in Breadsall church, the church choir and was quite a seasoned campanologist. I attended the Breadsall C of E Primary school before heading off to Henry Cavendish Grammar School. My friend's parents owned the little corner shop and I had the privilege of being able to work there on a Saturday morning for about a year. I do not remember how long they owned it for though.
I looked at your Then and Now photo of Breadsall Railway station and thought it was absolutely marvelous. Some more of Breadsall village if you can please!

Again many thanks for bringing some of my memories to life.
A wonderful site.

Elaine Evans (nee Booth)

Congratulations! I'm very impressed with the Then and Now views. My family live in Derby so I am very interested in your site. I recognise some of the scenes from my visits over the years. Thank you!

Annie Morris
Sydney, Australia

browsing through your photos and saw GASP HORROR THE POP HAS BEEN PULLED DOWN
bang goes my childhood, no more laurel and hardy, white eagle, brick bradford and his time top,or flash gordon.

Geoffrey Moore
Cilfrew, nr neath, Glamorgan

I was born and brought up in Derby, and much appreciate the fantastic photos. Many memories were stirred, and the changes shown are truly fascinating. Thankyou very much for taking the trouble to create this wonderful site

Jane Blackham
Polstead Suffolk

This website is fantastic!  Last week after learning that my gg grandparents were buried in Uttoxeter Road Cemetery I decided to do a little googling.  I wanted to learn more about the cemetery so as to visualize it in my mind.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to find a photo of an actual ancestor's gravestone!  What's even more unbelievable is that the stone is for the sister and brother-in-law of the same gg grandmother I was researching Uttoxeter Road Cemetery for in the first place.  Amazing that out of the thousands of burials in Derby, this stone would be one you photographed.  Although the gravestone is over 100 years old, it's still in great condition and the picture is great!  Actually, the word WOW isn't enough to describe this website. 
Thank you again.

Janice Cassani
Massachusetts, USA

Fantastic site, Really unique.

Carl Lee

A very interesting Then and Now idea and site. I feel sure that this could make money for you in many ways. I am interested in family research I feel that amongst other uses local council history depts and Family history sites societies and associations would willingly work with a link to you. Working on a similar fee basis (of course for it to work one would need to expand dramatically to cover more of the uk): example I recently took a trip to Wales to a birthplace/prev res of a couple of past relatives.With one ,the house was non existant -the other was still there - to have saved on the travelling I for one would pay a fee for this to add to my research records...I am sure there are many uses.. House/prop buyers would use it too.

Good luck
A great idea.


Great Site, keep up the good work. I like the addition 'Then and Now' - clever idea.

Jeff Smith
West End Derby.

Great site, my daughter from holland put me onto it, I was born and bred in the west end,little back parker st, went to kingsmead school,left in 1965, your photos of Brook street canal brought back great memoiries,padling in summer and shuffling on the ice in winter. My Mam use to clean at the institute for the deaf in your photo, welldone.

Richard Sanders


You have put an incredible amount of work into this site. It is exceptional. As an ex-Chaddesden bloke now living in Canada, it's marvelous to see my old town from every angle. Brings back a lot of fond memories. Good Job!

Karl Robinson
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Hello, what a wonderfull website you have made, its looks really good!!

I was born in Derby City Hospital (1973) , lived at no 8 kent street, but left England with my mother when I was 4 years old to live with her new husband in The Netherlands. I visisited my grandparents in Littleover a lot and last year I was in Derby, sadly for the funeral of my  grandmother of my fathers side. My father now lives in Heywood near Manchester. I still have a lot of family in Derby. So I loved looking at the now and then pictures, couldn't  recall a lot but some thing I could recognize.

I will come back to look at some more pictures, I have found out that my family on my fathers side come from Ockbrook, all the way back to 1731.
Thanks for making a great website, it is a pleasure to look at your pictures.

Emma Lucas-Sanders
Haarlem, The Netherlands

A really fabulous site for anyone who knows Derby or who, like us, is researching their family tree. The images are great and the 'Then and Now' animations are truly amazing!. Thanks for all the effort in putting it all together.

Rich Oakden
Leicestershire, England

Dear Andy
Great site, I am amazed at the Then and Now experience. I also enjoyed " Your Memories" and got very much enjoyment from reading Peter Slater's memories of Rolls Royce Toolroom. Since I and my Brother both worked in the Toolroom at this time.

Dennis Lockley, Derby

As a ex chaddesden,derby man,I would like to thank you for bringing back some very old memories for me. It was wonderfull to see the old derby as I knew it.
Thanks again,and all the best for the future.

Chris hayes

As I lived in Rose Hill Street  (until I left to go to university ) I was very interested to see the photos of R H St and Normanton Road.
Thank you

Margaret Page
Hampshire, U.K.

I found this website by accident whilst looking to trace my family tree. I had been told some information about a war memorial at Derby Railway Station that may contain my great grandads details. We went to have a look at the memorial and found that it was not as described.

I contacted Andy through the website and he contacted various people to try and solve the problem. He also contacted the Local Study library on my behalf. They kindly tried to solve the query of the memorial.

The original question still remains a mystery. However, I must admit that the help both from the website manager and the Local study library was superb. I would recommend the site and library to anybody. Thank you all very much.


Kev Goddard
Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Particularly fascinating was the Then and Now image of St Mary`s bridge ,where St Alkmunds church disappears and then reappears.

How about doing a similar thing where st. Andrews church  london rd was - now st andrews house or the shot tower -morledge

Judith Overton, Derby, UK.

Your photographs are amazing, you have really captured the essence of some buildings which I would normally walk past without giving it a 2nd thought, like the Haus building, I have never looked at it from that side of the road, it is a wonderful building!
Great site, some amazing photos of places that are near me that I have never taken the time to look at! Fantastic!! Keep up the good work!

Dom Paczko, Derby.

Just wanted to say, great site and I'm really pleased to see some photos of College Primary School on here. I used to go to that school between 1990-1996 and I have great memories if that place. Some of them photos, I'm pretty sure I can even remember the drawings and paintings on the walls. I never managed to get myself any photos of College School before it was demolished and I've pretty much lost touch with all the people I used to go there with, only now am I trying my best to find some of these people.
So I just wanted to say thanks and if you get hold of anymore College School photos, please put them up!!

Paul and Joyce, Derby, England.

Wonderful site, it allows me to show my family the place I came from. I was born in Willersley Castle near Cromford and lived in Duffield until 1965. My grandparents are buried in Duffield cemetary. I spend a lot of time looking at your Then and Now section and reliving old memories of days gone by. It brings us ex-pats back home for a while to visit so thank you for all your hard work in putting it together. Thanks for bringing back some fantastic warm memories for me to enjoy.

Peter Jackson, West Virginia, USA.

A great website - thank you.

Lee Butler
Heatherton Village, Littleover, Derby

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