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Excellent site.It must have been a nightmare to 'line up' the "Then and now" pics!! Very well done. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Mick Shaw
Aston on Trent

Hello Andy,
Just had to let you know that I really love the "Then and now" photos. I spent a few years living at the Lodge, Morley Manor - my late husband worked for Dr Barnardo's.
The program you developed is truly intriguing. I have recommended your site to all my friends in Derbyshire.
Thanks for all your hard work.

Pam Collier
Denver, CO USA
formerly of Morley, Derbys
born Clifton, Nottingham

Great Derby Quiz, many thanks, I worked through the 300+ questions over a few days. I did quite well, I am not ashamed, but I am upset that I did not identify the signs of the York Tavern and the Brick and Tile PHs, they are my nearest pubs !!

Nigel Aspdin

Andy, I have been living away from Derby now almost as long as I lived there. I have visited your site many times and it brings back great memories. I have just been looking at the Then and now section, it's fantastic.
I had forgotten how nice the old railway station was. We do seem to have lost many fine buildings. Since I first visited your site gets better and better.
I always seem to spend three times longer looking at the pictures than I intended, and strangely the smells of certain places come right back to me.
Keep up the great work that you are doing, good luck.

David Frost
Ruckinge, Kent, England.

What a fascinating Derby Quiz you have compiled. Though away from Derby for many years, and knew few of the answers, your informative enjoyable comments brought me up to date.
I still have a long way to go to complete all the questions, but I look forward to an hour or two more of mustn't-miss entertainment. Without hesitation, I urge anyone who hasn't yet had a look to do so!

Thanks for all the effort you've put into the compilation.

Frank Grimshaw
County Durham, UK

Hi Andy ,great site,I was stationed at Sunnyhill Camp, then Normaton Barracks I was with REME working out of the OSD at the bottom of Sinfin Lane.
Many happy memories of Derby! the Rialto dance hall where squadies got in for free by showing their paybook (a soldiers passport.) it was on Nightingale Road, The Ritz was near the Spot, another soldier friendly dance hall.

I am surprised there is not any ex national service men writing in to you for there were a lot of us in the fifties I was there 1950 to 1952, pity we could'nt do a "then and now"with our lives.

What motovated me to write was your then and now photographs of the Derby Hippodrome Theatre, I had a quiet laugh when I saw it, it reminded  me of the time when a group of us went to see Naughty Nudes of 1951,fighting to try and get  seats near the centre of the hall so we could see the girls clear the stage before the curtains closed,these were the days when nudes were not supposed move on stage,how times have changed.

You are quite a talented fellow and give a lot of people a lot of pleasure keep up the good work.
Kind regards.
Jim Morrison.

Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire

Dear Andy,
Just to say what an absolutely wonderful web site you have produced. I emigrated from Derby in 1989 and have been homesick for the last 18 yrs. I have been back now on two occasions and love to go go to the places where I grew up. Going to your website really helps me to re live my moments as a young boy. Your "Then and now" page is truly remarkable, just loved looking at the old Cavendish Cinema, thats when I actually went in 1953.
Thanks for the incredible work you do.
God bless you.

Colin Bailey
Tasmania, Australia

I loved the Then and now section of this site.  I have lived in derby all my life and never knew that some buildings like the crewton park libary ever  existed thank you so much. Im in to History of Derby and this site is fantastic.

And for saying you do this in your own time well done and thank you again

Leigh Evans
Sinfin, Derby

Absolutely wonderful photos, mesmerised.


Hi Andy, Thanks again for a wonderful selection of photos.  I visit your site quite often and enjoy each visit. I have friends who originate from Derby and who are now living in Austrailia and I told them of your site etc. They think it's just wonderful, a little bit of home to visit and re visit as often as they want or need to.
I also have a friend who now lives on the Scottish Borders, and again I told hime to log on to your site, he was amazed at the wonderful pictures and the then and now aspect of it.
He looks you up regularly to keep old memories fresh.

I think you are doing a superb job on behalf of people like me who when taking photo's always manage to cut off heads and feet, I can never get the photo centrally placed, so I gave up and only do the odd snapshop if I happen to have a camera with me.  I have very few holiday snaps and tend to buy the local postcards when away, 'cause at least then I will get something that actually resembles the place I have been.  Thanks again for your wonderful site


Jill Brownsword MBE
Derby City Centre

Absolutely superb piece of information. I am an ex-Derby lad and being
So far away now, this site takes me back to my roots. I was born in Harcourt St.
Then moved to the Cavendish area. Everything I recognise so vividly in the Derby Streets Video Thank you very much indeed for doing what you did, you must have made a lot of people happy.
Richard Jordan.
Swindon, wiltshire.

I have never replied to a guestbook before but I feel your site deserves recognition.
I often ponder when seeing old pictures or new, what does it look like now or what did it look like then!
To see them Overlayed in the way you have presented the photos on your site opens up a real a of looking at change.
Also seeing people in the original and then slowly disappear as the photo transposes has an almost eery quality as it is not just the buildings or surroundings which change but also humanity, and you wonder how did those peoples lives change.
A very interesting site which I have given the address to friends..


I thought that this website is excellent. Many hours of hard work must have gone into making this site and the skill and effort that must be required for creating the images is amazing. 
This site has brought me and my family such enjoyment and interest. 
Keep up the good work.

Andrew Lonsdale
Alvaston, Derby, UK

I found your website by surfing and love the photos, especially the fades, showing the way it was and the present.You have produced photos and a wonderful website for people like me, who would like to see where my ancestors came from.
Thank You so much!!

Pat Malloy
Chicago, Illinois USA

Andy, As an ex derby resident who emigrated to Australia 42 years ago,much enjoyed the Derby Streets by car videos posted on youtube ,is it at all possible to do one on Chaddesden and Breadsall .Wiltshire rd ,Sussex Circus Canterbury St etc.
Keep up the good work on your site. Much appreciated.

Fred Duerden
Geelong, Victoria, Austraila

Streets of Chaddesden Video now online, Click here.

Had a great time looking. Sent this onto two old Derby folk,one who lives in toronto and one in Turkey.


Dear Sir,
I just looked through your ALL of your photos, and I couldn't stop until I was at the end!
For the last month, I've been searching for then and now websites, and yours is the most comprehensive that I've come across to date.
You have put a tremendous amount of talent and patience into your work.
I only wish you lived in the states.
Thank You,
David Williams
East Orange, NJ, USA

Hi Andy, I would just like to say that I have spent the last two hrs browsing through your great and interesting website.  It has been very interesting viewing the old and new photos, keep up the good work. I especially like the Then and Now Photographs
all the best

Pamela Hodson
Borrowash, Derbyshire

Really enjoyed the Derby and Derbyshire Then and Now photos, particularly the photos of  the Shoulder of Mutton pub in Osmaston (DP-TAN-OSMAS-82). My family kept this pub from 1972 to the late 80's.
Thank you for taking the time, a very interesting idea !

Phil Mountford

Thank you so much for alowing me to go back Home to Swadlincote, I was born there I have twin sister who is still living in England, We went to william Allett school Newhall in the 60s.
Any one remeber us? Once again thank you for the wonderful Photographs.

Judith Price Davis (Price twins)
Living in U.S.A Nebraska

Wow! I so jumped out my skin when I looked at the ghost walk photograph! and the next one! That was amazing!
Love the site, think it is a brilliant idea.


Hello, Just want to let you know that I really enjoyed the site and was very impressed with the
"Before and Afters" I am an architect, and almost cry when I see what has been removed.
Keep up the work and thanks

Tom Campbell Wilson
Bow, New Hamshire

I was born in Osmaston Manor, Osmaston, Ashbourne. My birth certificate says Belper, County of Derbyshire. I have always wanted to re-visit England and see my birth place. I shall be back in March to visit my sister. And hopefully I  will have time to visit Belper while I am there.
I was born July 14th 1946 My maiden name was Hooker and middle name Linda, it was really nice looking at photo's of where I was born.

Maureen Backer
San Diego, California USA

What a lovely 2 hours I have had viewing your photos, amazingly the fading then and now photo of Abbeyst/Spa Lane Derby showing the pub the Lord Belper brings back memories as the first house opposite was where my uncle lived, I am 70 years old now but still remember going in that house.

Frank Wright
Derby uk

I happened upon the pictures of Horsley Woodhouse which took me down memory lane. Many a happy hour has been spent in the Jolly colliers in my youth. My father was the village doctor up until his untimey death in 1976, his name was doctor John Arthur. The local medical center at four lane ends bears his name. Thank you for posting the photographs.
Fiona Arbiter from a snowy Canada

Having been born in the Derby City Hospital, educated in Derby and served an apprenticeship with the Derby Evening Telegraph before joining the Royal Air Force in 1967, I find this site absolutely fascinating. 
Your outstanding photography invokes many fond memories of childhood and adolescent times past. Although the  charm of Derby was decimated by wholesale irresponsible and destructive inner city planning during the seventies, you have managed to successfully captured forever the remarkable Derby architecture spans several centuries. 
Well done, I will regularly visit this site to view future updates.

Jim Nadin
South Kyme, Lincolnshire

I just found this web site by chance and what a good site it. My late mothers family live in Derby and I have been going down there since I was born once or twice a year im now sixty and what memories this site has brought back to me seeing the Derby that I saw as a child was wonderful.And the then and now was even better.
I have to say I haven't visited Derby for about five years,even though it was always my second home.
Thank you for this wonderful website,I haven't visited it all yet but look forward with anticipation.
Kind Regards Kathleen.

The Ribble Valley, Lancashire

Thank you very much Andy for the photos and the information about the Liversage Arms in Derby! It has been very useful in my family tree research for the history of the pub as my great grandfather was the publican there in 1900. I was planning to visit it to take a look inside but in view of the latest news about the change to the pub (reported in Derbyshire Telegraph - thank you very much for the link). I think I will give it a miss!!!

As my family originate from Staffordshire I will also be looking at your other photos and information from around the area which is very interesting.

Once again thank you for all your help.

Jean Bodycote
Coventry, England

Andy, top pictures best local site on the web.

Trevor Nash

Me and my wife have just spent hours looking through your website,and we would like to inform you that it is very interesting indeed. Thanks for all your hard work and bringing a little pleasure to our otherwise boring eveing (i.e.- not watching t.v).
We were looking at the Then and Nows photos,fantastic. We loved the one you took on Newton Walk (oringinal was taken standing in the brook). Any chance you could produce any then and photos of Allenton, Sinfin and Chellaston in the near future???
excellent work,please keep it up.with many thanks and with our best wishes.

Andrew Jason Ottewell
Chellaston, Derby.

Hi Andy,
What a great idea the Then and Nows are , perfectly executed! 
Your site is informative, nostalgia-inducing (for an aged ex-Derbeian) and full of historical interest.

Many thanks for sharing,

Graham Duro

First of all may I thank you for a wonderful experience in which your website is, a fascinating insight to the world of Derby. Your Then & Now images are truly outstanding. Well done!!

I currently run a business manufacturing spectacles in a shop in the small run of outlets located just after the School & Chapel in Wilmorton heading towards the city centre. In recent months I've noticed my customers from all over Derby telling me stories of Wilmorton and what it used to be like back in the early days. Being interseted in the history of Wilmorton I found out that the premises in which I am in was built in the 1890's (exact year I'm not sure on ) and used to be owned by the co-op. This particular shop was the Butchers and the premises next door was the main Co-op shop. Now only starting my research I contact you with the possibility that someone you may know, would possibly have a photo of what the shop used to look like.
My aim is to have some information and photos for my customers to look at whilst waiting, after choosing there specs. Also try and give them an insight to what this poor part of Derby was like at the time of the war or before if at all possible.

Please continue your great work as many, like myself greatly appreciate such efforts.

Kind Regards
Lee Buchanan
Wilmorton, Derby

Anyone out there able to help Lee with this, please contact me.

I am an Anglophile but, more than that, I love Derbyshire.  I don't know why.  It's, I have finally decided, in the blood.  I have been all over England and Scotland; yet, Derbyshire is my favorite place. 

I have really enjoyed looking at your photos (and the accompanying comments).  Since I haven't been able to travel over in more than 10 years, your site has provided a much needed lift.
I found your site EXTREMELY EASY to use. And you were right, the photos did load quickly.


Diane M. Kolb
Woodstock, Virginia, USA

Thanks Andy, spent nearly an hour going thru the photos.  Loved the Then and Nows , well done. 

Sheila Lacey
Tauranga, New Zealand

Hi Andy,
I have just looked into your Then and Now section. It's Magic. Having never been to Derby (I'm an expatriate of Bristol England) in the First Photo there was a High Steeple, but it was missing in the Today one. Was this Bombed? Usually Chuches and Pubs are there forever.


Jack Westcott
Perth Western Australia

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