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• Guest book entries for December 2004

Oh my...what memories you brought back to me. I left Derby in 1986 at 25 years old.....this was the first time I had felt homesick....thank you for an awesome site.

Janet Jones
Port St Lucie, Forida, USA

Hi everybody,
Great site. I have lived in Thailand for somes years now but just magic to see old Derby. I lived on Osmaston road as a kid at litchurch post office until 1955. Then Wiltshire roadd at the newsagents opp the blue boy pub til 1965. One photo of the Derwent hotel reminded me that my unc & aunt (nellie (ilene) & Albert Carvell used to have a pub down devonshire street some enos ago!!!! my ma & pa at 87 & 91 still live in Boyer street. The photo of the tollybus...........I was on the last one to ever run.....what a boring day,but history all the same.
I went to st marks school, Derby school, played on the meadows..all gone?? a to say but time is not on my side at the moment.
Happy Christmas to all.

Jules lee
Pattaya, Thailand

Thank you for providing myself and Melbourne Infant School with photographs of the buildings in Melbourne. The photographs are a wonderful resource and will be used to teach the children about the variety of buildings to be found in a small location.
I hope you will continue to add to the excellent collection.

Stephanie Taylor
Melbourne, Derbyshire.

These digitzed then and now photos are stunning. They've given me great pleasure. Over the last year I've shown the pictures to a number of people, all of them delighted by them. I collect then and now books, but none of them compare to your pictures. They are wondrous.

I hope you do more.

Steve Kronen
winter park, fl, USA

Found your site by searching the name " J C Lee Watchmaker and Jewellers, Market Place Ashbourne" which appears on the inside of two jewel cases containing the bracelet and lavalier given to my maternal grandmother (Clarice Gee of Hemelhempstead Herts.) by my grandfather (Daniel Sutton) as a wedding gift around 1910. Enjoyed the picture of the marketplace.

Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Clarice Matthews

• Guest book entries for November 2004

I have just found your website and I'm absolutely delighted!!
It is now 1:30 in the morning and my eyes are crossing. I will be back on the site tomorrow.
My husband was born and raised in Derby. Joined the Royal Navy in 1941,torpedoed in the Med,came to US for repairs, we met. I was born and raised in Darby, suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - town was named for "a town in England" by Quakers!!
I'll be getting back to you.
Thanks for such excitement!!

Mildred North
Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan, USA

My Grandad use to be Lady Harrington's chauffeur around 73 years ago, his name is Alfred Mould . His three children Mary Jean and James lived in the castle grounds along with his wife Gladys. We as descendants of Alfred Mould !3 children numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren have found it a privilege to visit Elvaston Castle and its grounds and have for many years including Halloween treasure hunts with our children and summer walks at least 10 times annually.
We feel robbed and let down immensely by future plans, this letter is prompted by seeing Central news today and the plans to change it into a hotel and a golf course. We are wondering if you have any ideas of what we can do to prevent this Catastrophe. I am Alfreds Grandaughter aged 33 with a partner and 3 children aged 7 11 and 14 My sister is Rachael who has 4 children aged 4 14 15 and 17.
Thankyou for taking the time to read our message and views on this devastating news.

Joanne and Rachael

Yes, this is terrible news, and it would appear that nothing can be done to stop it.
Further info on these pages : D.E.T.1 , D.E.T.2 ,D.E.T.3, E.C.T,

Thanks for your broadband Enhanced 360 picture of Aston on Trent. My Grandmother lived there until 1979 (when I was 9) and this brought back memories of my visits.

Elaine Trippett
Sheffield, Yorkshire

• Guest book entries for October 2004

Hello Andy,

I just wanted to say that your website has been a really valuable resource to me in the last couple of months. I am the current Envoy from Derby to our twin city in Germany, Osnabrueck, and I have been using your site to learn more about Derby than I ever thought possible!
The photos are lovely, and it makes me quite homesick looking at it.

The twinning office here is looking at organising an international town-twinning photo competition in the next few months. The idea will be to show off Derby to all of Osnabrueck's other twin cities as well as Osnabrueck. If it goes ahead, you will be the first person I contact and recommend to enter!

Keep up the good work, and I will keep reading it.

Claire Ransom
Osnabrueck, Germany

Your site is very interesting Andy. Being from Mickleover, the photo of my home street (Devonshire Drive) was of massive interest & a complete surprise!
It's nice to know that people are interested in heritage Derby & not just intent on making everything modern like removing red telephone boxes & the ongoing Derby bus station fiasco!

Keep up the good work.

John Goodale
Derby, U.K.

Hi, I can never understand why people who are born and live in Derby say they don't like the place. I think it is so special, it takes 5 mins to reach to the green countryside, the city centre is not to big so your feet do not get tried however, there is still plenty of shops to go at. There is a bit of everything for anyone of any ages.
I am glad to see a website devoted to Derby, it is brilliant and so simple to use.

Selina, Derby

I used to live in Holbrook, and I just wanted to say, that your photos brought it back so vividly...and made me a bit homesick!
Thank you so very much for allowing us to share your beautiful artwork in your photographs.

Marty Williams Hill
Augusta, Georgia, USA

Photographs have a way of connecting us to our past, reminding us of where we came from and where we are going to. A simple 'thank you' seems so inappropriate here, and your skill behind the lens is without question. Your photographs have brought back memories so vivid, I could almost reach out and touch them.
The new virtual tours especially Elvaston Castle (not ready for general viewing yet), left me with a severe bout of homesickness, and the opportunity to reminisce.

I have been somewhat of a "regular" visitor to this site for quite some time.
Naturally my screensaver and my wallpaper are from Derby Photos!
Keep up the good work Andy.

Just Sue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

looking at your guest book, every thing I was to say has been said, a great site and a credit to you.
As some who comes up to derbyshire quite frequently as we love the area it is invaluable to us.

John and Sue Allen
Cheshunt Hertfordshire

Hi Andy,
I just wanted to say, as I am sure many other poeple have, how wonderful your web-site is.
The Broadband Enhanced 360 degree photos are magnificent and the content and usability of your web-site is excellent. I look forward to returning for some updated photos maybe!

Janet Blomeley
Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

• Guest book entries for September 2004

This is a great website. I enjoyed the pictures since I hope to visit Derby next year.
Thanks for all the hardwork!

Gwen Porter
Clinton Township, Michigan, U.S.A

Alport Heights was my favourite destination for cycle trips when I was much younger in the 50's and worth visiting for the fine views.
How many people know that on the stone (the space can still be seen) was a small plaque which read "One who loves the hills gives this hilltop in the hope that those who come after him will enjoy it as much as he did AVE ATQUA VALE". The plaque was small (guessing about 4x3 inches) and about 5 feet from the ground
It was on the stone itself and faced towards Shottle. The space it occupied
can be clearly seen on the stone as it was professionally done and indented. It was removed by someone years ago.

L. Riley
Spondon, Derby

I really enjoyed these photos, they gave me a lot of information to do my report on a local town.

Pupil at Noel-Baker Community School
Alvaston, Derby, Derbyshire.

Hi Andy
Congratulations on the "Then and now" photos. You have obviously put in an incredible amount of work into these. I just wanted to let you know that it has been well worth the effort and the results are fascinating.

I hope you will add more in the future as time allows.

Best Regards

Dave Williams

How excellent, I'd like to compliment you on such an amazing range of photos and what a site to behold especially as I am like my father (a history buff and romatically in love with the old) I think what you do in your spare time is wonderful.

I have recently returned from the UK to visit a small part of my family (Didnt get to see all of my Aunties, Uncles & Cousins) and unfortunately as the weather didnt permit me to visit even Chatsworth House (Winter Months) I have not seen all of your site yet as I'm waitng for my father to visit so we can see it together.

Look forward to seeing it all in its glory very soon. Keep up the valuable work you do as it is lovely to see where I came from.

Yours in wonder
Karen Welch (nee Boulton originally of Castle Gresley Burton on Trent)
Wingham NSW Australia

• Guest book entries for August 2004

Having just moved to Derbyshire from down south we wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful selection of pictures on the site. In particular the Broadband Enhanced pictures are really breathtaking in their clarity and detail. We shall return!

It has made us want to explore even more of this beautiful county.

Arthur & Joy
Ashbourne, Derbyshire, U.K.

Hi Andy, Just to say well done on the great web site.
It was lovely to see my local village, Aston on Trent appearing, and very nice it looked too!

I came across your site, purely by accident, whilst trying to find information on my property, Derby Road, Aston On Trent. I believe Brickmakers were known to have lived in my house and friends advised me that information appeared in Bygone, DET,.
I have been unsuccessful in trying to locate the relevant issue - Any help with the history of this?

Good Luck in the future and once again thanks for your superb photographs.

Heidi Bainborough
Aston On Trent, Derby

Hi Andy, This is a truly fantastic site!!
My Great Grandparents arrived in New Zealand from Derbyshire in 1864.
My grandfather, Albert Webster, was born in New Zealand. He was about twenty years old when his father Thomas inherited the family property at 24 St Mary's Gate, Wirksworth, Derbyshire. Thomas, Annie and seven of their nine children returned to Derbyshire about 1879 leaving my grandfather Albert and his sister in New Zealand.
My Grandfather died when my father was quite young and until recently I had no knowledge of our family history. Viewing your photographs is just so wonderful. My grateful thanks for the time and expertise you have contributed to record the beautiful sights of what truly must be a delightful piece of England.
I have read so much of your Derbyshire and by seeing whithout your photos I could only imagine what I was reading and tracing on maps.
You have given me a vision of how and where my ancestors lived. It means a lot to me and I'll always be grateful to you for that.

I would really love to see photos of the original Webster family home situated on the corner of St Mary's Gate/Main Road, Wirksworth, if any exist. I'll keep looking out for them.
Can someone please help me?

Thankyou Andy for all you have done.

Kind wishes

Elaine Dewhirst
New Zealand

I was so pleased to see the photos etc. of Derby having lived there most of my life.
I lived for some time very close to Friargate bridge. 1950-55. I really would like to say thank you.
I shall return to your site often

B. Jones
Cotes d'Armor, Brittany, France

Hello Andy

I enjoyed your site very much - I lived in Derbys between the ages of 13-49. I am now 52 and semi retired. Most of my time was spent living on Cherry Tree hill ( Chadd ; 2 spells ) and six years in Smalley village in between. I often pen a line to" Bygones in the DET'graph " and every year return to serve on Derby beer festival with old pals ( I was down in the County the week before last).
As a former rail industry PR man I have a tuned interest in anything media wise and can endorse the opinion of many in heartily praising your work. If you expand it further then pieces on specific idustries ie Royces, Railways, combustion,Celanese etc could provide another facet.

Once again -well done

Neil Johnson
New Luce, South West Scotland

Hi, Photo's are great, have noticed just how cleen and tidy Derby looks.
I was brought up in Alvaston and went to Allenton school, my Mother still lives in Alvaston. I like the photo's of Allenton spider bridge, had many a pint in the Crown hotel. wonderfull photos.

C heers
Ken Buxton
ipswich suffolk

Andy, nice site with good pictures that bring back memories of Derby, I was born down the West End, Parker Street in 1953, and moved over the other side of Uttoxeter Old Road Bridge to live in Parcel Terrace around 1958.
I attended Collage Primary School, do you have any Old Pictures of this street and School. I was there a couple of years ago (No Camera in Hand) with one of my daughters and walked around explaining to her where I used to live No 10, and all that remains is a wall with all the windows and doors bricked up. We then walked to the park at the end of Coke Street "The Old Rowditch Recreational Park -The Rec" and it is still there and long may it stay.
Keep up the good work. If there is any one out there who might remember me then please contact me through this web site.

Bob Preston
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Great web-site, Our family moved from Wales to Derby when I was 3 years old and we lived there until I was 15, we lived on Stenson Road just up towards the city center from the Blue Pool, I remember well playing in the bus shelter (it made a perfect size goal) and buying flake bars at the news agents at the bottom of the hill on Stenson Rd. I also spent much of my childhood playing football at Sunnyhill park and placing pennies on the railroad tracks and the excitment of the steam trains squashing our coins. I have been back to Derby a couple of times since moving to the states but have not visited in over 12 years.
Thanks to this web-site I do plan to visit Derby again soon!

Stephen Daly
Minneapolis, MN

This site is fasinating - lots of work - I am impressed as I used to live in Derby- I know the areas of Allenton and Alvaston - went to school at Shelton Lock and have not visited for over 30 years.
My sister still lives in Allestree and all the rest of my family (mum dad two brothers and a sister are all in Oz)
I will forward your site on to them to enjoy as much as I have.

Gail Sant
Peterborough, South Australia

Wonderful web site, I will be back to carry on veiwing more pages, congrats on the time lapse photos from
old to new.
I am born and bred from Derby and used the trolley buses regularly to get to Vernon High school for a couple of years so found the photos of the buses at Shelton Lock and the school on Friargate facinating, plus I played at the lock getting tadpoles and newts before it was filled in, I still use the old canal path to ride my horse at present so the photo's really took me back.
It's funny, I found your website looking for bridle path routes and got totally engrossed, well done for all your hard work.

John Hibbert

• Guest book entries for June 2004

I was born and raised in South street Across from the Dog track in 1936.
What ever happened to the rowing boats in Markeaton is what I miss most about England . The Rowing boats are what I miss most about markeaton park.

My Photographs are Pale at the side of yours, yours are great!
Best Regards.

Samuel J Read
Ivanhoe Tx, U.S.A.

Well laid out site easy to navigate and more importantly it holds all the history of Derby.
I will be visiting the site on a regular basis from now on and look forward to finding out more about Derby.
Great site, Your website has showed us a lot and brought us closer to this beautiful town.
Derby will always be a special place because there are people like you who care about the community and the people in it.

Debbie Underhill
Lancing, West Sussex

• Guest book entries for May 2004

Thank you to Andy for showing the beautiful pictures of Repton School on your website. My 6th grade class is reading the memoirs of Roald Dahl who attended Repton. My class has been comparing Dahl's experiences at school with their own. One of the things my students will be looking at is the age of schools and curriculum provided compared with schools in the US. The pictures of Repton help to make the unit interesting and relevant.

Nancy O'Neill
Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, USA

I am very excited indeed to have finally thought to do a Google search for a site such as yours. I love my family history, but have become stuck as my very precious Great Grandfather was born in Breadsall.

The atlas of England must be a bit slack as it does not indicate Breadsall, only a dam!
I am delighted to see the photos and so much history regarding the place where my Great Grandfather was born. His last words were "Look after that little'un". Meaning myself then about 2 years old.
What a wonderful and heartfelt idea on your own part. Must be something to do with the region, as although we emigrated post-war, in 1952, I have never taken Australian citizenship. I still hope that one day I will walk on the land my grandfathers walked.

My very best wishes to you, and thank you for providing such a magnificent site.

Katherine Lloyd
Traralgon, Victoria, Australia

How cool is this!!!?? Derby rocks and it deserves its own website and this one does it justice!
keep up the good work n keep on rockin' Derby!!!


I was particularly impressed with the photos of Calke and the Stained glass window of the church.
As my children and I (at school) are currently studying Calke I contacted Andy to request a copy of the photos - and as they are for school use, he has agreed that we can have them.
A real caring fellow; we shall always be in his debt. I'm sure the photos will truly enhance our work at school
cheers Andy - we are most grateful.

Jacqui Johnson
Church Gresley

Hi, my name is Carmel R. Bridgart. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to see photos of St. John' Church (Cnr. of Mill & Bridge St.)

My ancestors (Messers Bridgart's did the joinery work in this beautiful Church). My Great Grandfather was John Thomas Bridgart (born c 1930-4) Derby, his father was Thomas Bridgart (26 South St).
Thomas had at least three brothers: John, George (37 King St.) & Robert(Frair Gate). They were all involved in the building industry as Carpenters, Plasterers & Bricklayers. My Great grandfather (John Thomas Bridgart) arrived in Adelaide, Australia on the ship "The Ascendant" on 21/11/1849. He was followed 12 months later by his Uncle John (aged approx. 63 years) (who was married to Annie) on the ship "Salacia" arriving on 2/11/1850. From a copy of a family letter, I know Uncle John mortgaged 14 of his houses took the money & came to Australia.

He died in Adelaide on 3/6/1868 leaving his estate to his nephew John Thomas.
From Newspaper research I found he married a Martha Heap & marriage certificate I ascertained he married a Martha Heap (aged 50 - died 13/04/1859) on the ship & from a Marriage Certificate I found John re-married her at the Holy Trinity Church North Tce. Adelaide 25/11/1850. The wife he left back home (obtained from letters) was not a legal marrige as his first wife was "too close a kin" and the children were illegitimate.

In a letter from Thomas Bridgart to his son (John Thomas) in Australia, Thomas writes to his son that he hoped his brother had left a will providing for Annie. As mentioned above he left all to his nephew. The last record I think is Annie aged 70 in 1881 Census was at Uttoxeter Old road.
The Bridgart's in Australia have also been in the building industry. My Grandfather (Alfred Charles Bridgart). two of his brothers, George & John (John moved to Melbourne Victoria about 1890 & was in the indusrty), my uncle (Hurtle Charles Mill Bridgart) & my first cousin Bruce Bridgartart were in the indusrty - Bruce is now a farmer.
My Great Grand Father mainly built homes around two Adelaide suburbs: Bowden & Brompton. Bridgart is an uncommon name & I yet to be able to find it's origin. We are a "limited edition" in Australia. I have noticed there are very few Bridgart's in England - I must write to them.

This website is wonderful, Andy keep up the great work.

Carmel R. Bridgart
Adelaide Australia

Please consider this my support of the replacement boar statue for your Aboretum, the original having been damaged during WWII.

I understand there is some protesting going on, (pigs, etc. being unclean in certain cultures), but for crying out loud this is a statue we're talking about!!!!

England, I beg you, please stay the course. Restore the park, the boar statue, and be proud!

We can only imagine what Mr. Strutt would think of all this.
Pamela Moucha
Voorhees, New Jersey, USA

• Guest book entries for April 2004

I just want to say how interesting your website is.
You have helped me with work for my uni work and have fed my interest for the local history. for many months I've been looking for information on the Friargate warehouse as I went exploring round the back of there to discover the old platforms. I will be taking many of the recommended tours esp the ghostwalk and the old silk mill (industrial museum).
thank you.

Helen Duddin x
Derby, U.K.

Dear Andy
many thanks for the walk down memory lane, I was born in Alvaston and went to Southgate school I left in 1968 to come to live in Lincolnshire.

Dorothy Wilmot
Lincolnshire, U.K.

Thank you Andy for bringing back so many good memories of my beloved Derbyshire I was born in Ripley and emigrated to Australia 37 yrs ago for the sake of our children but the memories keep returning keep up the good work and give yourself a pat on the back.

Ron and Doreen Harrison
Calista, Western Australia

Hi Andy,
I really enjoyed looking at your collection of photographs. I was very pleased to have finally found someone who has a photo of the old ice-factory. This photo has great importance to me, as my Grandfather worked at the Factory many years ago.

Pat, Mickleover, Derby

Hi Andy,

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for bringing me back in time. I was born in Derby and attended Littleover School in 1983 (my first year) before moving to the U.S. I just viewed the picture that you have posted and unfortunately, I was not in the third year, so I was not included. However, I did recognize a few familiar faces (I had alot of friends of the family that attended and just so hppened to be in the third year). It has brought back some wonderful memories of my childhood in the UK.
Thanks for doing such a great job.

And hey, if anyone remembers me, feel free to contact me via this site. I can't remember my teachers name, but the class was 1YW. And also, prior to that I attended Dale School in Normanton, Derby.

Amarjit Dhillon
California, USA

Hello Andy
I visited DERBY COUNTY in 2001 and what your picture reflects is indeed DERBY.
I would like to honestly congratulate you - Keep it up!!

Andrew Senoko
Free State
South Africa

Hi Andy
A well thoughtout website with excellant photography making this a very informative and interesting site to visit. Keep up the good work.

Julie and Jim

Nice site mate. After hearing the B.B.G. Floodlights where taken down yesterday I felt the need to go down memory lane again and see the B.B.G. and your site brought back some brill memorys. Especially the win agaisnt Palace. Shame we are in the situation we are in now though.

Curt Anthony
Student in Manchester (but originally from Breadsall Village Derby)

Andy, Really enjoyed your Derby Website Pictures. Particularly the old/new fade in and out photos. VERY nicely done. I also am interested in Photography and re-created in color some Victorian pictures from the "Sherlock Holmes in London" book by Charles Viney. I love the old Victorian Era Pictures especially when someone compares them to Modern days like you did on your site. Again, Good Job and very well done with the fade ins and outs. My Wife and I hope to return to the U.K. as soon as finances allow. (Summer 2005 probably).
We visited the U.K. in 2001 and loved the country and met some really fine people.
God Bless you and your Country!

Theron Helton
Taylorville, Illinois,U.S.A.

• Guest book entries for March 2004

This is such a delightful site! I have never been to Derbyshire so I really enjoyed the pictures.

I am American and my husband is British, from Hampshire. I enjoy all things English, and I just had to comment on how much I enjoy your site.

Best regards from America,

Susan Tutt
Orange County California, USA

I would like to tell you the photo you have on your site has made a 92 year old woman who left England age 13 with 2 postcards of Derby very happy Both of the post cards are almost identical to the pictures you have here and she was amazed to see how the place is now.
Thankyou for you wonderful site

Sheryl Willett
Melbourne Victoria Australia

No questions Andy just praise! I spend quite a bit of time looking at Then & Now photos on the web & this is by far the best I've seen.

Couldn't leave your site without showing my appreciation.

Some sites involve flitting from picture to picture ,whereas, the fading format used here is ideal for someone like me who really enjoys seeing the 'then & now'

Also I'd just like to say you've taken some truly fabulous photographs.

Once again, thanks & keep it up!

Essex, UK

Although I have only been gone from Derby for a year, whenever I get home sick I like to look at your pictures.
Keep up the good work as not everyone was there to see Duckworth Square pulled down and whatever will be in its place.

Andover, Hampshire.

Dear Andy,

Very many thanks for pointing me in the direction of the photographs of both The Green Man (Now Ryans Bar) and the Canal Tavern. The photo of Ryans Bar is really great and we shall be visiting Derby soon to see the real thing. We had been searching for photos of the Canal Tavern for some time and to see those was a real bonus, even if it was when it was being demolished! Your site is a real blessing to those of us who are researching family in the area, enabling us to put people in the context of places.
Thanks Again.

Corfe Mullen, Dorset.

I had been very curious regarding a death certificate of my Great-Grandfather Mr John Hadfield.
Apparently he was born in a place called Milton, Derbyshire in the year 1836 I could not find any reference to
Milton on any map.
Andy I can't thank you enough, now I know why we were not able to find Milton with a population of approximately 200, no wonder it is not on any map that would be available to us.

What I really can't understand what ever possessed my Great-Grandfather to relocate here in Nova Scotia. He moved here to become a coal miner and his sons followed in his footsteps. A few generations passed before most of us got away from the coal industry. The Hatfield/Hadfield family had become a well know name in this part of Nova Scotia and other have spread into the Eastern States of United States. None of the descendants are working in the traditional coal industry. Lessons learned early in life.

Anyway Andy, I want to thank you again for your time, I found it very interesting and was I able to gather all the information that was needed to satisfy my particular needs.

Keep up the good work
Best regards from Nova Scotia to you and yours.

Diane and Wally Martell
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

• Guest book entries for February 2004

My ancestors hail from your area. Thanks for the information and photos of the village of Smalley.
Good luck

Gene Smalley
Dougasville, Georga, USA

I enjoyed looking at your photo's / website as many of my ancestors came from Littleover.
My Great Grandmother & Great Great Grandmother I am told came from Littleover Hall !!!!!.
Could you tell me is there/was there a hall @ Littleover.
Family history says they were born there - servants ??? / gentry ???? ..
There names were Anne Maria Clews & Mary Lowe.

Thanks for any info you might have on this bit of history.
Yours, Carol Standish.

Brussels, Belgium

Hi Andy,
What a good site a credit to you I lived in Derby for 6 years in the 70's and though glad to come home it was nice looking at the place I used to live and to be able to show my children where they were born and places I used to take them.

Good Luck
Best Wishes

Germaine Cowell
Fleetwood, Lancs.

I used to live near Ashbourne and went to school there so enjoyed looking at this year's Shrovetide Football pictures. I haven't been since 1980.

Sarah Sinclair

I moved to Norwich to go to uni here, but I really miss Derby sometimes, and this website is just brilliant for helping me remember good old times.
I used to work at the old Kings Highway pub, and really really enjoyed it there, so I thank you very much for your inclusion of it in this website!!!
A lot of people often think of Derby as being quite rough, but the city council really do seem to have pulled their socks up over the past few years, and it really is a nice place to live.

Great website... keep up the good work!!


I was so impressed with the photography. I arrived at your website via Duffield while researching my Atterbury family genealogy going back to 1757. I am an Anglophile, and watch BBC as often as possible.


Eleanor Garrett
Block Island, Rhode Island,USA

Hello there Andy,

Thank you so much for putting your photographs on the Web. They are a
I'm researching my ancestors from Derbyshire, Findern and Twyford, to name just a few areas, so it was lovely to find your web page.

Thank you again, they are greatly appreciated.

Jan McLean

• Guest book entries for January 2004

Hi Andy,

I lived in Mickleover from 1930 to 1955, and I regret it’s taken till now to come across the site. What a super collection of photos, many of which bring back happy memories of my youth.
The work you’ve involved yourself in is incredible in producing the definitive source for the area.
I hope you find suitable reward in the obvious pleasure you have brought to so many people.
Keep up the good work!

Frank (Noel) Grimshaw.

Andy, sad to see the old B.B.G. go in such a manner. I have always been a fan of the Titanic and I was hoping when they located the ship it would be as pristine as the day it sank. Alas, with both the ground and the ship that is not the way of it for old wrecks. I have been a fan of English football since the early 80's (so not very long in true fanatic terms) but many of the older grounds that I visited are either gone or have been refurbished beyond recognition.

The Dell, Manor Ground (was at both) now gone. Never been to but always loved the BBG, Roker Park, Ayresome, Plough Lane, Filbert Street. All these new places named for crisp makers or cell phone companies (NO CHARACTER). Old Trafford (was there for an F.A. Cup tie in early '83)
looking very little like the photos I took of it then.
Thanks for the walk down memory lane even if it was somewhat sad.
Good 180 Degree shot of the wreckage.

As always, your site kicks butt.
Keep it up.

Regards, Bill Young
Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA.

Andy - Many thanks again for giving an ex Derby County player a last look at the old Baseball Ground.
Sad to see it go but when I remember how it used to be in November each year, I wonder if the present team know how lucky they are to be playing at Pride Park. Fifty years later, with two hip replacements and a new knee, (thanks to kicking a heavy leather ball with boots that weighed a ton for 10 years) - I still feel honored to have played for the Rams.

Your photographs are a tonic to old eyes and I notice something different each time I browse through your pages.
Many, many thanks for giving so much pleasure

Bert Mozley
Galiano Island, B.C. Canada

My first visit to this site Andy. Fascinating!
Keep up the good work.
I'll have a look through my old photos and see if I have anything that may be of interest to you.

Geoff Wilkinson
Shardlow, Derbyshire

Do Derby folk appreciate their local foods?.
Just after the war a very special treat for Christmas in my family was to have a Walkers christmas pudding, some Thorntons chocolates and a tall Birds Pork Pie. I now live in Cornwall and thank goodness I can buy the pudding and chocolates nationally now, but I can only get the Birds Pie in the Derby area.
Some years I didn't manage to get one, but this christmas I've really been lucky. My son in law came to Beaston in December for a job interview and he brought back two large pies,then in the first week in Jan.
My son came up to see a mate of his and he brought back another couple of pies they were delicious, the only trouble I now have to diet for a few weeks.
So all you Derby folks believe me you don't know what a good thing you have got on your doorstep until you move away.

Dave Upton

n.b Dave has supplied a wonderful collection of old Derby Photos to this site, See HERE.

Hello there,
I have been left England since 1971. It is so nice to get into your web site as I have only family photos as a child. I remember goto to Matlock and camping and also going to Foxton Locks as a 14 yr old on one of my trips back.

Thanks you for taking photos and posting them on your site


Karen Welch
Wingham, NSW, Australia 2429

P.S. Ancestors are all buried in Newall cemetery in a family type plot named Boulton & Brierly.

This site is toooooo good for words.......I can only say Wow!!!! Andy you are greaaattt!!!
We lived in Normanton/Pear Tree and Mickleover until 1997, then we moved to Canada.
Ohhhh your photos bring back soooooo many happy-nice-jolly-emotional memories of good 'old Derby.
It is MY city, I still love it.

Andy, you have taken ALL the photos that I would have done, I was planning on taking some just before moving to Canada.....it makes me wanna cry at leaving such a greaaaattt city, and I view your web site every few months to reminece...... DERBY IS FANTASTIC CITY.

I used to go to all the nite-clubs: Pink Coconut, Romeo/Juliet, Blue Note, Paradise, Jelly-Rolls etc....and to the pubs at Blue Pool, Sherwood Foresters, John Thompson, Vines at Sadler Gate, The Bell, .....Masons & Nags Head & The Robin in Mickleover.....too many to mention. Quick mention for Wilmorton & Mackworth Colleges.....great basketball teams!!!

Remember the store RANBY'S??? The Co-Op and Woolworths near Ranbys, I got my first railway set from a toy/model shop where the Castle & Falcon pub is now....in the 60's the open market was opposite the toy shop (does anyone remember the name of toy shop????.....send me e-mail).

You are doing such a good job for Derby & ex-Derby people.....I think of you as a patron saint of Derby....!!!!! You are a cyber-hero!!!! Keep it up!

I show my kids where I used to take them in Markeaton Park, Haddon Hall etc etc....when they were young....they are amazed.

Thank you....thank you........cheers Andy!!!! and luv to all in-Derby, and all ex-Derby.
And a big Chak-De to all fans of apna DJ Magnam.

Amarjeet (Colin) Kooner
Vancouver, BC, Canada

I emigrated to Canada in 1953 and have visited England several times since then. The past two times I bought a narrowboat and cruised the canals for four months each time.
A real pleasure to see the historic photos of Derby.

Ken Scott
Victoria, BC, Canada

Absolutely brilliant site - 1st-class in every way, thank you.
I'm coming to live in Derby and this site is so easy to manouvre, view, I'm grateful for all your hard work and design. I found it so easy to look around, everything I wanted was where I wanted it when I wanted it - and fast.
Well done! I'm an analyst programmer so have an idea of what went into it.


Anthony Rose
Plymouth, Devon

An absolute "gem" of a site, Congratulations!
I had ancestors (1800s and 1700s and probably earlier) who lived in Derby City and elsewhere in Derbyshire such as Bakewell so this site is of particular interest to me.

Don Clements
Edwardsville, Illinois, USA

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