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• Guest book entries for December 2005

Love your site, especially on the West End, I used to live in Back Parker Street growing up before moving to Uttoxeter New Road and then moving to Canada in 1970.
Was back a few weeks ago for the first time in 30 years, what a difference.
I would have hoped there would have been a more sympathetic treatment to some of the old buildings, more restoration rather than demolition, unfortunately this was not the case. Still your fabulous site is available to all us ex-pats to view, and I thank you for that. My sister and I are trying to trace Carol Cooke, an old West Ender, she would be in her fifties now, if any one knows her whererabouts let us know.
Once again Andy, thanks a bunch.

Tom Thorpe
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thanks for all your help in finding the picture of willington church. Very impressed with the quick service and rapid response. Picture turned out a treat, I am sure the bride and groom will be pleased.

Bev Caron
Swadlincote Derbyshire

• Guest book entries for November 2005

Just a quick message to say how excellent your site is in both layout and content. I have seen the then and now photo's and I can appreciate the effort you have gone to to get the exact camera position and focal length! It makes a pleasant change to see good photo's on the web, which are well composed, in focus and demonstrating a correct exposure.Well done! Much appreciated :)

David Ian Carroll
Sinfin, Derby

I really like this site very much...I would like to visit London some day. The pictures are very beautiful. Keep up the good work.

Heathyr Brockett
Decatur, Texas, USA

Enjoyed viewing your site very much. Well done. Excellent resource & lots of hard work has gone into this site.

Maureen Albright
Wiltshire, England

This is excellent.  Computers were worthwhile inventions after all.

Roy Branson
Allestree, Derby

Realy enjoy your photos,helps me to keep in touch with the old hometown. I was born in Aston on Trent ,went to the local school Shelton Lock. I moved to New Zealand in 1972.

Rex Bannister
Te AWamutu, New Zealand

I think this is wonderful, my great great grandfather and great great grandmother Cliffords came to Alton, Illinois USA from Quarndon, Derbyshire, England.
I knew my great grandmother Isabella Clifford Rain, I was 13 years old when she died. Wish I had gotten information from her when I was a child.
I have a lot of history about her family that I got from one of her grandson's that is my age.  I am 80 years old but do alot of geneology.

Jean Yeakey
Brigham City, Utah USA

• Guest book entries for October 2005

Andy, I found your site when looking for a photo of Friargate Station. Having enjoyed your "Then and now" shots of Friargate Railway bridge, I looked at a couple of your compilations of Borrowash. I lived there until 1952. I loved the Then and nows of "Noah's Ark" and the "Borrowash Top Lock". I remember very well the canal bridge.
I first went to school in Borrowash in 1943. Do you have any photos of the old County School opposite to the Manor House?
I shall now pass on the word to my brother! Keep up the good work.

Jim Richardson
Bedford, Bedfordshire.

This is the first time l have checked your photo's, and l am well impressed.  It must have taken you a lot of time, and l thank you.  They have brought back alot of memories for me.  Look forward to seeing more of your photo's.

Kaz Parker
Derby, England

What a fantastic site!  I am so impressed by the number of pictures, the various ways to view them, the numerous, quaint towns in Derbyshire that I have never seen anywhere else.  This site is quite a gift to those of us who can't cross over the Pond to see where we hailed from.  I am very appreciative and have bookmarked this site for continual persuing. 
Thanks again for all your efforts.  You've done a super job!

Myra Best (Clifford) Christeck
Green Valley, Arizona, USA

I would like to say  a big thank you to Erica Perry for the lovely photos of College Primary School and to Andy for including them on his fantastic site.

I was a pupil there from 1982-1988 but sadly never got the chance to go back before the building was demolised 1999/2000.  The photos have brought back some great (and a few bad lol) memories and I've been searching the internet for a couple of years, apart from a measly one on 'picture the past', these are the only ones I have found on the entire web!

Would be great to hear comments from any other former pupils!
Thanks again.

Leicester UK

Truly stunning effect in the "Then and now".
Thank You.

Ken Ward
Bolton, Lancashire,  UK.

I was born and brought up in Ilkeston but have escaped to West Wales.
Visits to Derbyshire always seem to find something old and familiar missing.
Your site is excellent - to see New and old morphing photos, even at snailband speed is quite fascinating.

Keep it up, we'll be back!

Ruth and Alan Jowett
Tregwynt, Pembrokeshire

Andy, Great photos.
My great grandparents inhibit your neighborhood.

St Pete, FL, U.S.A.

Fantastic site!  Very clever.  I think you're really on to something with the 'Then and now' photos.

Certainly your work will be seen and admired by people for many generations to come. I think somebody 100 years from now will take new pictures to add to your work.

But it makes my brain hurt to think how incredibly dificult this must be!!

It seems like it'd be a lot of work just finding locations that would work, since a new building or even a couple of trees could make it impossible to shoot the n"now" photo.

Ed Fink
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Excellent website. I was in Derby for one year and moved back to India. I love Derby and it was hard for me to leave Derby. The photos bring back the old memories. Thank you very much for such a lovely site.

Ramesh Krishnamoorthy

Hi Andy

I came across your webite a few days ago, after digging around for a bit of family history and was surprised and pleased to see the mention of Reg Burrows selling motorbikes from his little wooden hut!  He was my grandfather, and by the time I was born (at home on Burnaby Street, Alvaston) he and my Nan (Bett Burrows) ran the cycle shop 'Crewton Cycles' on Brighton Road for many years.  When he died, Nan sold it and moved to Aston on Trent and now it is a second-hand furniture shop, I think.

Keep up the good work on the website!  I have sent your web address to my uncle who will be very intrested as he and my dad were born at Crewton Cycles and is a professional photographer in Plymouth.
Kind Regards

Vanessa Burrows
Long Eaton, Nottingham

Thanks for doing what you are doing. Very enjoyable. I only wish you could do it full time, roaming all over the UK doing the same.
Keep up the good work.

Andrew Green
Bull Creek, South Australia

• Guest book entries for September 2005

Absolutely fascinating... have been spell-bound for hours, especially the "'Then and now" photos.
JJ born in Danesmoor Nr, Chesterfield.

Fantastic website!!!!!
I must thank you for this amazing website. I was born in Derby and only moved away (to Liverpool) in January 2005. I love Derby, it's history, culture, landmarks, and every bit of brick and mortar!

Im 29 years old and even in those few years quite a lot has changed in Derby. Looking at the photos on your website has brought back some lovely memories.... and also taught me a thing or two about my home town.

The quiz is great.... I didnt realise how many beautiful and interesting landmarks Derby has, and I was very pleased to have at least recognised most of them!
Keep up the good work Andy, it's great to have somewhere to look when Im having a nostalgic moment!

Liverpool, U.K. Since Jan 2005
(Previously Derby)
Kelly Sims

Superb website!
Lived in Derby for a year or so around 2001/02. Wish I could have stayed longer.
Loved it, but had to move with work.
It's nice here by the coast but I really miss Derby! Lived in Glossop St. near Rolls Royce and the Osmaston Park pub. Thought of moving back but the wife etc. won't budge!
The pictures of Normanton Park are particularly poignant for me - especially the early morning one - as I used to run a lot there in the early a.m.

Chris Moreton
Felixstowe, Suffolk

Dear Andy
I thought I would let you know what a pleasure it was to come across your photographs of the town where I was born in 1931.  In fact the photo of the house and dry cleaners on the corner of St Peter's Street and the churchyard shows the actual house.  We moved to 89 Green Lane in 1935/6 so very many of the photos are of places I still remember although I have only spent two half-days in Derby since 1953. 
Congratulations on a super site!

Mrs Daphne Lynn
Maida Vale, London

Absolutely brilliant.  I found the web site when looking for information on the Brunswick pub.
I'd like to see more Then & Now photographs of the Derby Canal and the old railway that had a station at Friargate.

Fantastic idea!
Richard. H
Bracknell, Berkshire

Brilliant site, wonderful photographs
Irma Woodcock, U.K.

Hello. Just wanted to thank you for sharing all these great photos. We lived in Fritchley for a few years, after living in London & before returning to Canada, & have such fond memories of our visits to Belper & the whole south Derbyshire region.  Is it possible to be homesick for a place which you were only visiting? If so, then we definitely are, & would love to return someday to walk along Lynam Road again...

Helen Tandy & Michael Faessen
Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

I stumbled across your website by accident whilst looking for photographs of 1970s street scenes.  Very rapidly lost track of time (in more ways than one!) whilst looking through your 'Then and now' presentations.  Found them absolutely absorbing...  You are to be congratulated on the technique you have developed.  What a powerful and evocative way to see into history; the next best thing to having a time machine!  Brilliant work.


• Guest book entries for August 2005

I am researching Swadlincote as we are looking to relocate and found your photo's excellent;  they should be added to the Swadlincote.co.uk website as that is pretty useless having only a couple of old photos and no information about the town at all, whereas you have supplied a very interesting insight into somewhere I have never been and will definitely take a day out to visit now. I honestly think you should be paid by the local council to make a wonderful and informative website.
Thank you very much.

Sandra Mcloughlin
Dunstable, Bedfordshire UK

I just did a internet search on Derby and your website came up. Very interesting and nicely put together.  I've have only had a few minutes to look at your site but the photographs definitely show a place I'd love to visit sometime.

Mike Derby
North Carolina, USA

I liked the photo of Slack Lane. I started work At Pelopone Engines in 1950 in Slack lane simply because my best mate Reg Hickenbottom worked there! A terrible firm the Forman Ted Butterworth was a "monster".
We both lasted 6 months! Iwent to Rolls Royce, Reg to the LMS Loco Works. I strange thing I was to return to Slack Lane because Rolls Royce had the Apprentice Sectioning Dept there! A very interesting Job. I well remember train spotting at the LNER engine Sheds on the way home also the Tanning Works Smell, along with the sauce factory. Happy days!

Peter Slater
Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire

Thanks for taking the time of run this Web site - my husband's Clews-Roome rel's came from Littleover, Chellaston, Kniveton districts before WWI.  Your pictures show some great scenes, especially the church of St Peter - it's a long way to come for a visit from Australia!
Cheers, and thanks again.

Victoria, Australia

What an excellent collection of work!  I stumbled on this site by accident and was very impressed.  I hope it will remain online permanently.

Robin Wood (Mayor of the City of Derby 1993-94)

Then and now pics, brilliant wanted to do this myself but don't have the know-how. I can see this becoming a monster. For what it's worth, I think that this is the best possible way to show the younger generation what they have lost!
Keep up the good work. May you prosper.

David Ratner
Langley Mill, Notts Derby border

Great looking photo's.  I had someone win one of my auctions on ebay and he lived in Derbyshire and I wondered just where it was.  Now I know. Very pretty city.

Steve Van Vuren
Hudsonville, Michigan USA

• Guest book entries for July 2005

Your "Then and now" section is absolutely fascinating. One can see history happening.
Thank you.

Ken Scott
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I was born and raised in Derby. Born in 1944 went to Rykneld School. Worked for Rolls Royce and other local companies. Moved to Canada in 1977, still follow Derby via the net. A great site, lots of memories.

James Woodward
Vavcouver Canada

What an infomative collection of pictures, I`ve often wished I had taken more pics in the 60`s, but now I can view your's, keep up the good work.

Alan Atherlay

Your info and pics on Windley are very nice. Thankyou for your time and efforts. I have never been to your country but it looks so peaceful.

Grant Windley
Plesant View, Utah,USA

A really excellent site!
Many thanks for the effort that must've gone into creating and maintaining this impressive resource.

Gary Mortimer
Derby, UK

Great stuff Laddie, The whole site is pretty stunning. Puts Picturethepast website to shame. I like the "self destruct in 60 seconds" element. The panorama of Monsall Dale was good.

Peter Ashley
Chesterfield, Derbyshire

I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic wed site.  I have spent a long time looking through it and it has bought back a LOT of very happy memories for me. 
Thank you.

Lynn Snell
Ashbourne, Derbyshire

We immigrated to Canada in 1967 when I was 12 years old.  I did however return to work in Derby in 1973 at Debenham's Department Store, and again returned to England in 1975 to work in London.  Just looking at the old photographs of Derby brings back my childhood memories of living there.  I used to go to the school on Windham Street, we lived on Brighton Road, Alvaston.  So it's been since 1976 almost 30 years and my memories are as vivid as yesterday.  I hope one day to be able to return to my home town that I remember so well and to see the modernization of the town that's so dear to my heart.

Susy Toplass
Langley, British Columbia, Canada

I work in the Ashborne district and was amazed to see your "Then and now" view of station street Ashbourne. It is unbelievable to see the difference and it has made my day !

John Raworth
Hilton Derbyshire

Andy, you have a wonderful web site.  My grandparents came from Derbyshire in 1914.  I have always wanted to visit but haven't made it there yet.  Your web site and the photos of the Derbyshire area are the next best thing to being there.  I particularily like the fine photos of the historic sites. I look at them and picture myself standing in front of the same churches, homes and inns as my distant family once did.
Brian Fowkes
Connecticut, USA

• Guest book entries for June 2005

Excellent website. It really is easy to find the detailed changes that have occured in the "Then and nows". I presume it is a real painstaking operation to align old with new.
Well done

Robert Wilkinson

Your site is wonderful.  Brought back many memories, especially those involving the Arboretum, St Andrews Church, London Road and Reginald Street Baths. I was born in Bloomfield Street and Christened at St Andrews, my parents also married there.  The Arboretum was where I spent a lot of time and I remember going swimming at Reginald Street.  Thanks a lot for the trip down Memory Lane.
Thanks again.

Ann Barker
Derby, UK

A great site displaying the results of many hours of application and a superb local archive - congratulations!

Chris Pipes

A great site Andy just looked at your "Then and nows" unreal I left derby ten years ago it brought back some nice memories
Thank you.

Liam o` Reilly
Maulykevane,Headford ,Killarney ,Co Kerry, Republic of Ireland

What a beautiful and informational web-site you have! Thank you for all the work you've done!,THIS SITE IS GREAT...You've done a wonderful job on the "Then and now" presentations.

Muhammad Shahzad Mirza

I have stumbled onto your site and was enthralled all afternoon.  I have interests in Spondon, Chaddesden and Borrowash but I found a lovely photo of a house I used to live in in Sudbury.  What a pleasure to see the "Then & nows" pictures this is real dedication.  I thank you.

Margaret White
Borrowash Derby

How Lovely your pictures are! I have not visited Matlock Bath for a long time due to personal reasons, But I hold it dear to my heart. I'm only 34, but since a young child I holidayed there every year.
Your photo's were fulfilling and inspiring. I am going to visit Matlock bath this Friday as a mark of respect!
Thankyou for easing me back into my love of this special place after a lot of soul serching and avoidance!
Kind regards

Maxine harmon
Lymm Cheshire

I was on your site viewing the photographs of Leicestershire and was quite impressed.

One set of my ancestors on my father's side came from Leicestershire in 1850, so I am quite interested in any photos from around this area.

The wife's family came from Whitwick and the father's family lived in Coalville.  They married in a Church at Ashby-de-la-Zouch. 

Nancy Mears Garbero
Fenton, Missouri  (outside of St. Louis, MO)

What a wonderful site.  I was born and brought up in Derby, emigrated to Australia in 1999.  Congratulations for a spectacular and fascinating site.  It has prompted me to dig through my old photos, if I find any interesting ones I will gladly send you copies.

Rob Lancaster
Gold Coast Australia

I've seen your pics and site before but just found these "Then & nows" pics. They are truly fantatsic.
A work of art and skill. Thank you fo doing this.... the times I have walked down Osmaston Street and wondered how it must have  looked a 100 years ago, and I just love Derby and it's old nooks and crannies. Best of all is having the pictures transpose over each other.
Anyway, fantastic work and please keep it up knowing that it is appreciated by so many more people.
I have just forwarded the url to others including ex-Derby residents from 50 years ago. Caroline :-)

Caroline Tresman
Reginald Street, Derby

I have been inspired to take more photographs by this great website. I would like to meet other local amateur photographers to share ideas and do a photography course. I would appreciate any feedback on local meetings or beginners courses.

Spondon, Derby

While researching my family's roots in England (my dad was a Bransford - my mother was a Shirley), I was fortunate to happen upon your photo pages of Derbyshire. As you know, of course, Shirley Village is in Derbyshire and your photos of the village brought the area alive for me as the home of my ancestors!

Beautiful photos! Thank you for posting them for the rest of the world to enjoy!

Best regards
Jerry Bransford
California, USA

I have just spent some hour or so on the Then and nows.
I am impressed with the concept and have thought about it myself but not implemented.
I would have liked the ability to drag the time line slider to and fro manually, makes me feel like Doctor Who    Ehh. Ehh.
My personel interest is in former mountain country gold mining sites where I go looking for gold and relics around Woods Point--Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
A humourous critic might suggest that on image DP-TAN-VMD-08 the clocks do not display the same time........that would have been perfection I think. !
Your site is one of the most interesting I have come across recently, well done Andy.

Dennis Goddard
Melbourne Australia

• Guest book entries for May 2005

Just to say thank you for such a splendid site - inventive and fascinating!
Also your 'now' views are pretty much spot on with the old ones - same viewpoint - really worthwhile spending all those long hours of hard labour!

Kind regards

Amanda S.
Hastings. East Sussex

I just stumbled into your site and have been hovering over it for an hour.  My family research has found my Great Grandmother's family (Chapman) in Hope and not much more.  I have, since a child, heard of Hope, Derbyshire when talking of England with relatives.  I feel a great "tug" in my heart when I see your pictures and have promised myself (with husband) we will visit there soon.  We would like to rent a place in the area for a month or so but don't know where to start.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful views of "our" ancestral homes.

Susanne White Hagberg
Provo, Utah, USA

Have recently discovered your website, having emigrated in 1982 and never yet ventured back, it was very nostalgic to see the Then and now section. My early memories would have been from the mid 50's, I can still smell the cheese and bacon from Saturday morning shopping at Cheshires in Becket Street. Will watch the site regularly, well done

Kevin Gascoigne
Sydney, Australia

Beautiful site, well done!  I stumbled upon it completely by chance, while reading about the UK and its counties.  Not only the photos are beautiful, the website design itself is wonderful: nice to look at, functional and informative. 
Thank you!

Christine Walker
Santa Cruz, CA

Great site, always enjoy flicking thru and reminding myself of where I originate.  How about some photos of the demolished Main Centre - would be really interesting to see the void left by the removal of all those horrible buildings!

Kind regards
Simon Plant
Calgary, AB Canada

I have been researching my ancestry line since I was young & found out I have ancesters from the 1700's to 1860,all from Cubley & Sudbury.My direct Coxon family line moved to London in the 1860's. I did not know much about Derby, until visiting your site. In fact the only time I have ever been was to see my team West Ham play The Rams. Now I live in L.A I feel the urge to go now.I know that there are Coxon gravestones in both Cubley & Sudbury cemetarys. I am so excited to step back into History. Thanks for your vision.

David Coxon
Los Angeles,California

Great pictures, my boat was built at Dobsons in 1968 and it was puchased from the yard in 1972 unfortunatly have not cruised through Shardlow for very many years.

Chris Potter

Dear Sir, you have created  a wonderful website and I thank you for the memories you have brought back.
I was born in 1935, and grew up in Alvaston, went to the old school in Elvaston Lane, on to Bemrose in 1946, Rolls-Royce in 1951, married a nurse from the Derwent Hospital, (Joy Anthony of Breadsall) and emigrated in 1963.
I remember WWII, air raids, gasmasks, POWs, my shrapnel collection, collecting unexploded incendiary bombs for the ARP, and poaching rabbits on Elvaston Castle grounds.
I was also there at the Blue Peter in 1946 to welcome our victorious Rams when they brought back the F.A. Cup. Does anyone remember The Chocolate Box, Cope's Family Butcher, Emerton's (where I was the errand boy), Peach's Pork Pie Shop in Alvaston, and the old village blacksmith next door to Peach's?
I also remember many good friends from those days and would love to hear from them if they happen to read this.

Roy Woodcock
Rochester, Washington State, USA

I lived in Derby 1944-46 as a German PoW. I think your Photos are first class, it brought back many a nice memory.

Gerhard Hauschild

• Guest book entries for April 2005

Dear Sir,
I cannot express the feeling I recieved viewing your photos of Ticknall.  My great great great grandfather, James White, (father-Samuel White) can from Ticknall, Derbyshire, England in 1841.  He landed in New York, July 16, 1841.  This is written in our family history. 
It was wonderful viewing the area through your eyes.  I will probably never be able to set foot in Ticknall, but now have a better feeling of where my roots originated!  "The place" is emtremely charming! 
Thank YOU!

Carolyn Sue Dial
Blackburn, Missouri USA

I found your site very interesting. I'm from Normanton Derby, and it's brought backa few memories. It's nice to see Derby in a good light, I had great pleasure in showing my work colleagues all the best parts of my home town.

Surrey, UK

We emmigrated to Canada in 1965, we lived initialy at 37 North Parade Derby then 57 Chelwood Rd Chellaston (nr Shelton Lock). Your site has brought me many wonderfull memories of my childhood. I used to walk from North Parade to Markeaton Infant School as a child and I wandered all over Darley park playing. Later, when we moved I used the Derby canal tow path as a shortcut cycling anywhere from Alvaston to Swarkstone to go fishing. We used to catch Newts in the abandoned lock at Shelton Lock and play around the old bridge on Sinfin Moore lane at the canal.
One area that would be good for a before and after picture, if you can find the old photos, would be Ascott Drive. My uncle Wilfred Foyers and my father Harry Reed had a plant on Ascott Drive (H&F Precise Castings). Which they first started in an abandoned army "Nissan" building. I remember as a kid in the 50s walking with my father through a whole neighbourhood of "Nissan huts" which extended from Ascott Drive to Derby Rd. and had been turned from an army base to residences due to the shortage of housing after WW2.

This was all levelled around 1960 and the people presumably went to council houses. Ascott Drive became predominantly industrial then and the plant expanded.
I remember walking on a Saturday as a little gaffer, with my father, across the long footbridge over the railway works yards from the Ascott Drive plant to Derby Rd then over to the "baseball field" to watch Derby County Play. Some of the players at that time were Barrowcliffe, Parry, Curry, Hughes, and goalie Mathews (not Sir Stanley).

Thank you for the memories your site brought back.

Stewart Reed
Amherst Island, Kingtson, Ontario.

I just wanted to say what a fantastic site! I have broadband and enjoyed that section, but the part that gave me greatest pleasure was the 'Then and now' section. It is absolutely brilliant.
Thankyou for giving me hours of fun. I'm not that old, well I don't think I am! but there are places in Derby I remember as a child which have gone and it was such fun seeing them in this format.
I looked at your site because my son has to do a project on Victorian Borrowash. I can't wait to show him the 'then and now' picture of Borrowash.
Thankyou for all your hard work Andy.

Ann Daykin
Borrowash, Derby

Trying to spot the little things on the Then and now photos like a piece of bridge, which have not changed...you start wishing there were more. Very powerful!.
There should be someone like you in every hometown in the world.

Fred McGee
North Carolina, USA

• Guest book entries for March 2005

What a stunning website! I will certainly be returning when I have more time to look at it all.
Those Then and now shots are brilliant, I've never seen it so well done before!

Katrina Downs-Rose
Reykjavik, Iceland

Fascinating. I appreciate your hard work. You have provided a couple of hours of great entertainment.
Thank you


Fantastic website. I am always looking at Derby websites as I left derby in 1988 having been brought up there. The quiz was fantastic and I was pleased how much I remember.

Mark Fletcher

Andy. your Photo's are brilliant, and a real pleasure to see . I have lived in Derby all my life , and never seen anything which comes even close to your Site . You need a medal for all the hard work you have done.

Chester Green Derby. U.K.

A brilliant web site a place to go when home sick brings back a heap of memories, thank you for your time and effort put into it. I left Derby in 1989 to live in NZ. The photos bring back my younger year in the pink coconut, and nights spent in saddler gate and the Blessington carriage.
Once again a big thank you for the memories.

Elaine Ann Doyle
Feilding North Island New Zealand

This Technique is a wonderful achievement and a superb example of what the Internet *should* offer. As someone who's done some sporadic research of Welsh and non-Derby English ancestors, I'm envious of those who can find their ancestors' environment in your collection. Thanks for presenting these "photo-transitions," and I truly hope you get the attention (and income) that you deserve.

Rebecca Eschliman
Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA

I'd just like to say - what an amazing site!
I'm an Advisory Teacher for ICT - and I wish we had this type of resource for the area I teach in.
I hope all the schools in Derby know about your site - if not they certainly should do.

Gillian Davies
Dartford, UK

Information received shows my ancestors hail from the Derby/Derbyshire area. I was especially interested in reading about the town of SMALLEY.
Thanks for an interesting Web Site.

Gene Smalley
Douglasville, Georgia, USA

I was delighted to find this wonderful site. I have been researching my family history, and have found out that many of my ancestors were from Derby city.

I was particularly interested to see the old photograph of Regent Street, as my great great grandparents lived at number 23.

I am hoping one day to find a picture of Russell Street, off the Osmaston Road, before all the buildings were knocked down, as my great-great grandfather ran a pub called the Barley Mow there.

Keep up the good work!

Fiona Cameron
Sheffield, England

What a brilliant site ! To people of my age who remember what we thought were the good days ,brings back lots of memories of ones early years and makes it all seem like yesterday. Makes you remember things you used to do and places that you went. A typical example is The Cavendish Cinema,a meeting place for all the teenage girls and boys on a Saturday night.With Tommy Jenkins the Commissionaire in his suit, Mr Hall the Manager and all the staff that used to be there.

Terry Chapman

• Guest book entries for February 2005

I was born in Derby in 1957 and lived on the Mackworth Estate. I went to Parkfields Cedars school and then went to work for EMEB in the Eagle Centre.

I moved overseas and havent been back home for a long time. It was so good to see your site.
I spent hours on it reminiscing about my youth!!
Most of my family are in Australia now so I will show them this site.

Keep up the good work

Melbourne, Australia

Just to say I enjoyed your photographs very much. They are superb. I have sent the site address to a good friend in the USA as the best example of a taste of our county I could find.
Thank you again.

North Derbyshire

I was born at Glebe St. Swadlincote in 1940 and have just spent a great couple of hours on your fabulous website, you are to be congratulated. It was great to wander through the villages and towns via your photos that I wandered through in my childhood.

Many thanks,
Keith Redfern
Sydney, Australia

I am originally from Derby and my family are still in Derby, all of them. I came across a book on the history of Derby. This is the interesting article found inside.

"Harry Stevens was a very successful caterer from Derby and in 1846 he emigrated to America. Later he procured a license to sell hot food at Madison Sq. Gardens. He came up with the idea of placing a hot frankfurter in a long crusty bun and called it a 'DACHSHUND DOG' A cartoonist of the day wasn't sure how to spell dachshund so he named it 'a HOT DOG' "
You may not think this is interesting enough to put into your incredible site but I got a buzz out of it.
I love your website so much that every time I have a bit of time, I nip in for another look and couple of hours later, I think, better get back to work. I have the screensaver and everyone says what great pictures they are. There seems to be a new respect for me now coming from such a picturesque landscape.

Jeannie machen
Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

I have never been to England but I would love to go. Just looking at your pictures made me want to go there even more they are so beautiful. Some day I will get there and even take a tour of your Derby Ghost-walk.
Keep up the good work, you have a great talent.

Shannon Still
Albert, Canada

I wasn't aware of your "Then and now" pictures until I read about it in the "Derby Trader" a couple of weeks ago, since then, I've enjoyed very much looking at on a number of occasions - I think its an original idea extremely well executed. Congratulations, and thanks for all your hard work - I've had much enjoyment from looking at it, and I'm sure many others will have had, too.

David Faircloth
Alvaston, Derby

Andy, This a fantastic effort, thanks for sharing the photos with us. I was born and bred in Derby, but left in 1967 for Australia, been back a few times, last in 2003.
Your site is a real nostalgia trip for me.

Ray Berry
Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Hi, I just wanted to say that you're pictures are great. I am originally from Derby but moved to the States. There is nothing better than going to your site and looking and the pictures of Derby you have taken.
This takes care of homesickness. Thank You :)

San Jose, Calif

Great Photo's, Get many more on your site. Lived in Chesterfield for 27 years, visit very rarely now.

Nigel Bentley
Minnesota, USA

Super site Andy I was enthralled, I have a sister who lives in Saint Marys Close. I don't know Derby very well and get lost every time we visit I am originally from Holmfirth West Yorkshire, which has lots of photographs and information because of "Summer Wine". Your Then and now format is superb and I will be passing it on here and in the UK, I browse the net often looking sites relating to places in England and its not often I find a wonderful one like yours well done and THANK YOU.

Derick and Marilyn Haywood.
Waterloo Ontario Canada

This is a great resource and Andy was very helpful to me in finding a location I was looking for!
And it's free. Wonderful.

Alan Shaw

I work here in New College Nottingham - I was looking for local "Then and now" pictures for geography students to compare. I came across your site - really excellent, especially the way it scrolls between the then and now photographs. it's taken some time to get the photos to overlap like that -
It would be great to see some Nottingham photos done in the same way.

Andrew Edis

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Just spent a fascinating hour looking at your "Then and now" Flash movies. Very very good.
I used to live in Derby (Shelton Lock) from 1993 to 1995 so it was nice to see one of the canal.

Simon Jones
Taunton, Somerset

This is a great site. I really enjoyed the "Then and now" section. I am from Derby and have been living in the US around seven years now and your site certainly reminded me of home.


Mark Wood
Laurel, Maryland, USA

WOW!!!!! - Then and now Kept staring at the image of St. Mary's Bridge for ages Andy. I went to St. Mary's as a child and remember watching men scale the 'Tower of Spite" on St. Alkmunds to knock it down. I recall those great stone blocks tumbling to the ground almost as if in slow motion. AMAZZING AMAZING AMAZING... Brilliant stuff Andy. Gotta have more :-)

Astounding concept that brings history to life as surely as a time machine would. Excellent!!
Peter Farrell, U.S.A.

Hi Andy,
The website is fantastic, and makes me feel quite homesick sometimes! I lived in Darwin Road, Mickleover for 14 years, and then moved to Hilton, before coming out to NZ in 2001. As a Derby "historian", I just wondered
if you would know why a group of streets in Mickleover are named after Australian cities? Hope you can help,

James Brown
Greymouth, Westland, New Zealand

I would like to thank Paul Hudson (Local Studies Library) for supplying the answer to this question -
The Derbyshire Advertiser reports that at a meeting of Mickleover Parish Council in January 1955 a proposal from Mr H Ford was accepted to name 15 streets after Commonwealth Countries. The alternatives this idea beat had been Derbyshire places, Derbyshire rivers, and former Mickleover vicars. Presumably the idea then transformed into Australian and New Zealand places.

What a brilliant idea the Then and now section is, and excellent execution. As an ex-resident of Derby I found it especially interesting. As a photographer myself (but working in the IT world) I'm mightily impressed at your achievement. I saw your reference to shooting from within a 20m cube, and the reference to altering pictures via a set of complex rules. How do you cope with the perspective effects of different focal length lenses in the then and now shots? Do you use Photoshop (or equivalent) to make the two photos match up?
Have you written any articles about your technique? - I'd love to do something similar around Dumfries.

Good luck
John Pearson.
Dumfries, Scotland.

From Andy - Thanks, Making the photos match up well is something I have become a bit of an expert at over time, I have taught my self how to do it. If I'm not happy with the result I go and take Photo B again. I use Paint Shop Pro 7 for the actual photo editing as Photoshop is too 'over the top' for this. I have not written any articles on the technique as its quite complex and something I only do on this site despite people asking if I have thought of publishing a book of these photos. I think showing the two photos the way I do is the best way possible, the impact would be lost in any other display method such as in printed form.

Hi Andy, With regard to Ha' Penny Lane in the Then and now section, That's a super image.
I lived in Longford Street until I was three (1953) and spent many happy hours there at my Nana's until she passed away in 1982. I remember the brook very well, although the hedgerow behind it was somewhat
overgrown by the time it all got changed. The brook had become more of a muddy ditch, separated from the
pavement by hooped iron railings, in the standard council Brunswick Green.

When Newton's Walk was widened, they also created a road link between Sherwin Street and Cedar Street but
the original stepped end into Newton's Walk from Longford Street was kept, as it is today.

Tony Griffin
Derby, U.K.

Love the site and expect to spend a lot of time wandering around.
The Then and now is especially fun - I enjoyed guessing what the changes would be - and getting it wrong! Well done!

Ian Newton
Dumfries, Scotland

Hi Andy

What a truly superb presentation you’ve developed in your new set of ‘"Then and now" photos. It must have taken weeks to achieve even the fundamentals, let alone to work out the exact position for the “B” photos.

Though in one or two, the changes are surprisingly small, like Western Road, Mickleover and Whittaker Road, Normanton, others show just how much has happened … both by nature in the growth of the trees in the Arboretum, and by the considerable ’man-made’ change as at the railway station, the swathe of removal for the inner ring road from the top of the Cathedral, and the River Gardens. It’s fascinating to be able to stop the change at different points to see the detail.

I went through them all, and though the ones I could remember and recognise from 50 years ago gave me most interest, all of them are wonderfully presented, and a fantastic credit to you. Thank you again – and I’ll keep visiting, I’m sure like the vast army of your admirers!

Kind regards, and all the best for 2005

Frank (Noel) Grimshaw
Darlington, Co Durham.

Hello! I wanted to let you know how much pleasure your site has brought my elderly parents who were born and raised in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and emigrated to Burlington, Ontario Canada in the 1950's.

They are not able to travel much any more, and they dearly miss their homeland and your pictures have made them so happy over this Christmas season!

I also have been tracing my family tree and really appreciate getting to know the areas in which my ancestors lived. All the best in 2005!

Lesley Anderson (nee Thurgood)
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Fantastic site! I have only been living in Derby for 2 years on and off, but I already feel I've seen so much of it without leaving home! It must have taken a while to compile all the photos! I'm interested in amateur photography myself, and have taken photos of Elvaston Castle/Gardens a few times hoping for that "picture perfect" snap!

Paul. E
Mackworth, Derby

What a great site. I especially enjoyed the 360 degree panoramic images, and the time lapse trips on the canals. Thank you for sharing your work.

Happy New Year.

John Forristal
London, Canada

What a great site and some fantastic photos.
I retired from RR in 1983 afyer 27 yrs and moved to the Black Country where we bought a transport cafe.
Finally retired in 1990 to near Lincoln, where one of our sons lived.
Didn't get to visit Derby very often except for the occasional visit to Pride Park to watch The Rams.
Some of the photos and captions brought a tear to my eye.

At one time 18 cinemas in Derby and immediate district ... now they are all Bingo Halls and nightclubs. The general post office in Victoria St another pub come nightclub. Oh dear! Is it all for the better I sometimes wonder.?The Hippodrome fluctuated between a theatre and a cinema in the 1930-50 era.
I remember a Xmas pantomine there in the early 1940's perhaps 1942 ? .. Cinderella. But it quickly reverted to a cinema again.
Happy memories of my old school, Derby Central School, in the mansion at Darley Park. Beautiful hot summer when I started there in 1940 with spitfires and hurricanes zooming overhead. No longer in existence... what a shame !

Anyway Andy a really great site and you are saving some memories for posterity.
Good on yer mate .... keep it up, it's appreciated by us ex-pats !

Peter Eyre
Hardwick, Nr Saxilby, Lincoln. U.K.

I was enormously moved by your pictures of Little Eaton, where I was born in 1937. I feel such nostalgia for my village, the school my mother attended when she was a child, the "rec" where we used to play, watching old Mr. Bates shoeing horses in his blacksmith shop, "me grandad's" favorite pub. My grandparents' name was Marshall and they lived in a tiny cottage on New Inn Lane.
Thanks a bunch. I'll definitely visit you again.

Vicki. W
Guadalajara, Mexico

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