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Derby Then and now photos
Derby Past & Present - in fading Photographs.

PLEASE NOTE April 2021 - Flash is no longer supported, Until I replace all of these please see the ones no my Youtube chanel here :

Andy's Then and Now playlist on YouTube

Please note that the Then & now section on my website is currently in need of a revamp as they were all created back in 2005 using Flash and this is no longer supported so I will have to recreate all of my work again using a different method, until then use my Youtube link above.

"A truly unique way to see changes in time using two perfectly lined up images, one old & one new."
High quality and resolution interactive fading photos showing local scenes as they were and how they are today from exactly the same view point. Then and now, Now and then, Past and Present, Old and New, Before and After. Call it what you want, just try one and see the effect!

This feature allows you to see two photographs, both taken from the same viewpoint but
with a duration between the two which may be anything from a couple of weeks to 100 years.

How are these created?
It has taken me several months to perfect my method of creating these presentations.
To get the effect to work best, the shooting position for the now photo must be taken within a 20cm cube of the then photo, to achieve this takes a lot of skill and experience.
Once I have taken the now photo, it must be altered using a set of complex rules I have optimised over the last three months. Finally I create a Macromedia Flash movie using the two images.

The presentations you can see here are the result of many hours of work put in by myself, if you like them then please leave comments in the guestbook. If you have any old photos of Derby that you think I may be able to use in this manner then also get in touch.

How to use a'then and Now' photo interface.
This standard control panel is to be found at the top of all of the Then and now photos.
An example Control Panel used on all of my fading Then and now photographs.
All of the then & now photos have a standard interface at the top of them which you can see an example of above.
If you would like to pause the transition at any point, simply click on the PAUSE button, and click the PLAY button to restart it. to exit the presentation click the Quit button.

The section on the left that shows Photo A and Photo B is the time-line, The marker below the titles shows the current view postiton. The marker will move back and forth from A to B. When the marker is directly under 'Photo A' then ONLY Photo A is being displayed, Likewise when
the marker is directly under 'Photo B' then ONLY Photo B is being displayed. While the marker is moving between these two key points then a faded mix of the two photos will be seen. There are 40 levels of fade transition between Photo A and B, this can be paused at anytime.

To view these presentations you will need Macromedia Flash player v4 (or greater) installed. It is highly likely that your system already has this installed but if your system is very old then it may need the player updating. The player is free and quick/easy to install. If the presentations do not work then try getting the latest version player HERE. note: The Flash player is now owned by Adobe.

To view a presentation just click on a thumbnail photo on one of the pages listed below, the thumbnail image shows the image as it is today. Once you click on one, it will open a new window and the presentation data will be loaded, this should not take more than a minute or so on dial-up modem or just a few seconds on Broadband. Once it has loaded it should auto-play, The fading will repeat back and forth forever. You can pause the fade at any time using the Pause button. Just click the Play button to restart the fading. To quit the presentation just click the red X Quit button.

You MUST have a screen resolution of 1024x768 (or greater) to view these presentations, I have designed them so that they use as much of the browser viewing window as possible.
A reasonable specification PC is required (850MHz+) otherwise the image fading will be extremely slow.

I have tested these presentations on all the current (Jan 2008) popular browsers and they work fine on all -

1) Microsoft Internet Explorer V7.0.5730.11 with ActiveX updates.
2) Firefox V3.0.3
3) Opera V9.60 * see note below.
4) Netscape V9.0.0.5 * see note below.
5) Maxthon V2.0.6.9024 * see note below.
6) Safari V3.0.4
7) Deepnet V1.5.3

*Note If you are using Opera, Netscape or Maxthon (or any other tabbed browser) at 1024x768 resolution then you will need to press F11 on your keyboard to maximise the viewing area of the presentations otherwise you will not be able to see the full image area. Pressing F11 again toggles the viewing mode back again.

The 'Then and now' Photo collection
The photos are organized in sets of five photos per page, these are in no particular order.
Just click on a "page set" below then click a thumbnail and enjoy the show.

Photo Pages
Click on a link below to
view a set of 5 photos.
Descriptions of the locations featured in the set of photos
Each page features five interactive 'then and now' photographs, below are details of the locations covered in each set.
Page 1
Saint Mary's Bridge and Chapel, near Chester green, Derby.
Hippodrome Theatre on Green Lane, Derby.
Derby Market Hall inside view looking over the stalls, Derby.
Burton Road corner with Abbey Street view, Derby.
Bridge Inn pub, rear view looking across the river Derwent.
Page 2
Alvaston Library, Crewton, Derby.
Railway transshipment buildings next to canal, Cromford, Derbyshire.
Victoria mills, Draycott, Derbyshire.
Derby canal, Shelton Lock, Derby.
Railway Terrace viewed from Pride Park flyover, Derby.
Page 3
Markeaton Brook walk looking towards St Johns church, Derby.
Camden Street, Derby.
Morledge view, Derby.
North Parade view, Darley Abbey, Derby.
1018 Ashbourne road (former site of Congregational Church), Derby.
Page 4
Varsity pub, Friar gate, Derby.
The Green, Findern, Derbyshire.
Kedleston Road view with former Vinegar factory, Derby.
Former Vinegar factory close up on Kedleston Road, Derby.
Lloyds Bank building, Corner of Iron gate and Sadler gate, Derby.
Page 5
Training College, Uttoxeter Road, Derby.
College Primary school, view from Great Northern Road, Derby.
Borrowash, Derbyshire.
Nottingham Road, Derby.
Reginald Street baths, Derby.
Page 6
Derby Cathedral View 1 from tower, Derby.
Derby Cathedral View 2 from tower, Derby.
Derby Market Place looking up to Iron Gate, Derby.
Derby Corn Market looking up to the Market Place, Derby.
Page 7
Arboretum Square entrance to Derby Arboretum, Derby.
Slack Lane building work, Derby.
Allenton Spider bridge, Derby.
Western Road, Mickleover, Derby.
Derby Railway Station, Derby.  
Page 8
Derby River Gardens view 1, looking towards Exeter bridge, Derby.
Derby River Gardens view 2, Back of Bus station, Derby. As featured in the Derby Trader 27/01/05
Markeaton Brook view, Derby.
Repton village from church tower, South Derbyshire.
Repton Cross view, Repton, South Derbyshire.
Page 9
Whitaker Road view, Normanton, Derby.
Brookbridge (
former Rykneld Tean Mill), Brookstreet, Derby.
Cavendish Cinema view, Normanton, Derby.
Derby City Library, Wardwick, Derby.
Ha'Penny Lane, Darley Abbey, Derby.
Page 10
Rosehill Street view, Derby.
Friargate view towards friargate railway bridge, Derby.
Devonshire Drive, Mickleover, Derby.
Markeaton Park Boating Lake, Derby.
Markeaton Brook Walk, Derby.
Page 11
Bold Lane view, Derby.
Mile Ash Lane, Darley Abbey, Derby.
Saint Werburghs church view 1, Derby.
Saint Werburghs church view 2, Derby.
Derby Cathedral View 2 from tower, Derby.
Page 12
Agard Street view, Derby.
Baseball Ground view, Derby.
Duffield Road view, Derby.
Matlock Bath view, Derby.
Five Lamps view, Duffield Road, Derby.
Page 13
Derby Cathedral View 4 from tower - Assembly Rooms, Derby.
Matlock parade view, Matlock Bank, Matlock, Derbyshire.
Ashbourne Old Grammer School.
Ilkeston Market place view 1
Derby Grand Theatre (Gower street view)
Page 14
Ingleby view, South Derbyshire.
Derby Greyhound stadium, Derby.
Searl Street view of pub, Derby.
Derby market place Guildhall view, Derby.
Stanton by Bridge.
Page 15
Cotton Lane view of Osmaston Road, Derby.
Manor Hospital, Uttoxeter Road, Mickleover, Derby.
Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, London Road, Derby.
Borrowash, Gordon Road view, Derbyshire.
Etwall Church view, Etwall, Derbyshire.
Page 16
Melbourne view, Melbourne village, Derbyshire.
Derby Cathedral view 5 from tower - Joseph Wright Sixth Form Centre.
Dale Abbey Church, Dale Abbey, Derbyshire.
Ashbourne Road junction with Uttoxeter Old road, Derby, Derbyshire.
Ashbourne Railway, Ashbourne, Derbyshire.
Page 17
London Road view of the Coliseum (bottom of Bradshaw way), Derby, Derbyshire.
Shoulder of Mutton pub, Osmaston, Derbyshire.
Market place, Ashbourne, Derbyshire.
Florence Nightingale statue London Road, Derby.
Osmaston Road looking towards town, Derby.
Page 18
Bateman Steet end view of London Road, Derby.
Cornmarket view of Bus, Derby.
Market place 2, Ashbourne, Derbyshire.
Normanton Road, Derby, Derbyshire.
Chaddesden Bingo Hall, Derby, Derbyshire.
Page 19
Markeaton Hall view, Derby, Derbyshire.
Markeaton Park duck pond, Derby, derbyshire.
Victoria Street, Derby, Derbyshire.
Tenant Street, Derby, Derbyshire.
Warick Avenue junction, Littleover, Derby, Derbyshire.
Page 20
Friar gate Railway Bridge view, Derby.
Bridge Street viewed from Mill Street, Derby.
Willow Row view, Derby.
Bridge Street viewed from Mill Street, Derby.
Friar gate corner view, Derby.

Page 21

Longbridge of former Derby canal over the river Derwent, Derby.
Borrowash Top Lock, Borrowash, Derbyshire.
Shardlow Basin on the Trent and Mersey canal, Shardlow, Derbyshire.
Little Eaton Top lock, former Derby canal, Derbyshire.
Little Eaton Wharf house, Little Eaton, Derbyshire.

Page 22
Breadsall Railway station, Breadsall, derbyshire.
Portland Arms Pub, Pear Tree Street, Normanton,Derby, derbyshire.
Blue Bell Pub, Upper south Street, Derby, derbyshire.
Congretional chapel, Traffic Street, Derby, derbyshire.
Florentine Boar Statue, Derby Arboretum, Derby, derbyshire.
Page 23
Second phase of Slack Lane housing, Derby, derbyshire.
The Kings Arms Hotel on Saint Mary's gate, Derby
Willow Row view, Derby
Cathedral roof view - showing scale of new Eagle Centre, Derby
Stepping Stones, Dovedale, Derbyshire
Page 24
Burton road, Littleover, Derby
The Square, Darley Abbey, Derby
Mansfield Road, Chester Green, Derby
Trent Lock, Sawley, Derbyshire
Nags Head pub, Mickleover, Derby
Page 25
Market Place view, Derby
Holy Trinity church view, London Road, Derby
The Cavendish, Derby
Burton road/Vicarage Avenue junction, Derby, Derbyshire
Masons Arms pub, Mickleover, Derby, Derbyshire
Page 26
Traffic Street view, Derby
High Street, off London Road, Derby
Lord Belper pub, Abbey Street, Derby
Buxton Hotel, Boyer Street, Derby, Derbyshire
Little Eaton gangway, Derbyshire
Page 27
Moorside Lane, Holbrook, Derbyshire
Saint Helens House, King Street, Derby
Friar Gate Railway Platform view, Derby
Old White Horse pub, Friar Gate, Derby
Friar Gate Railway Bridge view 2, Derby

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