How to determine your screen resolution

Follow these simple instructions below to determine what screen resolution you are using.

Typical Screen shot
For users of Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000 and XP.

1) On your desktop, find a clear area (i.e. with all windows minimised to the task bar).

2) Right-click the mouse button.
This will make a window popup as seen the screenshot here....>

3) On this popup, Select the Properties option and click it.
right-click on the Desktop
4) The Display Properties panel will be displayed, which will look something like this one here.
It will vary between the versions of Windows.

5) At the top of this panel, click on the tab labelled "Settings"
Display properties

6) This will show the current display settings which you are using on your computer.

7) On this panel there is a section showing Screen area (indicated on this screenshot by an arrow).


In this example it is 1024 x 768 pixels.

9) It is possible to alter this slider to increase the resolution.

On this PC it is possible to alter the resolution upto 1280x1024.

The range of settings allowed are determined by your video card and by your monitor. Unless you have a good quality 17" monitor you will probably have trouble reading the screen at the very high resolutions, so its best to experiment.

N.B) If you have a very old monitor (pre 1997) then it may not be able to show anything more than 800x600.

Screen area - Shows your current resolution and also allows you to alter it !

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