Then and now photographs of Derby and Derbyshire.

"A truly unique way to see changes in time using two perfectly lined up images, one old & one new."
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Then and now, Now and then, Past and Present, Old and New, Before and After. Call it what you want, just try one and see the effect!.
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Details about the two photos used in each then and now presentation  

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Photo Description : More new housing on Slack Lane, Derby
Image Reference No. : DP-TAN-SLACKLANE2-111
Details : This is Slack Lane, off Uttoxeter Old Road viewed from the end of Howe Street.
In photo A You can see an old mill building, the right part of which looks like it may be from the 1930s, the left part being a later addition, looking at the design style possibly in the 1960's. I'm not sure what the mill was used for originally but in its later years it was used by a printing firm bought by the former Derby County chairman Robert Maxwell in 1981, Called BDC. The only reason I remember this was BDC was because of a silly advert that used to play on Ram FM in the 1990's which used the phrase "badgers do crochet", That's all I can remember about the advert.
In photo B you can see that the former mill building has been demolished to make way for modern housing. The telegraph pole and electricity sub station remain. The sub station remained in this state until March 2008 when it was replaced with a modern brown one.

These houses form the second build phase of 'City Walk', a small housing development. The street names used in this new housing estate have a bird name theme such as Jackdaw Close and Jay Court. These particular houses were completed in early 2006 and are located just to the left of a Transcycle ltd. Running along the back of these house (at the end of Parcel Terrace) is a large industrial estate with companies such as Time24, Bristol Bending, CD Northern Group, Phillips Joinery, Walrus office equipment, Robinson Fabrication, Lanzettas and Joinery Solutions (Derby). This large redevelopment took place on the former site of Hazlewoods Foods. Hazlewoods was started by Pickle manufacture William Hazlewood in 1908, he moved to this site in the 1930s. It was known as Empire works or "the pickle factory".
The stretch of land running down the south side of Slack Lane from its junction with Uttoxeter Old Road had pretty much been left derelict since the closure of the Friar gate railway line in 1964.

Photo A taken : 22nd April 2004
Photo B taken : 25th January 2006
Time elapsed : 1 year 2 months
Map Location : Click HERE.

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Photo Description : The Kings Arms Hotel on Saint Mary's gate, Derby
Image Reference No. : DP-TAN-STMARYSGATE-112
Details : This view shows a building at the bottom of Saint Marys Gate, In Photo A it was The King's Arms Inn and county Hotel, Today this building forms part of the Magistrates Court.
Further up St Marys Gate is the Cathedral Quarter Hotel.

Photo A taken : 1926 (postcard)
Photo B taken : 29th January 2006
Time elapsed : 80 years
Map Location : Click HERE.

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Photo Description : Willow Row view, Derby
Image Reference No. : DP-TAN-WILLOWROW2-113
Details : This is a view looking towards Willow Row from the corner of Jury Street/Walker Lane. The Derby Ambulance station can be seen in both photos on the left side. On the right side of photo A is Derby Printers ltd building, in more recent years this was the home of Union two which was a Student bar. In the mid 1990's it was The Dial where you could see live bands play.
This building was demolished in 2003 and the £12m Joseph Wright Sixth Form Centre built on the land.
This view has since changed yet again as the area behind the Joseph Wright building was built on in 2008, so I will have to retake Photo B again !

Photo A taken : 1974
Photo B taken : 29th January 2006
Time elapsed : 32 years
Map Location : Click HERE.

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Photo Description : Cathedral roof view - New Eagle Centre 2006, Derby
Image Reference No. : DP-TAN-CATHE2001-114
Details : This view shows a wide view of the City of Derby in the direction of the Eagle Centre Market. I took both the old and the new photo so lining up the two images was a bit simpler than normal. Here we can see what changes have occurred in the City in just five years, The biggest change here is the new Eagle Centre "Westfield Derby" which has taken up a very large area.
The Main Centre has been demolished.
There are lots of little changes to view here such as those 7 tall poplar trees near the Midland Hotel that have gone. A mobile phone mast has been placed on the roof of the Assembly Rooms, bottom of photo. The central reservation of the Morledge leading up to the Cockpitt island, used to be filled with flowers but as you can see, this section has been made narrow to allow buses, that used to wait at Derby Bus Station to park along the Morledge, There are currently lots of temporary bus stops all along the Morlege, Corporation street, Derwent Street and Full Street. This is while the bus station is being demolished to make way for Derby Riverlights project.
What do you think those three blue things are on the top of the Market Hall ?

Photo A taken : 28th May 2001
Photo B taken : 13th May 2006
Time elapsed : Nearly 5 years
Map Location : Click HERE.

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Photo Description : Stepping Stones, Dovedale, Derbyshire
Image Reference No. : DP-TAN-STEPSTONES-115
Details : This view shows the popular summer destination of Dovedale Stepping stones. Surprisingly most of the actual stones seem to be the original ones. Thankfully the scene has not really changed that much, still a beautiful place to visit.

Photo A taken : 1980s (postcard)
Photo B taken : 8th June 2005
Time elapsed : 10 years
Map Location : Click HERE.

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