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• Guest book entries for December 2003

I found your web page in a general search for information about early Victorian canal warehouse buildings.
I wanted images of such buildings as the basis for an architectural model to fit on a period model railway.
Your help in providing large photographs of one of the Shardlow buildings was invaluable and the quality of the images superb. I have been able to get the finest of architectural detail from them.
My sincere compliments on the quality of your site and on the excellent service you provided to me in
supplying the images.

Bart Banks
Grange over Sands

I was just writing to compliment you on the site - it is great, especially for me here in Italy to wander around my birth place Swarkestone and then onto where I lived afterwards Melbourne, and then around my old haunts in Ticknall etc. Really lovely photos too - especially of Swarkestone and my old house, The Crewe and Harpur!

best regards and all the best for the New Year and of course, Happy Christmas.

Jenny Groome
Verona, Italy

Just to say nice photos, (I my self am from Long Eaton) have a nice xmas.

Paul Wilson
Wellington New Zealand

Hi Andy, Viewing your website , has brought many memories back for me, I was born in Fisher Street , in 1939.
I came to Canada 33 years ago, I have only been back twice, but your pictures , have Inspired me to strive to take another visit , to visit my sister who still lives in Allenton.

Keep up your Fine work

Cheees , & Many Thanks
Allan Peate
Windsor , Ontario , Canada

• Guest book entries for November 2003

Andy, I found your photos of the Queen's visit on your website BEFORE I saw any photos in the local press!
I would say your collection is superior to the local paper's collection!

Well done Andy
Keep up the excellent work


I know how busy you must be Andy, but having just spent a great two hours reading and viewing your pages - we had to say thank you. We left Derby in '55 after Bert had completed 10 years playing for the Rams.

We have been "back home" many times and feel sorry to see the team in such a mess now. How times do change. Don't think we will be returning for a holiday now too often as Bert celebrated his 80th in September. Getting a bit too old these days ... and the pensions don't stretch too far either.
However, having found your site it's comforting to know that we will always be able to stay in touch with dear old Derby.

we would like to hear from any old friends who may remember us, that would also be great. I went to Homeland school, leaving in 1941 and my name then was Jean Dallison. We both worked at Rolls-Royce after we had left school - Bert in the Experi and I was in the Stock Control Office.

We have many great memories from the Baseball Ground and Bert often says when we view the games today, on those pitches that look like billiard tables - "If only the pitch that we played on in November had been like
that - I think I could have played until I was sixty!" He remembers the mud - the hard frosty grounds and a leather ball that when wet seemed to weigh a ton. He also remembers breaking in new leather boots each year. He had to put on a size smaller than usual and sit with his feet in a bucket of water to make the leather expand and then walk about until they had molded to the shape of his foot...(no wonder he has bunions.....lol...) They were happy days though and the team was very closely knit. Far different today when sometimes the players don't even speak the same language. They call it progress I suppose but Bert has often said playing for the Rams back then was a joy and an honor. Well Andy - once again many thanks and we both fully endorse what so many of the people have said in their comments--- "You deserve a medal!"

Wishing you and your family the very best of everything Andy and here's hoping you can keep your site going for a long, long time........

Jean & Bert Mozley
Gulf Islands, Canada.


• Guest book entries for October 2003

I was born in Derby and this web site is amazing, one day I will get back to England to see what I am missing, god bless you and good luck.

Simon Rankin
Adelaide South Australia

I really enjoyed the photos , I visited this place especially Staunton Harold and I will never for get it. You captured it beautifully. In the year 2000 I came with the Shirley Association of the USA. We were entertained royal there. I love the countryside. And I love the English people as well we belong to it , It was like going home and loved visiting all the churches.
Thank you so much for web page and it beauty.

Dorothy galligher
Jacksonville, florida USA

Is my memory going or wasn't there a Golden Gains on Peartree Road too, on the left as you came from
Normanton Road?
it's just me reminiscing about my childhood days looking in shops for ideas to put on my Santa list! I was born in 1964 and lived in the Normanton area until I got married in 1989 and the time I would be referring to would be late 60's early 70's . I have many memories of Normanton road shops and areas of that time including CUT PRICE - a very early supermarket and APOLLO DISCOUNTS for all your bedding, underwear and nightie requirements. I do remember the area being very busy on matchdays and the cosmopolitan feel of the place with the wonderful ethnic mix the shops used to have. My Parents are Irish but many of my pals were Asian or Afro-carribean and we all seemed to get along really well. Thanks for a great site and all your efforts , Caroline

We lived on Dashwood Street from 1964 to 1977 and then we lived on Fairfax Road Apollo Discounts was located at the back of where Kwik Fit Tyres is/was and Cut Price was between Dashwood and Moore St. I remember Arthur Raynes butcher at the bottom of Normanton Road and his bag of peppermints he used to share out if us kids went shopping with Mum. My older sister can remember Pete's cafe which was across the road from the Church on the corner of the infamous Rosehill Street! Another favourite of us kids was J Kays
toyshop which was pulled down I think.

South Norwood, London

Reply :

The man who founded Golden Gains was John Barnes (ex Tank Regiment). He also owned 'Talk of the Midlands' on Mill Street. Also owned Stork Club at Hucknall.
Yes - there was also a Golden Gains on Peartree road, and Mrs Goring's daughter was the manageress there. 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' in what is now called 'Osnabruck Square' was run by Johns Dad Tommy. The cafe is still there now, and is now run by another son Michael Barnes. Frankie Vaughan came to Derby, to open the Golden Gains shop on the Wardwick.

Brilliant site, have spent hours looking through it and it will take many more. I was born in Spondon and left there in 1985, still have a Daughter and Grandkids living there. Spent many happy days tramping around Derbyshire and rock climbing.

I Remember the old Derby canal through Spondon where we used to have picnics down StonyCross area and you could collect your own water cress ! Served my time as an apprentice Electrician at EMEB in the old Silk Mill next to Derby Power Station, that's all changed a lot.
Keep up the good work

Derek Beadsmoore
Sydney, NSW, Australia

• Guest book entries for September 2003

This is a wonderful site. Being Derby born, it is a pleasure to view the contents. Not having lived there since the mid fifties, this site brings back great memories.
I lived in Campion Street, my Grandmother lived in Etwall St and my Great-grandmother lived in Stable St.
My folks were originally from the westend. Back Parker St and St Alkmonds Church Yard and other areas in the west end.

Thanks for the photos of Slack lane area. My, what a change. I had no idea that the old railway yards had disappeared and instead was a new area of homes (called City Walk, Slack Lane). A change for the better. It must look quite different driving down Slack Lane. I would imagine that most of the streets I grew up around are slated for remodeling.
The houses on Campion have been there since 1840 and are no match for the modern homes of today.

Sandy Lager
Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada

Internet is great for finding the old/obscure.
Looking for ref. to "pig bins" lead me to this site. Strange really, because my father came from Derby, but I know nothing about it at all. Never visited. (Promise I will look later).
Anyway "pig bins" - my youth saw me using said bin as stumps for cricket in the cul-de-sac where I lived.
The stench of the bin contents - the lorry (bedford? with the slider sides? remember?) that came round weekly to pick up the contents. Your mother being angry when you dropped the plate on the way back from/to the bin with the meal leftovers. But I really then lead on to other areas - prefabs, paraffin man, micky chocolate drink, rossi banana lollies - it goes on.
Need the photos - anyone got any?

Tony Clewley
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK.

Having been born in Derby in 1954, followed by my brother in 1957 and sister in 1960, we moved to Glasgow in Scotland with our parents in 1966 and then to Troon in 1969. My brother has built a house in Troon and has named it "Allestree House". The house overlooks the Royal Troon Golf Course.
It is nice to look back over the photos and remember the areas.

Angela Haigh
Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland

Hello Everyone, I have just finished going through the Derby site and it is great!!
I moved from Allestree in 1996 to come to Canada and looking at this site has bought back many memories.

Thank you and please keep it going!!

Susan Lowe
Stony Plain, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

I lived in Derby all my life until 1999 when I moved to the USA with my American wife. This site brings back a lot of memories, even though it's apparent there have been quite a few changes in the four years since I left Derby.

Derby will always be my home town.
Thank you for providing such a wonderful site and such lovely photos.

Paul Whitworth
Anniston, Alabama, USA

What a great site! As a born and bred Borrowash lad now resident in Texas these pics and facts brought a lump to my throat and swelled my heart with pride.

Keep up the good work.

Neil Brown
Houston, TX USA

I am very happy to leave a comment about the unforgettable Derby. In this warm place I spent a month (14 July 2002-11 August 2002) of my life and I am keeping an incandescent reminiscence in my heart. Mine was a linguistic trip or let me say a paradisiacal trip thanks to the welcoming of my host family (Thanks a lot Noreen) and also thanks to the marvelous friends who shared my euphoria. To sum up it was one of the best months of my life where the Zanzibar, and Susumi where my favourites. I also spent a lot of time in the Walkabout with my lovely group of friends: Nadia, Hela, Salma, Fatma, Saoussen and Temim. This was night time but that's only because my words would be vain in front of the legendary beauty of the country side in Derbyshire.
Hope to come back again!!!!
It would be as putting on a warm glove again.

See you soon my Derby!!!

Bounatirou Riadh

I was born and raised in Derby (1959-1978) and enjoyed the site immensely. However, I have a couple of questions.

1) Has anyone ever remarked that the Blue Peter at Alvaston is exactly the same design as the 'Ship Inn' at Burgh road/Roman Bank junction in Skegness? Which of course was a favourite haunt for many Derbyshire people on their annual holidays.

2) Having lived in Davenport Road (off Osmaston rd) for all my time in Derby , I'm surprised that you don't have any photos of the Royce's gate at the junction of Hawthorne st.
Or the RR field and club that played an integral part of our summers with the annual sports day as kids of RR employees?

Steve Eyre
Peterborough , Cambs, England

2) I will be featuring the Osmaston area of Derby eventually!

What a remarkable website!
I have only spent two weeks of my life in Derbyshire, but these photos bring back the landscape and locations immediately. Particularly surprising is the sheer amount of detail and the beauty of the photos themselves. Every park bench where I ate a sandwich and every pub where I drank a pint is represented.

Most astonishing, however, are the "Then and Now" photos. The image of the disappearing St Alkmund's is haunting; a powerful piece of artwork. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that such images would be best displayed in a museum.

Also gratifying are the shots of Derby from the tower of All Saints. And last but not least, the historical information and the links are truly well done. Not only is it a website with great pictures and information, it is one of the most user-friendly sites I've ever visited.

Every city should have a site like this, if only they could find such a dedicated and skilled photographer.

Thanks Andy, from one an ocean away who can't visit that part of the world as often as he would like.

Eric Seddon
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Very very nice site, the images are incredible. I enjoyed the rural and the city images very much.
Keep up the great work.

Dave Parrish
Hampton Township, Bay, Michigan, USA

This site is interesting as well as informative. Enjoyed browsing through the site.
Keep up the good work. Greetings.


Imagine finding a place called Stenson! I shall be there in September and plan to visit.
Have you any idea how Stenson got its name?

Liz Stenson
Toronto, Canada

• Guest book entries for August 2003

Hi what a great site, I have only just found it through a friend in Australia, and so I can see me spending many hours looking through all the messages and photos of Derby. I moved to Australia in 1980 with my wife and family from Allestree and although Australia is a great place to live I miss Derby and England very much.
I am now a full time wildlife artist, so if any one would like to view my artwork, take a look at my web site, www.ericshepherdartist.com

Good Luck to everyone
Eric Shepherd

Melbourne, Australia.

This is a very good site. I have been looking at it a lot, with regard to researching my family tree.
Although I am not officially from Derby, my mothers side is and whenever I visit Derby I always feel at ease and everybody is always so friendly and chatty!!
Well done on this website, keep up the good work!

Helena Weston
Wiltshire, England

Great pictures of Long Row, Belper. We stayed there last Nov, and will be back this spring.

Stacey Wilson
Irving, Texas, USA

Your guestbook is wonderful. My Grandmother was born at lll Kedleston Rd., Derby ...Her father was Arthur Paxton...when he died in 1929 he left the following children: Arthur Paxton, Fred Paxton, Mrs.Abraham, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Brick, Mrs. Groom, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Nadin, and Mrs. Molyneux. Arthur Paxton Sr. was a collector of income tax for the Derby Central Area., he is interred at the Nottinham Road Cemetery. He was a bell ringer at All Saints Church.
I believe I must have relatives in Derby and would love to hear from them.

Joyce J
Florida, U.S.A.

Very much enjoyed visiting your site. Derby seems to have such an abundance of pubs and other entertainment now - at least in comparison to the 60's. no pictures of the nottingham road area though?
Could not find a link or photos of schools - this would be interesting for ex pats trying to get info.
otherwise - great photos - congratulations

ary Anne
Rhode Island, USA

• Guest book entries for July 2003

My grandfather used to live in Newton Solney, he lived in a row of cottages - I think called sunnyside. This was back in the 60s. His name was Astle. He used to be the coal man in Newton back years ago.

My memory is very hazy, but I remember the Beehive Cottage and going down the lanes in a hay cart with my Uncle Jack Astle who lived in Newton too. The Astle family was my grandfather (Frederick Arthur), My grandmother, and their 3 children, Arthur, Jack and Mary. I don't suppose anyone remembers them after all these years, but if they do please contact me.
Your site brought a heap of happy memories flooding back - Thank you.

Sylvia Caira
Auckland, New Zealand

This is a wonderful website. I just can't thank you enough for the time and expense you have put into this site. My grandfather was born in Derby (1887) and though he was just a baby when he left, Derby always had a special place in his heart.

Your pictures have not only helped me to visualize Derby in his day, but to give me a glimpse into the lives of my ancestors. I will always treasure the picture of the Church where my great-grandparents were married and the houses along Shaftesbury Crescent. I especially appreciate the personal effort you made to locate my grandfathers home.
Thank you again and hopefully someday I'll be able to visit these sites.

Keep up the great work!
East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA

Dear Andy,
I have just found your site, and I find I am popping into Derby a lot, (on the net) my wife and I left Derby when we were both 21 years old, we came to have a look at the old place in 2000, and we both see Derby in a new light, we both enjoyed our stay, and soon hope to take another look soon.
There is so much to see in derby, and after 37 years you can bet there are a lot of changes in derby.
keep up the good work. regards.

Allen & Linda Walker
Melbourne Australia

What a beautiful and informational web-site you have!
There is a possibility of a Shardlow Family reunion in Shardlow, England next summer which we hope to be able to attend. It was postponed from this summer because of the world situation. My husband, William, is into the genealogy part but I am trying to learn more about your area. I posted a message on your message board to correspond via e-mail with a Shardlow lady. Hope it works!
Thank you for all the work you've done!

Sharon Shardlow
Windham, Maine,USA

Your website looks better every time I log on, I think your now and then selection is a work of art, it's surprising how we do not notice how things change, when the changes have taken years - but seeing St. Alkmunds Church fade away before your eyes, brings it home with a bump!
I remember the church being a dominant feature of the Derby landscape - since it was demolished I did not realise how much I missed it until I saw your now and then fading effect.

Brilliant, Keep up the good work.
Chris Harris

Nice website. My great, great grandfather, John Wenn, is buried with his wife, Emily, in the churchyard of St. Peters (d. 1908), which I visited some years ago. I know he was a clergyman, but I do not know from which church, and I had no time to check for further information on him, or any other Wenns that might still be in the area. If there is any possibility of obtaining some particular information about my ancester, that would be wonderful. However, I realize this is probably not possible.. At least it is very nice to view the town where my paternal family began their trek to America. Hope to return someday for another visit.

With regards,

Wallace Wenn
Clarkesville, Georgia, USA

• Guest book entries for June 2003

Just dropping a note to tell you how great the Now and Then section of your site is.
I've been to the UK several times in the last 25 years (not since '92 though- no Internet or dot.com then) and I love the nostalgia the whole country drips with.
I've only been to Derby once - I was collecting football scarves when I was over in '89 and I nipped off the train just long enough (rail passes let you do this sort of thing) to find the first sports shop to pick one up.
It's nice to see in an era where things seem to change TOO FAST that there is still a constancy to be had.
Almost all of the photos have been changed since my last visit to the website a few months ago so I'll check in from time to time to see what's new.

Can you do a Now And Then for the towns of Derwent and Ashopton? The photos of the construction of the dams, viaducts and reservoirs and the loss of the towns I find fascinating.

Your site is fantastically well designed.
Keep up the good work. BTW, I miss the Baseball Ground.

Bill Young
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

As a relatively new resident of Derbyshire (only five years) I found the Now and Then section of your site to be absolutely SUPERB, although I must commend you on a thoroughly informative, well thought out and presented web site.
I have book marked your site and am sure that I will be visiting again and again. Thank you and keep up the fine work.

Mike Scheerer
Hilton, Derbyshire

This site is absolutely fantastic, it makes you really look at the buildings around you ,it also makes you realise how much of derby's heritage is being lost almost on a daily basis.
I have a real interest in local history and it would be brilliant to go back in time to see what it was like in the early part of the last century. The photo's that you have here take you back to that era.
Congratulations on a well thought out site, keep the photo's coming in.

many thanks,
Tina Trunzo
Alvaston, Derby

Hi Andy. My fiance and I have just seen your pictures and we both like them for different reasons, him because he is from Derbyshire and is missing it right now (where are the pictures of Belmont School in Swadlincote?) and me because I will be living in England with him sooner and love seeing pictures of your country.
I loved the picture of the graveyard.
well, bye :-)

B and V
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fantastic Website, nice to see my pub online as well, I also found the historical information valuable.
Graham Hughes
The Mitre, Allenton, Derby


• Guest book entries for May 2003

I am stunned by the amount of work that must have gone into the Then and Now photography project.
I can just gaze at the photos again and again. I love the old ones with people in them and concentrate on how they slowly disappear Its a bit like watching ghosts

Richie, Chellaston, Derby

You've done a brilliant job with this site, Andy. I think it is very attractive and for an expatriate like me shows me the views I want to see over and over again.
I really like the way that one views the photos and closes the photos with a single click and the perpetual watermark of Derby Cathedral sets my mind to thinking of walking up Iron Gate:

a) To the Christian books shop
b) To Queens Street Swimming Baths and the GALA pool as it used to be
c) To sit awhile in the peaceful confines of the cathedral
d) To cross the bridge across the Inner Ring Road to get to Darley Park
e) To get to Kings Street where in the multi-story car park there at one time was a roller skating rink

All the best,
Martin milner
Princeton Junction, NJ, USA

What a wonderful web page, Andy. I will visit Derby when I go to England next year.
Thank you very much

Rudy Rencoret
Sydney, Australia

My family and I intend, someday, to visit England. I think your wonderful website has just swayed us to visit the Midlands rather than another region.
You have done a mighty grand job promoting Derbyshire.

Thank you, Sherril K Miller
Wahoo, Nebraska USA

Andy, Many thanks. Derby holds many fond memories for me. Plew's guest house on Utoxeter New Road. McConnell's Advertising next door to Plew's. The Vine pub, run by Les and (the aptly named Ivy) Shirley. I used to sweep up after closing, so that Les could give me a "staff" drink. Alice Baker in The White Horse and sidekick Charles, with the penciled on moustache.

Pints for 11p, fags for 18p and petrol for 33p a gallon.

But mostly working in W.W.Winters with Hubert King, his mum, his uncle Austen and the inimitable Charlie Barson who taught me more darkroom tricks than most folk have had hot dinners.

Hedley McConnell
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Thanks for the pics Andy. Brilliant website, really liked the collection of pics, you've got all of Derby on here! Been to Derby a few times, the best place on earth, really enjoyed my time there and the pics you provided me just made my day. Thank you v much :)

Rashda Hussain
West Yorkshire, UK.

An excellent site, a lot of work has gone into producing this very informative photographic record of all things Derby and Derbyshire, looking forward to seeing Long Eaton added in the near future.
Well done Andy

Kath and Chris Thorpe
Long Eaton, Derbyshire

Congratulations! This is a very impressive and useful site for all of us ex-pats. My family tree is from the Ockbrook/Borrowash/Spondon locality since about 1800, and my small branch emigrated to Canada and the United States in 1956. We have lived in Mercer Island, Washington State since 1965.
I have compiled a web page 'A Village Remembered' about Spondon and its history, with photos. It can be found by clicking HERE.
I am always pleased to hear from Old Spondonians.

Ken Porter
Seattle, U.S.A.

The new Then & Now page is absolutely excellent and the best example I've seen of this kind of thing so far. I hope to see more stuff on Derbyshire later on.

It reminds me of something wonderful I saw 30 years ago - an antique Italian tourist book of famous sites in Rome. A late Victorian or Edwardian publication with printed photos and with what looked like hand washed colour.

Each photograph was hand coloured and had an overlay on semi-transparent tissue paper which included on it super realistic illustrations of the Roman buildings as they would have appeared at various times in the days of the Roman Empire.

The book was owned by a friend and I tried very hard to get something like it. There was nothing contemporary like it available. It seemed such an obvious idea and a likely money spinner. So is this Andy.

Now with care and patience and computers this kind of thing is practical and possible... and absolutely fascinating. Great job.

Chris Rockliffe, U.K.

Thank You for a wonderful site, I often click on to it especially when I feel homesick. Derby is a great city and Derbyshire must be one of the most stunning counties in Britain,thank you

Tom Harris
Queensland Australia

Wasn't really looking for this but still Fantastic , interesting , must look again too much to see in one
night time, why all the bikes at Matlock at the weekend??
ick Vokes Northants u.k

Brilliant 'then and nows'. Congratulations!
I Used to live in Derby ( Alvaston ) late 'fifties. Went to Bemrose School for a while before going back to Deal in Kent. Found Your site via D.E.Telegraph site.

Dave Latham
Isle of Wight

Brilliant 'then and nows'. Congratulations!
I Used to live in Derby ( Alvaston ) late 'fifties. Went to Bemrose School for a while before going back to Deal in Kent. Found Your site via D.E.Telegraph site.

Dave Latham
Isle of Wight

• Guest book entries for April 2003

Andy, I love this site!!!!! I have been looking for any information on my past family history and found that we are from Derbyshire. I have just started looking and from what I have found so far we go back to the year 1066. (That is if I am on the right track). If you come across any info on the surname of "Underwoode" would send me a short e-mail? I know that you get many requests and I understand if you can't. Again, thank you for such a great web site. Keep up the great work and keep us informed.

Lynda J (Underwood) King

Laurens, South Carolina USA

I was born in Newhall, grew up in Midway and went to school in Swadlincote and Ashby. I attended Emmanuel Parish Church in Swad.
Made me very homesick to see the great pictures.

Thank you
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Paula Valentine (nee Croft)

I was born and raised in Derby England and moved to America 17 years ago. I visit home where my family lives on an annual basis. Just recently I was speaking with a co-worker about my home town and just for kicks went on the internet and typed in Photos of Derby England, Not at ALL expecting a result! To my pleasant surprise I found your Website and was almost in tears with joy!
I was reliving my days in Derby growing up and was able to share this with my friends here in America!
Thank you so much I am so happy you created this website!!
You have made me a very happy woman!
Thank you a million times!

Leonora Lowe
Manchester, Connecticut, USA

I had the pleasure of visiting Derbyshire recently in order to do some hiking & hill walking. What a wonderful experience for me.
Although I had played golf at Buxton years ago I didn't have time to explore. Although it was in the Back of my mind to visit Derby it was spur of the moment trip from New Mills where I wandered Kinder.
I had a pleasing stop at the Bonnie Prince Charlie Pub and became aware of the annual parade.
I hope to return again soon.

Frank Dowie
Southport, Merseyside

I lived in Little Eaton for twenty years before moving to South Wales. I very much enjoyed the pictures, especially of the village school which I went to and have fond memories of.

The church holds many fond memories for me. I was christened there in 1964 and confirmed in the church.

The village green in front of the church fills me with memories of the great carnivals we used to have with floats of all descriptions setting off from Coxbench where I used to live.

Thankyou for putting this web page together.

Carolyn Dennis (nee Gould)
Corntown, Bridgend, Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales

I grew up to teen-age years in Whitaker St., Normanton Hotel area before serving in Merchant Navy during the latter War years '44 - 46. Left for New Zealand 1948. Have enjoyed re-visiting Derby six times.
Particularly liked the photos of Derby Cathedral.
The lovely tiny crypt chapel is a special place. I spent time there after losing my wife. As one grows old - as I have certainly done - one's roots exert a strong loyalty 'pull'.
Your photos are excellent. I will re-visit your site periodically to strengthen memories.

Ivor Wesley
New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand

I have now spent sometime perusing your incredibly well crafted site and it gives me great pleasure to know that other people are so proud of the town (I know it's city, but for the locals it will always be Derby town) with which we live in. Your reference to the vikings and the origin of the name is absolutely spot on, it was on radio Derby about two months ago. I could go on but it's getting late now.

Mark Ferguson
Derby, UK.

• Guest book entries for March 2003

I lived in Derby from 1985-1998 and I miss the place dearly. Derby has a special place in my heart

Michelle Howe
St Anne`s-on-sea, Lancashire

My grandfather's last name is Derby, and the family can trace it's roots back to Derby, England.
Years ago I was in a store in Derby and I was ready a book about Derby. I was ready a story about how there was a war between the Derby families and one side was banished. That banished side is probably linked to me.

Since reading this story, I've never been able to find it. Do you know this story and if so could you email it to me. My kids would really get a kick out of it.

The web site is helping my family connect with its roots. My mother's maiden name is Derby. In a effort to continue the Derby name, my daughters middle name is Derby too. She always thought it was kind of a goofy name to have. But after looking at your web site and learning a little bit more about Derby, she thinks her name is pretty cool now.

Take care and thank you.

Wade Smith
S t Louis, Missouri, USA

The story according to Derby Local Studies Library :
In the 12th/13th Century there were two families with the name Derby. One died out through the lack of male heirs. The other was fairly prominent until the mid 14th century. The most significant was Hugh, who was Dean of Derby, and his relative Walkelin de Derby who was the last Royal of the Derby Mint (closed 1154). The family moved away in the mid 14th century. Since then Derby has been an uncommon name in Derby

Loved your site. We lived in Allestree from August 2000 to June 2001 and miss your fine city a LOT.
I miss everything about Derby, especially the people.
Your site brought back many, many fine memories of our short stay in England.

Elaine Taylor Turchyn
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Andy, what a great site.
I am Derby born and bred. Your pictures have brought back many memories. I left in 1974 after living there all my life. In 1970-74 I lived in one of the old Derby Prison warders cottages in Ponsonby Terrace [now demolished].
I returned in 1981 working in Wirksworth and living in Ashbourne finally leaving for the West Country in 1988 where I have been ever since.

Congratulations on your site. The pictures have brought back many memories for me.

Barry Roome
Peasedown St John, Bath, UK

Born In the Cavendish Buildings in Brook St Derby Grew up at 62 Brook St, Mother was Ethel nee Moran
Father was also George, his parents lived in Liversage St.
Mother's parents lived at 58 Brook St. Father used to frequent the Maypole Pub in Brook St
Attended St John's Junior Mixed Primary School in Mill St, Went on to Bemrose in 1946
Left Derby in 1955

George Clarke
Modbury South Australia

• Guest book entries for February 2003

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Born and raised in Derby, early 40's thru mid 50's I attended St. Philomenas for many years. I well remember so many of the places that you have brought back to life with your wonderful photos.
Purchasing ices from the stone cot. (pictured), Punch and Judy as a treat. (Normanton Rec.) Finding my feet on my own or with friends going to those "far off" villages. Sunday teas above the cinema in Matlock. The Petrified Well there, the heights of Abraham. Critch Stand, Ilkeston, Life with grandparents in the summer in Belper, Red and Blue Emmas going up Belper Lane, or the long walk to the Hill Top if you missed them.
The River Gardens, Bath Street, where I was born, my father's foundry, St. Alkmund's Church and well (named for a prince), that my grandfather dressed regularly.
St. Mary's Bridge, just so many, many childhood memories.
I will visit your site often. It is a great pleasure and thank you again for spending time putting it all together you have mastered the web to perfection.

Christine Martin
Dallas, TX

Hello Andy,
It is such a great work of you to present wonderful pictures of Derby. I like it much, especially the old buildings. Keep on that, Friend. I have never visited Derby, I knew your website from one of my friends in Derby. He said that Derby is such a beautiful place and he was right. I'd like to visit Derby oneday.

Corinne Chia
Jakarta, Indonesia

Thank you so much for giving us an afternoon of pleasure and memories. Joseph lived in Derby until 1959 and migrated with his then wife and two sons to South Australia.
He is now 74 years of age. Assisting him with his family tree and genealogy research has been a real learning curve, and sites such as yours help so much.
We can't thank you enough.
Finniss, South Australia, Australia

Hi, great site, I found the photo of St Michael & All Saints church in alvaston. My farther is at rest their along with all the buxton family going back many years. Just along road is the blue peter pub,great nights out in the 60's local band called the imps,went to allenton school,now gone, have you any photos of school?.1958 to 1965
also the old cinema called the broardway now a supermarket.
Cheers ken buxton (roger).

Ipswich, suffolk, UK

I have become interested in the life of my Great Grandmother Thurza Maria Tagg born in 1877 in Swadlincote, Derbyshire and I have her marriage certificate which shows that she married my Great Grandfather Thomas Sharp at the Emmanual Church. Thank you so much for allowing me to see a picture of the church they married in. It's absolutely amazing what you can get on the internet.

Thanks again,

Tanya Hopkins
Singleton, Western Australia

Hi Andy
What a wonderful website you have it must give people hours of enjoyment
I know I have enjoyed looking through it and still doing so, keeps pulling
me back!!
keep up the brilliant work Andy
Frank Gadsby,Ambergate, UK

• Guest book entries for January 2003

Hi Andy, I am very impressed with your Website. You have done a great job, Keep up the great work. The Pics are excellent too. I love the Christmas ones, that is my favorite time of the year and the Matlock Bath one is a favorite of mine too, as I have looked at many of your Pics. Thank you for sharing.

Barbara Hartley

Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.

Excellent site,
I am researching my family who mostly came from Derby and wondered if anyone could help me with a query,my gt Grandfather William Booth was a Farmer at Normanton in the late 19th century but he also owned The Normanton Pavilion that was a music hall from 1902-1929 when it burnt down after this I understand that the Cavendish Cinema was built on its site, does anyone know anything about the Pavilion or are there any photos existing .Any help with this would be very much appreciated,
Tim Webb
Cambridgeshire England

Tims website HERE

The Cavendish cinema was built on the site in 1937 and closed in 1960 and demolished in 1965. Fine fare supermarket was then built on the site. Today it is occupied by Somerfield supermarket.

Great site - shows an eye for detail and dispolays a love of subject. The range of photographs is encyclopedic. We subscribe to the Derbyshire Life as my wife came from Derbyshire originally. Nice for her to be able to revisit anytime!

Samuel Selinger
Spokane, Washington, USA

Andy, I am thoroughly enjoying your site. The photos are wonderful and the comments you make add so much to them. My great-great grandmother was from somewhere in Derbyshire. I've visited the area twice and it's lovely. Such a lot of work you've done and I'm sure everyone has enjoyed it all as much as I am.
Keep up the excellent work!

Kind regards,
Elaine B

I am searching for answers to my Ancestral Home. I have been told we started out in Chaddesden and that my people came from Derbyshire. Can you give me any in-sight on this?
I love your site, been looking at it for several days now. To think some of my ancestors walked that beautiful country. Best Wishes for the New Year.

Roy A. Wilmoth Jr
Chappell, Nebraska,USA
Try the DFHS on my links page.

Dear Andy,
I'm fast becoming addicted to your site! Congratulations! It really is superb!
If there's any justice in this world you should get a knighthood for it - at least!
As you may have gathered, I was Derby born and bred. I was born in Alvaston and later spent 7 of the happiest years of my life at Parkfields Cedars School - the old one, of course, in Kedleston Road. I left Derby in 1962, but only moved to Stafford. Then left England in 1988 and came to live in France. Having retired recently, I now live in Antibes, on the Riviera, which is a beautiful place - yet I still feel nostalgic about my home town - especially when looking at your super photos!

I would love to hear from anyone who reads this and remembers me. My e-mail address is HERE My name was Yvonne Clarke when I was at school.
So - a very Happy New Year to you ,Andy, and keep up the good work.

Best wishes,
Yvonne Lowe

Hi Andy, just reading some of the nice comments about your site from all over
the world. Well done.

I wanted to let people know about my website HERE

It is an imaginary tour of Darwin Secondary School (now demolished) on St Andrew's View in Chaddesden. It is meant to be set in the late 1960's. I have had some very nice feedback from old school friends via freinds reunited about this and wanted broaden the opportunity and let others have a look. I am also writing up my childhood in chaddesden and wanted to ask any of your viewers if they have any memories of life in chaddesden around the 1960s and 70s that would like to share with me. Just everyday stuff. It is possible that I might build a website with the writings but early days yet.

Phil Lowe

Just like to say this site is fantastic. I've lived in Derby all my life and love looking back on old photo's and seeing what those places are like now. I've even got my husband interested and he's from Scotland!

Elaine Sanderson
Chester Green, Derby

Wow, your pictures are beautiful! I have never been to England, but through your wonderful website I feel like I at least have some idea what it is like. Spent a very pleasant 2 hours looking at the photos & reading.
Hard to believe you are achieving these results using a digital camera. I have a Olympus digital & don't achieve nearly this quality.
Derby is a lovely city. Especially enjoyed the panoramic photos. They were just like being there!
Thanks so much for what must have been a herculian effort on your part.
I am really impressed with the quality of your pictures, just beautiful!

Steve Atkinson
Eagle, Wisconsin USA

Hi Andy.
I have just sat and read every letter that has been left on your comments board.
Well I feel that there is absolutely nothing I can add except to say, you have done a truly wonderful job with the compilation of your site !!!
I feel very proud to have been born and bred, in a city that has witnessed and experienced so much history and also created so much history. "Our" city is a wonderful palce to live and "Our" county, has to be one of the most beautiful counties in the U.K.
Well done and keep up the great work, you obviously enjoy it...
I read about your site in computer Active

Nigel Varty,

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