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Dear Andy I reside in York but was born in Derby at Queen Mary's maternity hospital. There seems to be a dearth of information generally about that location on the internet. Anyway, the purpose of this message is to thank you for a tremendous web-site which I discovered quite by chance. I've bookmarked it for future reference.
You're a talented photographer by the way.
Best wishes

John Pollock
Nether Poppleton, York, England
November 2012

Andy I was browsing for photos of old Derby, the Friar Gate area, when I came across your site. Although the photos are not exactly what I was looking for, they gave a flavour of what the area was like.
My husband's family came from the area in the 19th century, and almost all of them worked in the textile industry ( tape, elastic, silk). I loved the presentation of the same road as old and new. Yes, I can compare an old photo to a separate, modern one, but your method of fading one into another makes the whole thing much easier to visualise and to understand.
I really, really enjoyed the site. I'm afraid the ancestors didn't live in posh houses - they lived in Courts and up alleys, and one in particular slaved all her life as a silk winder in a silk mill.
I don't know which mill, but I daresay the conditions were the same in all of them. Grim.
So thank you, Andy, for all your hard work - I really did find the area came to life with your photos.

Anne Keen
Sedgley, West Midlands
September 2012
Andy Savage, I love you.
I too was born in Derby but have lived most of my life in South Africa. Until a few years ago, I visited Derby annually and loved every minute of returning to places I knew as a child. Unfortunately due to health reasons, I have been unable to return in recent years but thankfully due to your wonderful website, although I am unable physically to be there, I am visibly able to do so Thank you.

Gillian Twidale [formerly Johnson]
Cape Town, South Africa
September 2012
Andy, I like these photos, they brought back happy memories of long hot summer holidays with my grandparents in the 70's who lived near Littleover.
We used to go to the well dressing and the Depths of Lumb and Kirk Ireton in the car

Regards Mark B
September 2012
Allways nice to learn more of my Hazlewood family in the UK thank you so much for your effort. kindest regards

Larry Arthur Blanton Hazlewood
Miami, Florida, USA
August 2012
What a brilliant hobby, thank you really enjoyed looking at my old Derby.

John Pipes
August 2012
Dear Andy, I have found your web page by chance....my lucky day!!! I have just spent a wonderful evening browsing through your photo's then and now.
I can imagine it has been a labour of love for you.
Thank you for some lovely happy memories!
I have passed on your web site to an old school friend who emigrated to Australia 48 years ago!!!  She too has enjoyed a trip down memory lane along with her elderly parents. 
Do hope you continue to add more photo's and info

Sue Sims
August 2012
Dear Andy Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoy your website.
It keeps me in touch with my home town which I miss greatly.
I was born in Stockbrook Road in 1951 and lived there until I left home in 1972 and moved to Cambridge.
My mother came to Cambridge after my father died in 1992 so I have fond memories of the city and your site takes me back.
Thank you.

Lynn Palmer
Cambridge, UK
June 2012

Seeing the R. A. F. memorial window @ Rolls Royce bought back memories of that occasion.
I was there for the opening ceromony with my mother. She was a war widow.
My father was in the R.A.F. and was shot down over Hungary in 1944.
We were there by special invitation. I wonder if anyone else in Derby was there for that occasion I am 76 years old now, but I remember how awe inspiring that stained glass window was.
I thought you might be interested in hearing this info. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we shall remember them.
Valerie Valerie Grzegorczyk (nee Lewis)

Ingleside Illinois USA
May 2012

Hi, As an ex Derby girl, I love to look at the old photo's on this website, well done for such an enjoyable walk down memory lane.
I notice some photo's have been taken by a Michael Newbold and as this surname was also that of my grandmother Eliza, I wondered whether there was a possible family link?
Anita Barber

York, North Yorkshire
May 2012

Brilliant idea Then & Now, wish I had found it sooner.

Alan Jones
April 2012

Hi Andy, really enjoyed the drives round in the snow. Love everything you do.
Still miss Derby but shovelling snow, no thanks. Great choice of music.
When I watched the Open Day at British Railways, my wife and I am sure we saw her Uncle John. Very Exciting.
Keep up the good works. Blessings.

Colin Bailey

April 2012

Hi Andy , just to say thank you for your great site - had it a few years ,put it in my favourites list. I was born in Derby, and my brothers & sisters still do live there.
Emigrated to Canada in 1967, went to Central school (Darley Park) building now gone- lived in Normanton, Alveston, Morley est, & Mackworth est. Needless to say how much your site means to me, I am now seventy, and often go back in time, to my younger days - Via your site - once again a GREAT BIG THANKS from Canada.

Michael Wagg
Vancouver Canada

April 2012
Fantastic, really brought the old photos into context.
Grandad talked to me about trams going though the centre but I'd never seen any photos of them.

Vick Smith
Martham, Norfolk

February 2012
Reference Bemrose School panoramic 'all pupils' photo 1948. I am on this photo and know the names of many others, including most of the staff.

Murray Wilson
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, USA

August 2011
Loved the then and now picture of Melbourne High street. My Great Grandfather ran a barbers shop there between 1906 - 1912. Not sure why he moved there from Leicester and then moved back but good to see what it would have looked like in his day, If you have any other of the high street back them it would be good to see them.
Kinds Regards

Clare Sanders
Fleckney, Leicestershire, UK
June 2011
Thank you for the time you are spending on the Derby Canal Route Map. I valued looking at the pictures of the Derby Canal.

Keith Burchell
Derby UK
June 2011

What a wonderful site - especially the "Then and Now" section - brilliant!
I was looking for the CWS Paint Factory but got side-tracked!

Linda Chew
Birmingham UK
April 2011

Hi Andy
These photos brought many memories for me. Would love to see more of Holbrook and Holbrook Moor as this is where I was born and married from.
The village means such a lot to me as I went to Holbrook School and lived there untill I was 21 years of age as did all my family.
Many thanks for your excellent work.
Best Wishes

Jean Newman (nee Sims)
Ripley , Derbyshire
April 2011

Just a thank you for the route map of the old Friargate railway line in Derby. My grand parents used to live in Kirk Street, Chester Green and as a small child in the 1950s, I used to stay there from time to time. I remember a railway line, literally at the bottom of the garden but when I mentioned this to my wife recently and we looked at the area we could see no sign of where it could have been.
I began to doubt my sanity until I found your interactive map. So many thanks.

Pete Grimadell
Derby, UK
March 2011

Thanks for the photos of old St Alkmunds. I was thinking about the time it was demolished and wondered what was on the web. I was taking my small son to the Children's Hospital at the time and thought how awful the destruction was - they took a ball and chain to it.
Great excitement when the sarcophogus was discovered.

Jane Barton
Essex, UK
March 2011

Good morning to you from a very sunny Cyprus where I have been living for the past 7 years.
I was reminiscing last night with my Buckinghamshire boyfriend about family days out as a Sheffield nipper, when Mum and Dad would take me to Matlock Bath for t'day, eeh, 40 years ago! And so cruising round t'internet this morning I found your wonderful site - what excellent photos! It brought back some lovely memories, especially the Heights of Abraham - thank you so much for taking the time to put this site together.
Now I can show him how lovely Derbyshire is and maybe the next time we get over to UK, I'll bring him for a visit so he can truly appreciate the majesty of the North!
Best wishes

Michelle x Michelle Guest
Paphos, Cyprus
December 2010

I have just been to see the BBC exhibition connected to their series of old shops etc., in Chatham. I was going to try their experiment of holding a photograph of an area of the High Street but found that it blocked the view and was worse than useless.
Then I stumbled across your site and sat here mesmerised at the skill and dedication you have shown in producing this piece of work. Congratulations on your effort and I shall make sure many of my colleagues also visit and see what can be achieved by a 'master'.
More power to your elbow, Andy.

Brian Damerell
Gillingham, Kent, UK
November 2010

Have just discovered the fade in fade out photos you have - they are fantastic.

Gooseberery Hill, Western Australia (formerly of Nottingham 1969)

I really enjoyed looking at the wonderful photos Andy has  posted of Derby- a wonderful history of the town adn the area when I could not find what I was looking for he pointed me in the correct direction.
it is a marvellous resource to browse and very comforting to know in the 21st century people are prepared to share images and knowledge - many thanks again for your help in my search for the old chapel in Victoria street.

Morag L Sutherland
Brora Scotland

Your site just blew me away!
What an amazing resource with so much effort behind it - thank you.
I am 51 and used to live in Hope Street before it, and the streets around, were all demolished.  5 generations of my family lived in the area.  I have been researching my family history and just typed "derby old photos" which took me to your excellent web site.  I will pass it on to my family.  I plan to buy a scanner to convert photo negatives into digital images. 
If I find any of my home town then I will defo pass them on to you.
Very well done and keep up the great work building a resource fot his and future generations.

Tom Wigley
Windsor, England

Great to see a picture of my old school, Vernon High School Friargate Derby, does anyone have any interior pictures of the school.
Have there been any renunion celebrations past or present would like to know, Percy Thrower, deceased TV gardening personality past student.
Tony Picard Wimbeldon tennis player and international tennis coach ex pupil of VHS.
School moto was Persevera Y Vinci: Persevere And Conquer

Malcom Roy Wallace
Marbella, Spain

Its worth joining friends reunited to find out.

Just wanted to say thanks for the website (I linked on to it from Wikipedia). Was looking at the VR photo of the demolished Baseball Ground and found it quite emotional, so many memories. My dad is in his 70's but still a season ticket holder.
He still runs the ice cream kiosk at the Mundy Play centre with my aunt.

Nick Franco
Canberra, Australia

Absolutely awesome work here my friend, just found your site and would just like to say thanks for the time you spent on it, it's one of the best and most creative sites i've seen - incredible.

Sheffield. Used to live in Littleover, Derby

Hi, I have just spent ages looking through your photos and found them absolutely fascinating!
I'd just like to say well done for all your hard work and what an excellent site you have created.

Shelton Lock, Derby

Andy I grew up in NE England in the 50s , never been to Derby but all photos excellent.
The Then and nows are brillant, as a keen photographer since aged 14  I appreciate all the work you have put into your page.

John Richardson
Sydney, NSW

Hi Andy,
I have just been admiring your work in Derby Cathedral. It was a really great experience, the Cathedral is so bright and airy and the decoration of the Organ and screen was so fresh.
Your City should be proud of such a beautifull Heritage.

Jack Westcott
Port Kennedy, near Perth, Western Australia

I just wanted to say how brilliant your site is.  What a lot of hard work - well done.  I particularly like the Wingfield Manor panorama - it's just over the hill from here and I never knew you could get up the tower!

Congratulations and kind regards,

Ann Halford
Oakerthorpe - next village to South Wingfield, Derbyshire

Great work Andy.

It has inspired me to get out some of my old photos of Derby street scenes.
(late 70's to early 80's).


Jack Cameron

This is the most wonderful site. I will be visiting Derby for the first time in October and thanks to your photos I am more excited than ever.
You have a wonderful eye for composition and Derby is now alive for me in ways I would never have anticipated.
I can't wait to walk the streets of this beautiful town and see in person the sights you have captured through the lens of your camera.

Jacksonville, Florida USA

I have always enjoyed Then and Now books of Derby and other places I know. However, I have always been disappointed that they are so rarely taken from exactly the same location. I have even attempted Then and Now photos of my own, based on some Derbyshire locations, and know how difficult it is to achieve a successful result, not only finding the viewpoint but also matching the camera lens.
I have been really amazed at the results you have achieved. They are so accurate that it is hard to believe they have been produced by someone working in his spare time rather than by a full time professional being commissioned to produce them.
The idea of fading between the two views makes brilliant use of the medium with far more stunning results than pictures side by side in a book.
I look forward to seeing more Then and nows.

Miles Burgoyne
Ripley, Derbyshire

I was born in Holbrook, Belper in January 1952, but raised in
Mickleover. I started work in Derby City Hospital in 1967 and in 1969 moved to London,
then later to Surrey.

I am still a Derbyshire man, wherever I am!

I would like to thank you for your most excellent site. Looking at the photos brought many happy memories.

Philip Birks
Weybridge, Surrey

Hello Andy.
Congratulations on producing a fantastic site, I've veiwed some of the other past and present sites and must say they are nowhere near as good as yours.
The "disolve" effect is an exellent idea.
I'm sure I'll be coming back to your pics again and again over the next few months. Well Done!

J., London.

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