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• Guest book entries for December 2002

Dear Andy,

The keys to the city sound like a just reward for the way you've put Derby on the world map. I'm so glad to know that you're being appreciated for the wonderful devotion you have shown towards this huge project of yours.

I read the Derbyshire Life article with interest and was surprised that you were just a regular, every-day kind of guy with a camera when you started out. I figured, judging by the beautiful shots you have on your site, that you had more of an artistic background, and that you were a very experienced photographer looking for a showcase for your work. To think that you were basically a novice starting out, really amazes me. I guess it was a hidden talent that grabbed hold of you and hasn't let you go.

What really comes through on your site, besides the beauty of Derby and her surroundings, is your love of your home city. And it is this quality that makes your site mesmerizing, whether it is being viewed by expat's who view the pictures with homesick eyes, or by people like me, who have a dream to one day walk her streets and pathways and look on all these places with their own eyes. Either way, you have shared your own piece of the world with the broader world, and have done it in a thorough and competent way.
For this, we your audience are forever grateful.

I am so pleased that you are keen on maintaining and developing this site further. I also appreciate the novel ways you have presented your images, such as the panoramic shots, the then-and-now's, the night shots, the
Virtual Reality tours, and the historic photos your viewers have sent you.
Your site truly represents the best of what the Internet can provide to those of us who are online.

So as you toil away night after night working on your site, and spend most of your free time going place to place taking photos, know that you are very much appreciated.

Take care.

Burlington, Ontario

Great site, looking forward to having a good look round, I sent all my Christmas e-cards from here, so easy to do, fantastic photos. I sent the Xmas photos to relatives that used to live in Derby, give them a nostalgic look of Derby also to relatives that live abroad and never been to Derby, so they can see what Derby is like.
Well done on the web site, I will be visiting it regularly.

Alvaston, Derby

Hi Andy,
I was born and raised in Derby but have lived in the USA for 25 years now.
Your site is the BEST. Anytime I want to take a wander down Memory Lane I just access your site and look at your outstanding photographs, they give me so much pleasure.
I would like to commend you on the Derby Christmas photographs - Derby never looked like that when I was a kid. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year
Sheila Kazmierczak (formerly Holt)
Toledo, Ohio, USA

Great website, especially for someone out of county and trying to find out about the place.

I have been told my relatives used to come to Repton (had family local) to have their photos taken on a cross there, is this the Boot Hill monument. I can't quite make out what shape it is?

If only other counties had someone like yourself. Are planning to do a Francis Frith (I think I have the right chap) and travel from County to County????? That is ALOT of work.
I actually got your site from MSN search engine after typing in Repton Cross.

Fingers crossed to someone starting a site like yours for Staffordshire. Judging from the guest book obviously brings back memories for those who are local
Thank you very much.
Brilliant 10/10 great content.

Lorna Wright

I enjoyed the site very much. I was born in Derby, 1934. in Elton road. moved to richmond Rd just after, spent my young days at Pear tree School. left in 1950 and joined the army as a soldier.
I found your site in the magazine Computer Active. It was explaining how to set up a web site and your site was shown as an example. I just tried it and was very impressed. I still have 2 sisters and a brother living in Derby.


Ron Atkinson.

Congratulations on a very good collection of excellent local photographs.
I have never seen a hit meter logging up at such a rate while I have been connected to any site. I suspect that is a result of the simultaneous publicity from Derbyshire Life and the DET.
When you have time available I think some coverage of Chatsworth would enhance the site even further.
We get many Far Eastern suppliers visiting our site at www.zycomm.co.uk and they are crazy over the Peak District and particularly Chatsworth so I will put a link on to your site in order to illustrate our locality.

Ian Sneap

A great set of photographs and a grand web site. I came across the site while looking for anything relating to Windley where I was born some 67 year ago and left when six months old and much to my loss have never been there since. I tried a "Google Advanced" search, but came up with nothing, so I would be very pleased to hear from anyone with pictures of Windley. (I do now, see here!)

Update for 1st December :

Well this beats all. I don't know how to start and thank you for taking the time and effort to add my small part of the world to your web site. The photos are great, even though I haven't been there since I left at six month old, the pictures have given me a real insight to my roots. Maybe, one day before they put me in my wooden overcoat, I'll get to come 'home' and see for myself.

Andy, once again, many thanks, and keep up the good work.
Best regards.

John Nicholson
Paralowie, South Australia

• Guest book entries for November 2002

Hello Andy, my wife, Valerie Greene (nee Smith) found your site through her brother and nephew [Chris Lemon]. We spent several hours yesterday enjoying ourselves. Val is from Derby, Chaddesden, and remembers many things that you show. She and her family used to visit Chad church every Sunday when they were small. We both are 69 now. Enjoyed seeing Aston on Trent, my Fathers family came from there.

We will continue to visit your site often. It brings back very fond memories. Please keep up the good work.
Thank you again, and have a very good day.

Rick Greene

I just found your excellent website whilst searching for panoramic photographs of England using Google.
You have done a terrific job. I think its the best photograph site I have seen anywhere.
I have also been doing a few photos in the last couple of years and have also put then into the internet but having seen your site you have inspired me to do improve mine.

Best Regards
Ian Howard
Göttingen, Germany
Visit Ian's site HERE.

I came across this site quite by chance. All I can say is "well done".
I was looking for the website for Darley's Restaurant and a search on Google threw up dozens of references to a Darleys restaurant in Australia, but the only reference to the one in Darley Abbey got me to your night photos!

What an excellent advert for Derby. A fascinating picture collection.

Terry Pool

Allestree, Derby

As recommended by a friend, I have been on a couple of ghost walks, The Town Centre and Friargate area, both with Richard Felix. I am currently trying to arrange another one for my work colleagues, perhaps we'll try the Tutbury one this time. They are absolutely facinating, made even better by the enthusiasm and excitement of Richard Felix.
I would highly recommend the Ghost Walks to anyone, they are interesting, exciting and frightening - a perfect evening out! I can't think of one suggestion to make the walks better, the "ghosts" hiding along the way is brill, my sister actually left nail marks in my arm where she had grabbed hold of me!
Website very good, all the information one would need, keep up the excellent work and keep Derby on the map.
All the information I needed was there, along with other bits I didn't know about, have already recommended your site to some friends.

Emma Lee

• Guest book entries for October 2002

Great web page - very informative and outstanding photography. I have enjoyed browsing through all the photos and reading about Derbyshire. If I should ever be so fortunate to get over to the UK again, I will definately be visiting the Derbyshire area.

Keep up the great work and thanks for the view.

Peter Wylie
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Hi Andy,

With respect to the Boden gates Thankyou for the map location, it was very nice of you to do this and will be of great help to us in finding the gates so we can go and see them for ourselves (we are doing family history for the name Boden so any thing with Boden we are looking at and then seeing if it fits in anywhere in the family tree)
Thanks again and i think the pics on your site are great.

I feel that a lot of people will enjoy your site and I know it will be a site I will keep returning to thanks again.

South Yorkshire

Hello Andy

I thought your photos very very good and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of them.
An ancestory of mine, Bridgart drew up the plans for the building on the corner of Friar gate and another Bridgart drew the plans for the spire on top of St Alkmund's church.

If you have any more photos of anything my relations may have done, could you please place a copy onto you web site for me to see?

Dianne Marsh (nee Bridgart)
South Austraila

I have been very pleased to find & view your web site - very informative.

I am currently doing some research into my family history & would like to get hold of some pictures of streets in the past. Specifically I am looking for images of Russell Street, Litchurch Street and Otter Street.
Do you have any ideas as to where I would find these?

Simon Plant

If you have some old ones of these streets please get in touch.

I enjoyed seeing your photos. I was in Derby last year to visit Shirley Village, and by chance I saw Mackworth Castle on the way. I took a few photos of Mackworth, but since it was late in the day the photos were quite dark and did not show the wall details clearly.
I enjoyed seeing the ones you took in direct light.
Nice work - all your photos.

Paul Shirley

Easley, South Carolina

  My wife and I have just returned to NZ after five months in the UK, during which time we toured extensively. When we drove down through the Peak District, the weather wasn't the best, and I wasn't able to take any photographs. In fact, even had it been better, the traffic wasn't conducive to stopping, as a lot of commercial vehicles seem to go over Snake Pass.
It has been wonderful to find your excellent photographs on the net, which has helped us to relive part of our trip.
Many thanks for this wonderful web site.
Kind regards

Daphne and Mike Hogg
New Zealand.

I'm Steve Aitkenhead, I live in California Gully, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia which is a long way removed from Egginton. We did live there briefly, for six months or so, in the early sixties. Our family emigrated to Australia in 1954 but apparently due to my fathers serious illness returned to the UK in 1962.

We lived in "Hall Gardens" Fishpond Lane at my Aunty and Uncles home. This backed on to the large (to an 11 year old) park the remains of the mansion property, which when viewing aerial photos via BritMap still seems fairly big? My uncle had a part of the brick wall knocked out so that access to the park was easier.

I attended Egginton Primary (Miss Flack?) and passed my 11 plus. Then went to John Port School in Etwall before our family headed south to Welling in Kent. We returned to Australia in 1965, after my fathers death. While at the Primary I showed an exhibition of souvenirs of our journey back to the UK at the school fete. It was reported in one of the local papers - I still have the clipping from the paper - I just have to find it to give you the date! Might be able to get that scanned if you are interested.

I remember the old ruins of the mansion and exploring what once must have been glorious gardens. I seem to recall an old bridge across an ornamental lake or am I just dreaming that? Also large rhododendrons growing there.
Bomb shelters and concrete pads where huts had been during the war. Are they still there? Would be great to see some photos of this (what was) derelict area. My uncle also arranged a visit to the Derby airport, went on board a Derby Airways Argonaut there and I remember there was a flying school there as well. Flew Chipmunks and Austers I think.

Kind regards Steve
California Gully, Bendigo,

A friend sent me your web site some couple of months back and I must admit to being very disappointed to see that BORROWASH and OCKBROOK were not at that time on the site. I wanted to send the site to my cousins in USA and Canada who were talking of visiting us in the New Year and thought it might be nice for them to see the location.

I thought I would contact the site owner, Andy Savage, and ask him why we were not included. He wrote back immediately informing me that he was in the process of actually including the area. True to his word within days, he came out and photographed Borrowash and Ockbrook and with a little help from myself and a few other locals with regard to dates and names etc., he added us to the site. The pictures were wonderful and taken on just the right day as it rained the day after he took them.

I have sent the site to several friends overseas and they are very taken with them. I personally love the old photos of Derby as well as the local ones.
I wish Andy much success with his wonderful site and I hope he goes from strength to strength.

Satisfied at last.
Pat Sheldon.

Dear Andy,

Just wanted to say thank you for the pictures of my father's birthplace in Derby. What a joy for my sister and me to finally get a look at our dad's home. As we live in different parts of California and may never have the
opportunity to travel there together, it was great to share in the excitement of seeing these pictures on my computer. You really have a wonderful site with perhaps the best pictures available from anywhere.
Thanks for going out of your way to help us. If you are ever in California, you'll have some new friends to visit.

Please share my comments with all who may have an interest.
Sincerely grateful,

Robert Milward
Sacramento, California USA

Enjoyed looking at the pictures. I live in Austin, TX, USA. I am originally from England born in Harrow, Middx.
What I would like is information on HILTON, Derbyshire. My Father was born and raised there, but I know next to nothing about it. He died in 1954 when I was 12 and of course at that age I really was not very interested, so anything about Hilton I would love to know about it.
I plan on visiting UK next summer and hope to visit the places where my parents, grandparents are from My mother was born in Wellington Shropshire. I hope you will be able to find information on there as well.
Enjoyed this website, and thank you in advance for any information, pictures, etc., you might have.

Cynthia Archer

My mother Mary Frances Ballington nee pearson lived on Church street Alvaston, her father william pearson was a bell ringer from 1894 till 1954 at the church at the top of the street he was in the horse cavelry in the 1914-18 war and a member of the derbyshire yeomen.
Does anyone remember?

Frank Ballington
Glossop, Derbyshire

• Guest book entries for September 2002

Andy you are awesome!!!
These photographs are wonderful. We have little books on Derby so your history notes and places are great.
I feel as if I am there. As I look at the pictures I can see and feel some of the beauty my Grandad always wrote to me about. I am glad I can now see some of what my mom always talked about.

I so want to see Pride Park and the Rams play. I have never been to England I have only been to the
States. I was asked last year if I had a dream. I finally can answer that question. I want to see the Derbyshire Gardens and of course my all time favorite team the Rams. A friend of mine bought me a pride park
banner when she was in England a year ago.
Thank again for the wonderful pictures and history.
God bless you always.

Pamela loykowski
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

• Guest book entries for August 2002

I found your site and I think it is great. I especially liked the Aston on Trent pictures as I am researching my fathers family of WHYMAN, so far I have got back to 1611, and I am trying to find out more about which old houses still survive in and around Aston as the Whyman's in those days owned property and land, John Whyman in particular in the 1700's was a land surveyor, land agent for a few notable people, and also a school master in Aston.
I have recently acquired a couple of letters written by him to Sir Robert Wilmot, who owned some land around Weston, and he was dealing with the sale of the land for the building of the canal.
It does mention various tenants land and its worth so I was intrigued to see a photo of the canal taken from cow pastures bridge.
Any information you have about Aston would be most appreciated.

Janet Whyman
Coventry West Midlands

Thank-you so much for the picture of the Strutt Arms, it has brought back fond memories for me and my friends. We were in the area in May and got lost and found the Strutt Arms and just loved it there.
The people were great and the countryside was fabulous. They left a very good impression on us 1st time visitors. A definite repeat visit for us the next time we get across the ocean.
Thanks again for the picture we will cherish it.

Michele Gillespie
Mackenzie, British Columbia Canada

Love the Derby web site. Born and raised in Derby, left for the States in 1968. Have lived In Indiana USA-California USA and now for the past 13 years Oregon USA. I come home to Derby every winter and spring to spend time with family and old friends.

I like some of the new things that have happened in Derby, but I also think a lot of important old buildings have been destroyed. I feel sad when I visit because the street I lived on isn't their anymore, the school I went isn't their anymore. The parks mostly still look great. The Eagle Center is great and the Eagle Center Market.

Don't think they should change the bus station, it is an old art deco building and should be simply cleaned up and modified a bit. how can you replace such a grand old building. Even though it is a bit dowdy and definatly dirty, no reason to just destroy it.

I like the flowers around the town in the spring, don't see them in summer. But I think a lot of good improvements have been made around the town center. [lets not talk about the water feature] it's okay but what were they thinking ??

Friargate station memories :
I remember taking the train when I was a kid, my mom and dad and six brothers and sisters, we would go to Skegness or Mablethorpe on those day trips they used to run. don't know how old you are so have no idea if you remember the station being open.

There is a book by Susan Bourne, called "Memories of Frairgate Station " I love the book as it is full of pics and info and extremely interesting. tells about a family who lived at the station way back when. but I collect all books about Derby, have you heard of a book by Derek Palmer called "the demolition of Derby" facinating book, with tons of wonderful old pics. even my old school is in it, ABBEY ST GIRLS SCHOOL.

I have such fond memories of my childhood growing up in Derby, life was simple then, life was hard, but you didn't seem to mind as everybody was in the same boat. bet you don't remember the PIG BINS !!!! it was during wartime, I was only a wee baby then, but well up to about 1950 I believe we still had them, you had to take all your potato peelings and stuff like that and put in the bins. then they were taken I guess to the farms to feed the pigs.

I remember sitting on the river garden steps as a kid and eating my sweets from my portion of the sweet allowence from the ration book. also going shopping for my mom at a place I cannot remember the name where their had these things they put your money in and it went on a wire thing above the shop and then came whizzing back with your change. oh I think it was called "the home and colonial" they would whisper to you
"we have a few tins of salmon if you are interested" many fond memories, I was a poor kid, lived on talbot st, the side I lived is gone with different houses their now,. but we lived in a two up and two down house that was very old. toilet at the top of the garden, and no kitchen, just what we called the wash house, it had a gas cooker and sink with only cold water. we had to wash and cook out their and bring the food across the yard into the house.

Anyway enough ramblings, I could go on and on, I am always saying one day I will write a book. but one day seems never to come

keep up the good work.

Joyce Chilson [Adams]
Springfield, Oregon. USA

A great site which is giving me a lot of pleasure and ideas as I browse throught it.
I esp. like the pumphouse pictures because I am a member of the Friends of Cromford Canal

Your site has inspired me to do more work on my site.
Keep up the good work

Ivan Bell
Old Glossop Derbyshire (uk)

Just wanted you to know how your photos of Derby brought back many happy memories to me I was born in Derby and lived there for twenty years prior to immigrating to Canada.
It was great seeing a photo of the 'Blue Peter' as I lived in Alvaston and it is the landmark I most remember.
I recall there was a lovely rose garden in back of the pub.I don't suppose it's still there! As kids we were handed glasses of lemonade through the windows
Thanks for the great pictures.

Valerie Grzegorczyk

Just stumbled across your website. For many years I lived at the rear of the "Blue Peter" in Alvaston.
Valerie, I'm afraid the rose gardens (and the bandstand) are but a memory beneath the tarmac of an inevitable car park.

Peter Kazmierczak
Wimborne, Dorset, England (in reply to above e-mail)

• Guest book entries for July 2002

I have just spent a very enjoyable hour looking through your pages.
Very impressed especially with the panoramic views. It will make me take a renewed interest in my 'stitching' facilities.
Thanks very much, I'll be back.
I'm originally from Leicester but I joined the RN as a boy at Green Lane Derby.

Colin Grace
Hillmorton, RUGBY.

Hi there!!
Love the web site!! I moved to Derby from Wellington, New Zealand about 5 months ago and am enjoying Derby very much. My late Grandmother was born here in 1905 and it's nice to see what the city looked like when she lived here.

Keep up the great work.
Ian Tilley

Hi Andy,
I’m moving a short distance, from Macclesfield in Cheshire to the village of Dove Holes near Buxton, but although I live close by already, I wanted some images of the area that I could point my friends towards (your website) so they can see how nice it is on the fringe of the Peak District National Park. Now all I need is to get some of my favourite artists to appear at the Buxton Opera House and I’ll have cracked it!

I think it’s great that you take a real interest in the culture of your area and share it with other people – I too often hear negative comments about towns or cities from people who know nothing about the history of the place or have no intention of searching out their heritage, so it is good to see the Derby Photos website being visited frequently and appreciated by other users.

Keep up the good work!

Mark Bowers

Hi Andy,
Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos with us all. Your ability to capture the moment is brilliant.
Lovely photos, lovely places. Wish I was there!

A great resource for people seeking some wonderful visuals and information on Derby, Derbyshire and the Midlands.

Thank you!
Best Regards,
J Fabbri

British Columbia, Canada
TravelNet Network

A brilliant web site.
I emailed it to my niece in New Zealand who emigrated 30 odd years ago when she was a young girl, so she was thrilled to bits to receive the photos. Her parents and my parents also emigrated at the same time so your photos will bring back a lot of memories for them. One thing that really intrigued me on my two visits to New Zealand is that everyone I met who had emigrated still referred to England as "back home" and were eager for any information I could give them.

Janet Stills

Hi, looked at the photos on this web site they are very good also the help you gave me about pubs with fishing thanks keep nup the good work.

Mick Tyler
Ipswich suffolk

I must compliment you on your website, derbyphotos.co.uk
This has to be the best website for a single city and county in the U. K, I am impressed.
I will be launching my own local history site in the near future, this has taken five months of research and writing though there are still about a dozen or so photos to locate before the launch can take place, I have a domain name and webspace and will be linking to your site.

Keep up the good work

Best wishes,
Chris Harris (DCFG Web Master).

I really appreciated access to the map via the mapping site. And although I have never been, you have captured the essence of the culture and countryside in your photos.


• Guest book entries for June 2002

It is indeed a pleasure having the opportunity to see photographs from such a beautiful part of the world.
As I spent most of my childhood in Derbyshire around Hathersage, Bakewell, Castleton etc.
I feel at home on your site.
Keep it updated and I'll keep viewing.
Good Luck.

Glynis Sequeira
Sydney, Australia

I left Derby in 1977 and friends told me I wouldn't know the place anymore. How right they were.
I really appreciate the photos of the Brunswick Inn as I lived there in the late 50's. It hasn't changed much at all from the outside.
I would like to see some more photos of Ashbourne Road area as I worked at Burrows & Sturgess and also Kays (Derby) Ltd. I lived in Stepping Lane for a few years. Burrows & Sturgess was next to Ashgate School and Kays was on the corner of Slater Avenue and Ashbourne Rd. My mum and dad used to keep a grocery shop on Uttoxeter Old Rd. next to the Earl Grey pub after we left the Brunswick Inn.
What memories your photos bring back.
Keep up the good work.

Cathy Varma
Williams Lake

Hello Andy
Your website is absolutely brilliant, many memories have you have stirred!
I have been reading someones comments regarding the flower beds on Normanton Rec., I too have photographs of the teddy bears picnic and also of a crocodile! photographs of the Derby River Gardens (1963) how splendid it was then. (the lily pond was stunning)

Kind regards
Dianne Luckwell

This is a very cool site. I'm attempting to move to Derby sometime, and this is a great place to see what
the buildings and the scenery are like.
I really enjoy coming to your page.
Keep up the great work!

I love it over there! Each city is so different from one another.

Heidi Schrag

Andy, noticed your excellent site with some photos of the Wilne Church. Other photos around Derby/Long Eaton area were also great to see.
A top site - well done.

PS. The map link on your web page is terrific - now I know where everything is in relation to Derby etc.

Brent Walker
South Austrailia

• Guest book entries for April 2002

I found your website when I was looking for pictures of Derby to show someone how bad it looks.
I stumbled on your website and was very impressed by your pictures, you make Derby look really amazing.
The Derby Tourist Authority really should use your pictures for promotional pieces. I hope you can make a career from photography because you are much more talented than the photography student from Derby uni I lived with and he got a first.
So keep up the good work and good luck for the future.
Your pictures made me quite proud to live in Derby!

Kris Korg

A fantastic site, brought back a lot of memories. I left Derby in 1975 to join the Army. I returned for about 18 months in 1988. I've been in Australia since 1990.

I enjoyed the whole site but mainly the Darley Abbey part, it brought back memories of my childhood, sledging down the "Humpy Dumpty" hill at Darley Park and the Chester Green area where I used to live, New Chester Street which is, I last heard, a car park now. My parents are now living in the St Mary's Wharf road area.
Yes lots of good memories of Derby.
Thankyou for a wonderful site to show my daughter. Living in Australia the oldest building she's seen is about 80 years old. The pictures of the old Tudor building in the City centre and the rest of Victoria Street and the
Morledge for example has brought home to her just how old my home town is. And now she can understand when I carry on about the good old days.

It's amazing how much it's changed. Well done, an excellent site Once again thankyou.
Kevin, Lita and Kristie Lynch

New South Wales

Hi Andy great pictures of Glossop, any chance of seeing some more pics of Glossop, Hadfield and especially ruff fields in Hadfield...Im home sick and hopefully moving back to Derbyshire in July.
Your pics are the best I've seen yet on the net..

Thanx Andy

Bev Livesey
Hartlepool (but I'm from Glossop,Derbyshire)

Hi Andy,
As a Bitish ex-pat living in Redmond, Washington (we moved here in 1999) I found your web site very interesting. I came across it whilst looking for a good site with photographs to show friends here what Derbyshire is like.

I was born in 1962 and lived in Ripley until I went to Manchester University, got a Ph.D. in High Energy Phsyics and worked for a software company in Stockport for 10 years before moving here to work at Microsoft.
So, I was wondering if you had any plans to take some photographs of Ripley, or had any old photographs from there, or from Alfreton?

Your photographs of Cromford, Derby, and so on are very good, and I enjoyed the time-lapse pictures too.

Best regards from
Phil Ottewell

I am a 39 year old female and a friend of mine I met on the internet who lives in Derby showed me your website and I was awestruck by it.
You are a very creative individual and the photographs are beautiful to say the least!
I wanted to ask permission if i could get some of the high resolution ones thru maybe email so that I can decorate some of the rooms in my house with your photography. I am just absolutely awed by your beautiful country and your photos are just incredible and unique.
I would be proud to print and hang them on my walls for everyone to see.
I see you do not have a picture of any windmills, I would LOVE to see some of those. The ones we have here in the United states are quite different from yours. I will be visiting your website and look for new updated
things. Again, this is a simply incredible website!
Thank you so much for sharing part of your beautiful country with me :)


Great site Andy,

It is nice to return back to Derby once in a while even through photographs.
We are both from Derby, Teresa being born and raised in Melbourne, my self born in the Queen Mary maternitry home and being raised in Allestree until we married then lived in Melbourne.
Just seeing the changes that have occured since we left Derby in 1993 is a treat of what to expect when we return home to visit our families who still live in Melbourne and Allestree, this is just another way of keeping up to date with Derby without being there.

Keep up the good work

Andrew and Teresa Dawe

Andy, I really like the picture of The Old Bell Hotel at dusk (or dawn is it? Not all that sure =).
I stumbled upon your site after wanting to learn a bit more about the hotel and it's paranormal activities, but got sidetracked and am quite happy I did.
It's a wonderful site, and the photography is really well done. Keep it up! I love the pictures at dawn and dusk. Personally, I find those the most beautiful times of the day =)

Edward Jovan Quinlan
Your Commonwealth counterpart from

My website : HERE

Andy, What a great site,I have gathered alot of insite to my gandmothers family beginings from your site .
As I am from Australia it is so hard to imagine the type of country she came into the world in ...my grandmother was born at 137 green lane on the 14th of october 1905...her father was an artist and a musician [william durant bradnock]...and her mother Louisa[nee ball]formerly of 447 west Derby road , and artistic interior decorator for the well to do'....
now I have seen your website it has so much made me want to visit england and discover my roots.......

Thankyou Andy for such a wonderful site regards
Heather Pointer ,
Upper Caboolture

p.s found your site via google.com and just entered Green lane ,west derby and it came up
thanks again

• Guest book entries for March 2002

Andy, You deserve a knighthood for your site.

I love the photos and I look at them daily to remind me of home. I grew up in Chaddesden.

I especially liked the night scenes of downtown. They are really terrific and make Derby look great. I have lived here 22 years and I'm never been so homesick in my life, and its all down to you.

We were back at Christmas when you took some of the pictures, so it really brings back the good memories.
My mum lives in St. Michael's Lane and was telling us about the Bonny Prince Charlie battle.
She said it was noisy but it sure looked like everyone had fun.

Keep up the good work and I hope you're enjoying it.

ps my wife has a Canon G2 digital camera and she is very envious of your great photography.

The Clays
Eric, Susan and Lindsay

• Guest book entries for February 2002

Dear Andy, I was Born in Derby in 1956 Cavendish. Moved to Allestree in 1960. Age 4

Very good pictures of Derby which I have been looking for to remind me of home. I am currently living in the Caribbean with my wife. I was born in Derby in the mid 50's and moved to Allestree in 1960.
I am looking for pictures of Allestree and also the Cavendish area of Derby from 1950's to present day.
I remember trolley buses and all sorts of things but can't find any pictures of that era.
Have you got any. Especailly remember going into the old Boots shop and also the Midland Drapery with my mother. Good pictures those.

You can't imagine what it's like to look at local home pictures when your 4,000 miles away and have not been there for a few years. Thanks for the pictures of Allestree Park, and the village. I see the area around the old church has been changed too. If you ever go up to Vicarswood. There is a good view of Allestree from there.
Up in Quarndon there is an old Saxon church which has lost most of it's stone work to local building.
Also there is the old Well on the right as you go up the road towards the modern church (you already have a picture of that I think.)

In the 60's, Blenhiem Drive did not run all the way from Woodlands road up and round to Allestree Lane, but stopped by Woodlands school. That is my first memory of the area. No houses to the east of woodlands until down to where Portway is. There was a huge old Oak tree by the Woodlands School which was right in the centre of what is now the main road there.

Kedleston Hotel (Bath Farm). I used to play in it years ago. It was derelict and a great place to explore. Old Church near to Quarndon. (Now cleaned up) Used to be straight out of a horror film. Spooky /Haunted. Well up near to Quarndon Church. There is also what we think used to be an old coach road running through the centre of 'Big Wood' at the top of Woodlands Road. You have to know where to look to find the stone walled part hidden deep in the woods. Allestree village ( Alereds tree) as there is a tree in the old village churchyard named after the man. Apparently where Allestree got its name. Derbyshire was Deobyscir* ( Deer Park).*Not sure of actual spelling.* And down at the Duffield Road junction by a restaurant near to Allestree Village is the place where the trolley buses used to turn around. (Before you cross over into Darley Abbey Village.)

Anyway I will try to dig out some of my own pictures and send them.
We still call Blenheim Parade Shops the 'New Shops'. Not very new now though.!!

I found the map quite interesting as I was able to look at where my parents are now. Most people would not find the actual streets of much interest although they do change over time. For example Crabtree Close did not go right across into the fields until the late 70's as we all used to sledge down that field. I really wish I had photo's taken before they built on that field. It overlooks Kedleston road junction where it splits off up to Quarndon. It used to be a cow field and full of wild flowers in the summer where we all went for picnics
across from our house. Fat chance now. The old field 5 bar gate is actually in someones garden now at the top end by Allestree Woodlands school field. Viscount Scarsdale planted poplar trees across the top to prevent the isore of Woodlands from the hall but now the houses are infront and most of the poplars were chopped down by the occupants.
The problem is that one never knows what will be changed until it's too late.

Martin Collard
Five Rivers

Hi Andy What a great site,
I have just found out this week that my husband's grandparents were born in Derby one in Rosliston and one in Shardlow in about 1836? so I got on a search engine and got your site. I shall have a good look around and come the summer we will have a trip to find these places.
Just had a look around your site and the photo's are very good and the site is very easy to go around.

Gillian Beck

Hi Andy,
It was great to get this site from my friend (whom I went to school with) in Alvaston Derby.
I was born in Derby too many years ago..but do still love to keep up with where I came from.
I have been in Australia since 1965 when my family emigrated to Australia. I do not regret this move as we are all doing ok here and have called Australia home.
But as I said I still love to hear about Derby.

The only thing I do not have is a map of Derby and the surrounding areas. In particular Allenton where I went to school till I was 15 (Allenton Junior and then Allenton Senior.
I would love to show my son there the street was in which I lived and where the scool was and various friends are now.
Is there any way you could insert a map of Derby town centre and the surrounding suburbs?? Try HERE
I did have one but lost in moves I suspect (I got it when I came back for a holiday in 1985)
Hope to keep up with your sites in the future.

What a great link to the ole' country.
Keep up the good work.

Jan Ashley (nee Marvill)


Hi Andy,
I have just been enjoying the photos on your Repton website. I lived in the thatched house (the one on the right) from 1943 until 1958. Then we moved to another house you show and that is opposite the cross. The house was called The Cross.
My father taught at Repton for many years and I know the place so well.
Your photos are excellent and they have really taken me on a wonderful journey back in time.
You also show the interior of St. Wystans church where I was married in 1964.
We used to walk for miles around the area and were particularly fascinated by the Hermits Cave near Foremarke and the gypsies in their colourful caravans. They used to hang out near Crewe's Pond at the end of the High Street/Main Street in Repton.
I wonder if they are ever seen there anymore?

Thanks again for the website - I LOVE it.

Louise Moos
Short Hills,
New Jersey

• Guest book entries for January 2002

I read all the comments BEFORE looking at the photos. and wondered what all the hoopla was about.
Then I saw the photos. Wonderful.

I grew up in Littleover. I was intrigued by the Friargate area because I attended Diocesan School for Boys on the corner of Vernon Street and Friargate from 1950-53.
Two of my sons went to Friargate House School.

Later I became the chairman of Friargate Bridge Action Committee that fought successfully to save the bridge from demolition. I still have a file with all the articles published by the Telegraph.

I now live in Arizona and have been back to the city almost yearly until two years ago.
I can appreciate the newer digital cameras as I bought an expensive one and have photos. of a beautiful sunset looking across the lake from my home and also a view looking up the mountain at our log home in Prescott, Arizona.

You have possibly inspired me to start a website when I retire.
Best wishes

Geoff Alcock

Hi Andy

Congratulations on a first class Derbyshire site.
I am interested in your photos of early Derby. I attended Derby School late l930's. still have School prospectus,photo of Annual Speech Day December l938 taken from Derbyshire Advertiser - school evacuated during war time - I have never been able to find out what happened to it as I left with my family to live in Scotland.
The School was established about l554 - and I lived in Shelton Lock.
I know the school was located corner of King St. and ? I used to take a trolleybus! The very old building - ? Tudor - classroom had large fireplace with access to secret passage (so rumour said) Small Chapel - adj. to
play area also a Fives Court. I would estimate about quarter of mile from the Cathedral.

With best wishes from Raymond Beardsley


Brilliant brilliant brilliant site Andy !

I found it via the Google search engine, one of my International student friends had returned to France and needed some photos of Derby for a presentation he was doing. So I typed in "photos of ashbourne road", and your site came up. Now I point out your site to anyone who wants to see what Derby looks like as it is so comprehensive and impressive.

I hope you have more time to create some new "before and after" photos ?
Maybe some of Baseball Ground while it is being demolished (if it hasnt been already?)
Or some of the Uni now that it has so many new buildings it would make a good contrast photo.

Andy Barsby

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