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An amazing site.
The photographs are so clear and very inventive. I especially like the panoramic views.
I will be back in Derby for Christmas 2001 and am looking forward to seeing some of these places again.
Glad to see pictures from Holbrook & Belper as my in laws live there and that is who I will be visiting.
Have you ever thought of taking picture in Hemmington & Lockington (near Castle Donnington) there are (or were) some great old homes in those two villages?
You can tell this site is a labour of love Andy, keep up the great work!

Have you ever thought of doing a book??

Lynda Seal


Really enjoying looking at your photos.

I'm Derby born and bred in Normanton so obviously enjoyed "the Rec" [Normanton park] photos. One suggestion, in the 60's the park used to have a display bed by the entrance on
[is it?] Warwick Avenue. Every year they had a different theme and my gran and grandad used to walk down from Sherwood Street, as was, since demolished, to collect us kids on Dale Road (2 doors away from the Temple) to go and see the display.

Do you think there is any chance someone will have photo's of some of the theme beds? I remember the nursery rhymes mainly, but was too young to photograph them. My earliest remembrance of "Government Cuts" was when they stopped doing the displays every year - they really were something [as I remember] - I was
only little then.

Also any suggestions where I might get hold of a photo of Sherwood Street before they demolished it.
No doubt I'll be back.

Christine Wicks

I have looked through your site and think that it is really good.
It is a shame that others do not follow your example and do a portfolio on their area.
I was really interested in the ghosts tours but am unable to go.

If you would I would appreciate any information on the ghosts in your area.
I will understand if you are unable to do this but would appreciate an email to let me know.

Keep up the good work - this site will be added to my fav's!!

Mrs Bates

Thanks Andy,

I have been in Australia for just over 4 years and it is great to see the old, new and slightly modified sights!!
I never thought of Derby as having beautiful aspects but seeing it through your photos and the eyes of my Australian wife it doesn't seem the same place in which I grew up.
Definately a "Favourites" site. My favourite photos - I would say the night section.

Thanks for a great site

Jim & Leanne Kearney


What a great website! I was born in 1957, lived in Littleover, went to College Primary School on Uttoxteter New Road and then Bemrose Grammar School. My house was on St. Albans Road and it backed onto Rykneld Rec....I remember sledging down that steep hill in the winter too!
Moved to Los Angeles in 1981.
Keep up the good work!

David Asher
Los Angeles

Hi Andy,
What a great website, I feel as I've no need to look anywhere else well maybe the auction sites.
I was thinking of putting on a website with photos of Derby but now no need but when I get a round to it, can I put on a link to your page?

I'm in Derby and have a great interest in Derby old and new.

I found your page when browsing the Evening Telegraph site not sure which section tho'.

Thank you for a wonderful experience on your website, I'm now going back to look again.

Bye from Mike, Derby.

Dear Andy,

I spent the past half hour looking at the new photos. You know what I find most incredible? The fact that I can see photos that were taken TODAY!!! For instance, the fruit and veg I am looking at in the photo of E. Corden in the Market Hall are the ACTUAL FRUIT AND VEGETABLES that are offered for sale RIGHT THIS SECOND!!! Unless of course, someone bought them and they ended up in someone's dinner in Derby tonight...

I mention that photo too because it's absolutely scrumptious, the composition, the colour and the atmosphere combine to make it a knockout. If I could bear to take the old Littleover house in The Hollow off my desktop, I'd be replacing it with Mr. Corden's stall. I also love the Terrazza Cafe for the same reason, just a lovely shot.

Derby jail: I read somewhere that there was a television programme on Derby ghosts early last year on American television, but unfortunately I missed it. We get all the major American networks here on cable tv. Hopefully, it will be repeated sometime, because it sounds fascinating. I thought it was intriguing that people actually go and have little parties in the old gaol cells, but on the other hand, if I were invited, I'd probably give it a try myself!

Thanks once again.


found your site after doing a search for Bemrose School, which I attended in the early 60's, when it was all boys and Dr Chapman ruled the corridors!
Great pictures - I go back to the site regularly just to see what's new.

Does anyone else miss having the buses in the Market Place? I lived in Alvaston and left Derby in 1970 and went north to Manchester - another great City, then moved to California in 1991.

If anyone knows any ex-Bemrosians from 60 - 66, ask them to email me at dana_point@hotmail.com
The only suggestion I have for your picture library is to add some more on the areas where we all used
to live. Like Alvaston, Littleover, Spondon etc.....much of those areas haven't changed (except for the main roads and the speed cameras!!!!)

Thanks again for a great site.

David Wood

Dana Point

Dear Andy

I first of all want to say how delighted I was to find your site and to spend hours looking at the wonderful photos. I was particularly enthralled by the Panoramic shots, especially the one in the Market Place. AWESOME!!!

I have never been to Derby, but when I go to that shot, I feel like I am standing right there.
I love the fact that you have them in such good resolution so you can read the signs and everything. It's an absolute treat! Thank you for that!

And the the night-time photos downtown. My gosh they took my breath away. Absolutely exquisite!

So let me say thank you again, you are most generous to share your talent with the world and allow us to experience the next best thing to being there. I will visit your site often and check for new additions.

Take care Andy.

Cynthia Taylor-Luce

Ah Andy you are a legend , I can't explain how happy its made me and yet very sad, I was back at Christmas and I didn't want to leave.
Mate this site is now my home page, it rocks thank you sooooooooooo much.


G'day Andy
I had a good old look through your site and really enjoyed it - it's got a great amount of information, you can easily spend hours on there..very interesting indeed!
I really loved the photos etc. If I were visiting over that way I'd certainly be a happy person to find your site and have a look through.

Good Luck with it - I'm sure you'll do well!!


Hello Andy,
Don't ask me how I found your photos on line, I just went from one link to another.
I have been living here in the USA since 1993 and have not visited my home town since 94 so your photos have really helped me to relive old memories and to understand what is happening now.
Some things never change but many things do. Over the last 20 years Derby has become an exciting place and should be a more popular place for tourism.
I intend to show your photos to my friends over here, and also tell them stories because I have connections to most of the places you have photographed.

Stephen J Brown

Hello Andy,
You know, Derby is a very interesting place and ever changing. When I lived there I suppose I took it for granted. I think that the city of Derby is lucky to have people like you who take the time to showcase its'
The greatest asset is the people who live there. I don't know how well you know Richard Felix but I have known him for about 30 years. I first got to know him when I used to buy records from the family stall in the market hall in about 1970. I think he is around my age. I joined the army in 1972 and have spent a lot of time since then away from home.
Richard has done so much make people aware of the rich history of the city and over the years I have followed his progress. What you are doing fits perfectly with what Richard is trying to achieve.
I am sure that there are many photographs you have yet to take, and many memories for me to relive.
I will keep checking back with you.
Keep up the great work.


Dear Andy,

I have just viewed your site, and must further compliment you on the content and quality of text, layout and above all Photographic images found on your site.

I also found your web site to be very interesting and informative. I have sent a link to our friends in Orchard Beach, Maine, USA, who are planning their second visit to Derby In January 2002.
My West End - was the best end site needs a bit of a revamp in certain areas when I have time to do this, I will also gladly add a link to your website.

Yours sincerely,
Tony Rudak.

I've had a preliminary look at your site and am most impressed with both the presentation and the content. The background drawing of Derby Cathedral is very effective.
I would be interested to know which authoring program you use - or are you a whiz with html?

The views from the Cathedral are particularly impressive.
I will look further at the site.

Best wishes,
Bill Grange

Hi Andy,

I enjoyed your website with the photographs of Derby.

I was born in Derby in 1935 so my Derby is the one of war years,the 40s and 50s, grammar schools and Derby Tech. The Derwent Hotel, the Cheshire Cheese, the Nottingham Castle and the Plaza. Also frequented the Bell and Jimmies and the Severn Stars with the rowing and cycling clubs. The Severn Stars was home brewed in
those days - so was the Nottinham Castle.

I lived in the Ashbourne Road/Uttoxeter Old Road area so knew Friargate well - locospotting at Friargate station and at the Midland.

I met my wife in the Derwent Hotel on her 18th birthday. We had our wedding reception at the Friary Hotel.

A lot of what I knew has gone - the West End, Siddals Road area and many shops - Midland Drapery, Ranbys, Ratcliffe's toy shop, the Central Educational book store.

Keep up the good work.

Best wishes
Pete Ruddle

Your site is great.
I was born in Derby in 1935 and now live in Iowa but Derby is my main interest. I grew up near the Blue Pool but never knew why it was so named!

Congratulations on a great job!

I found your site by putting 'Derby School Photos' in the advanced google search engine.
Have sent your URL to several friends Have also requested permission to post details of your site on the DERBYSGEN genealogy board which would give exposure to the type of people who would be really interested in your fantastic pictures. They try to avoid anything that is not directly connected to genealogy but I hope the people who run it agree to my proposal. My wife grew up in Wilmorton and she liked those pictures.
Still have a list of people to send it to.

Again, it is a great site!

Ken Tipping
Iowa, USA

I have visited your brill site again and had absolutely no problem with viewing the photos.
I think your site should be advertised more as it is an excellent record of life in Derby.


Hi Andy,

I personally think that it deserves recognition for the excellent Photography/research that have gone into it's making.
I left the west end back in 1972/73 when the area came under a compulsary demolition order.


Dear Andy,
Many thanks for putting a link to the Derby Canal on your web site. I will be pleased to do the same for you, and will do so within the next few days.
Your site is very clear, easy to open and informative.
If you come across any 'old' photos of the Derby Canal during it's working years, please let me know.

Best regards,

Mike Kelley
Derby & Sandiacre Canal Society


I like your website! Not seen that format before where the main theme is photographs of an area. And very comprehensive coverage too. Your site will be a good complement to my Belper site as far as the Belper photos are concerned.
I like the thought that people worldwide can see and experience an area.
Gives me a buzz when I get an email from around the world. Even weirder when I myself am 3,500 miles away from the place on my website!

Good luck with the website. Keep it up!


Hi, Andy!

Smashing photos - I have't been back to Derby for years.
Lived in Derby all my schooldays - Becket Junior (Gerard Street) then Parkfield Cedars (1952-1959)
Perhaps, one of these days when we venture south, I might drive around and see how the place has changed!

Barbar Hirchon

Hello Andy

Thanks for telling us about your excellent web site - we are putting a link to it from ours, and would appreciate a reciprocal link.
You are clearly way beyondour technical capabilities!

Sheila Cooke - researcher
Shardlow Heritage Centre.

I just took a short peek at your web site and find it quite impressive, well done!
I fully support any web site that promotes Derby. I will paste a link to your site as soon as I can.
I will also e-mail the link to my overseas friends.

Chris Harris
Derby Childrens Friendship Group

Hi Andy.

You must be proud of what you have achieved I hope you will carry on taking photographs of Derby and Derbyshire.

Best Wishes
John Beres.

Hello Andy
I was just looking at your web site and the photos of Belper.

My mother was born in Belper and when she and my dad went back to UK for a visit she tried to take a photo of King Street and Marsh Lane to show us kids where she was from. She took the photograph looking slightly across the street- no where near as effective as yours- and also a car travelled by just as she took it!!!
I really like your King St shot.

Great site working exactly the way you intended!, I do love photos!

Julie Workman
New Zealand

Hi Andy

Loved your pictures of Derby
My ancestors the Spendlove's come from Derby and at some time lived in the Friar Gate area I would like to download the pictures of this area if you will give your permission.

Bob & Gwenda.S

Imagine the lost history that might be discovered through individual recants of life in Derby. I must say that the history you've added is the cream.

You've built many things in creating this site. It's entertaining, informative, interesting, but most of all it's a place for people to come home again. When you've been gone for a long time, and discover your pictures of Derby and parts near, it has a colossal impact... Believe me, I bet there are people discovering your site that will 'come home' through it over and over again.
Next best thing to being there.


The picture of Markeaton brook and the old mills is a work of art!
Your photos are bringing back all kinds of good memories... I remember going to see Bill Haley and the Comets at The Talk of the Midlands with a friend from Mackworth who now lives in Tulsa Oklahoma. We had to sneak our beer in under our coatsbecause we couldn't afford to buy a drink in the club.
It was murder trying to pop the cans under the table.

Anyway I just wanted to let you know that your photo is worth framing... Beautiful work. This is becoming more like an online art gallery than just another picture site.

Great info about The Arboretum. I never knew it was England's first public park.
I had some photo's taken there late one night for a poster for a band I was playing in. The Friar Gate section is a wonderful idea. I would never have thought about including it, but it's full of history.

When I was very small, and lived on Uttoxeter New Road (now pulled down) my mother would walk me down Old Uttoxeter Road to Friar Gate where I'd have to get an injection or some other equally traumatic medical treatment from old Dr. Burns. As a reward I'd get to go through a door in the wall of the bridge over the train tracks on Old Uttoxeter Road on the way home. I'm not that old yet, but can remember the steam trains
shunting about. What I wouldn't give to have taken some pictures of that. It's amazing how valuable a simple picture can eventually become over time.
What a wonderful place Derby is!!!


My sister called me this week while she was online at your site. Her comments included "...makes me want to cry... I have to go home to visit soon... I really miss Derby.."

The pictures are outstanding! This is the next best thing to being there. I'm blasting emails to everyone I know (irrespective of whether they've ever been to Derbyshire or not).. You may hear from some of them.
I have two sisters over here.

Absolutely Bloody Fantastic.... Thanks


Greetings Andy...

I just saw the photo of Strutts pub on the corner of London road. I used to live just past there , almost right across from the statue of Florence Nightingale. It was a wonderful place to live (at least back then). Often, in the morning, I would get up and walk up to a small shop close to Strutts to buy a bottle of milk. Between my flat and the shop was a retirement home, and on the way back I'd sit and talk to a couple of the residents under those wonderful old trees. BTW, I sent your url to my wifes mother in Portland last week, and she replied that Derby is now on her list of places to visit.
Your site does much more than just stir up old memories for people who used to live there. It's an excellent portrayal of what really is an amazing place with lots of history, and a deep culture.

Sincere gratude for all the work you've put in to the site.


Andy, your photos are absolutely fabulous.. Better each time I visit. My only complaint is that my girlfriend now insists on going to Derby/Derbyshire as a result of viewing the pics... It'll cost a fortune :-)


Again many thanks for the magnificent photos. I've sent emails out to friends, and family. My sister called me after looking at the site, and said to tell you "That is really really really good stuff", and then proceeded to ramble on and on for almost an hour about Derby.
It's amazing how powerful an image can be.

Hi Andy
Brilliant site! I will return to it often.


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