The Broadband Enhanced gateway
This section of the site is designed exclusively for people with broadband Internet connection
speeds of 256Kbs and higher. The presentations REQUIRE broadband to work correctly.

To enter the Broadband Enhanced section of this site you must meet certain hardware criteria as detailed below. Please ensure that you meet the requirements before entering.

Please do not enter the enhanced section if you don't have broadband internet.
Everything in this section has been optimised for broadband users, not dial-up users.

The three basic requirements are :

1) A Broadband Internet connection speed of 256Kbps or higher.
e.g. 256Kbps/300Kbps/512KBps/600Kbps/750Kbps/1Mbps/2Mbps/T1+
* see note 1 below

2) A reasonable specification of computer, 1.6GHz processor or better, 256Mb ram, 64Mb 3D video card, Direct-X, upto date drivers.
* see note 2 below

3) A current screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher.
* see note 3 below

Note 1 - If you have a broadband internet connection of 150Kbps then you may enter the Broadband Enhanced section but please bear in mind that you will have to wait a bit longer for things to load. 56K Dial-up modem connections are not suitable for viewing the enhanced section, if you enter the section using only a dial-up connection expect appalling results. I have designed windows to auto-close after a few mins so it is unlikely that you will be able to view anything as they will close before its had time to load.

Note 2 - It is highly likely that your computer will be of a reasonable specification but if the processor is slower than 1.6GHz the this will cause poor performance from the enhanced presentations, most common result will be slow scrolling/flashing of the 360 photos. Garbled or intermittent sound on music samples, flash movies playing slow. If you have a very slow PC then you are not really getting the best out of your broadband connection.
Please do not run any other applications when viewing the broadband section as this will also take up valuable processor time.

Note 3 - If you want to get the "absolute best results" then please use a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and a browser which supports full-screen mode (known as Kiosk mode) such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox v0.9.1, Opera v7.5.3. Microsoft Internet Explorer is the only one which supports full control Kiosk mode without having to press F11 but don't worry if you prefer to use an alternative browser.

If you prefer to use other browsers then you will need to use a higher screen resolution to allow for the wasted space taken up by browser controls/icons/ menus and scrollbars, such as 1280 x 960.

Click either YES or NO below depending on your answer to the criteria above.

Once you click above, you will be presented with one of many
random intro screens (some with music), these may be skipped if you wish.

If you are not sure what Broadband Internet is, click HERE.
If you are not sure about your connection speed click HERE and click the start button to test it.
If you are not sure about your screen resolution click HERE.

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