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Andy's Derby Photo Quiz
So you think you know Derby?, Here is your chance to prove it.
A massive photographic based quiz to test your observational skills.

This quiz was created by Andy Savage, All of the photographs were taken by myself from my collection of thousands of images. I have created a very wide variety of questions some of which are very easy to answer, some will only be worked out by the very observant amongst you.
Sorry there is NO PRIZE. Most of the answers can be found on my Derby website, but before you go off and start looking, try and answer them without doing that.

All of the questions relate to places in the City of Derby, Derbyshire, U.K.
Write down your answers to each of the questions for each image and then click on the Answer button and see if you were correct.
If you are struggling to answer a question then click on the Clue button to get some help.

You do not need to close Answer/Clue windows as they will auto hide after 20 seconds, also any new Answer/Clue windows that show will take the same window if its not vanished yet. So leave any popup windows as they are unless you really want to close them yourself.

Some Answer windows have links to website on them, these will always open in a new window so you won't loose your place in the Quiz.

At the bottom of every set of five questions you will find the navigation links to get to the next/previous set of five questions.

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I will expand the amount of questions in this quiz over time so it gets even bigger.
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I'm sure you will enjoy this quiz so much that you will want to complete all the questions but this may take you quite a while to do.
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