Photographs of Uttoxeter New Road Cemetery, Derby
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Uttoxeter New Road Cemetery. This is located in Derby.


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The Old Cemetery, Uttoxeter New Road, Derby (Grade II listed)
The Old or 'General Cemetery' was opened in March 1843, It is situated on the south side of Uttoxeter New Road 1.5km west-south-west of Derby city centre.
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This cemetery is one of the Earliest cemeteries in England, the oldest being Bunhill Fields in London. (Bunhill Fields was open as a Nonconformist Burial Ground in 1685, Buildings of England (Pevsner) London Vol 2 p115).

The Mortuary Chapel was demolished in the late 1940's because the cemetery was full and the chapel became redundant. The area where the chapel stood is now used for car parking for visitors to the cemetery. There are three thousand graves in this four and a half acre site, a lot of the stones are obscured by Ivy so difficult to read, let alone photograph.

This is the first time that I have had a good look around this graveyard, there are so many graves it would be very difficult for me to photograph all of them, so I have taken pictures of the ones which caught my eye. Over time I may revisit this graveyard and add additional graves to my collection of photographs. Out of respect I have not featured graves of those who have died in the last 30 years.

It appears that this graveyard has been severely vandalised in recent years as there were numerous stones and monuments that had been pushed over and smashed. I am surprised that someone has not repaired the damage as the site looks in a terrible mess! It must be unpleasant for those relatives wishing to pay their respects seeing it in this state.

If you are looking for someone who you think is buried in Uttoxeter New Road Cemetery then The Derbyshire Family History Society can perform a detailed search for you for a small fee, If you would like them to perform this for you then please visit their search page by clicking HERE. When contacting them mention that you have read about their search service on the site

Below is a list of the names featured on the grave stones that I have photographed.

DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-01 - View looking through the gravestones
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-02 - The Cemetery Lodge (built 1842, Mr J Hadfield, listed grade II), formerly the sexton’s cottage.
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-03 - View looking through the gravestones
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-04 - View looking through the gravestones
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-05 - Monument to Rev John Gregory Deodatus Pike (1784-1854), Father of the Baptist movement in Derby.
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-06 - Close view of the writing on the Gregory Pike monument.
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-07 - Thomas Joseph Washington Pike, Mary Anne, Sarah Kirk Pike
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-08 - George William Frost
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-09 - Susannah Boam, James Boam, Reginald Philip Warde, John Charles Warde, Louisa Warde
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-10 - Henry Cocker, Eli Cocker, Maria Cocker
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-11 - George Henry Garraway (storekeeper at Derby Prison)
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-12 - Joseph Titterton, William Titterton, Mary Ann Titterton, George Titterton
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-13 - George Henry, Charles Herbert Myers, Eliza Jane Myers, Geroge Wright Myers
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-14 - Elizabeth Ault, William Ault
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-15 - Mary Shields, Edward Shields
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-16 - Thomas Frederick Deacon, Elizabeth Deacon, Caroline Broxhome, John Broxholme, Ellen Broxholme
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-17 - John Porter, Harriett Porter, Mary Elizabeth Porter
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-18 - Mary Amelia Bates, Thomas Bates, Mary Bates, Sarah W????N
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-19 - John Claude son of John T and Luisa Haverfield, Clarence Haverfield (next stone below joined to this one)
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-20 - John Wright Baker, Mary Ann, Frances Mary, Helen Wilson
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-21 - Frederick Baker, Sarah Baker, William Baker
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-22 - Joseph Albert Watson, Mary Ann Barfield
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-23 - Annie Farnsworth, William Heny, William Farnsworth, Sarah Ann Farnsworth, Charles Farnsworth.
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-24 - William Foster, Anne Foster
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-25 - Thomas Jackson, Mary Ann Jackson
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-26 - Ann Jackson, John Jackson, Elizebeth Mary Jackson,
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-27 - William Dodd died May 16th 1894
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-28 - David Buckler, Sarah Ann Buckler, William Buckler, Mary Ann Buckler, William Buckler
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-29 - Mary Ann Buckler, Charles Buckler
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-30 - John Storer, Millicent Storer
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-31 - Mary Burton, John Burton
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-32 - Hannah Fletcher, William Fletcher, A.W. Basford
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-33 - Herbert John Mainprize, John George Mainprize, Hannah Mainprize
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-34 - William Rowe, Sarah Rowe
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-35 - John Henley, Ana Stas?, Mary Anne Whishaw of st Petersburg
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-36 - John Henley, Ana Stas?, Mary Anne Whishaw of st Petersburg
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-37 - Vartha Smith died October 14 1853
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-38 - Lettice Fewkes Goodrich wife of Rev R Robinson, primitive methodist minister.
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-39 - Lettice Fewkes Goodrich wife of Rev R Robinson, primitive methodist minister.
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-40 - Robert and Sarah Pegg magistrate of the Borough (grade II listed)
DP-040305UTOXRDCEM-41 - Thomas Robert Skevington, Thomas Felica Skevington, Maria Skevington, John Skevington (grade II listed)

If I have not listed a grave you are looking for then please contact the DFHS as detailed above.










































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