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Requirements to view these presentations.
Please note that I have designed these pages with broadband in mind so please do not attempt to view any presentations
using a normal 56K modem as viewing windows will time-out & close before it has finished loading.
Minimum (i.e.You MUST have)
Recommended (i.e. to get the best results)
Internet Broadband connection speed : 150K
Screen Resolution : 1024 x 768 16bit colour
PC Spec : Pentium II 800MHz
Browser Spec : Java runtime installed
Internet Broadband connection speed : 512K+
Browser : Microsoft Internet Explorer V6
Screen Resolution : 1024 x 768 24/32bit colour
PC Spec : Pentium IV 2GHz
Browser Spec : Java runtime installed

If all you get is a blank screen with a red cross in the corner then you don't have Java installed. If you have this problem simply download and install the free java runtime program from HERE
Test area
Below you should be able to see TWO small photos which look the same as each other. The one on the RIGHT is a 360 degree view and has been displayed using a 'Java Applet', if you can see it try dragging the viewpoint using the mouse. If this works then your computer is ready for viewing the large full screen versions. Click one of the area selection links below to continue.
Note : All of the full-screen version viewers can be closed by clicking on the...Keep a look out for this button on the main viewer screens.
The small photo here should also be seen to the right of this, The other one can be dragged with the mouse to change the view.
Traditional photo, Fixed view.
This small photo should also be seen on the right....>>

If you can see the above photo, try dragging the viewpoint
with the mouse to look around.

Please select which area you would like to view 360's in.
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The areas featured
A selection of 360's which I made in the City of Derby.
Christmas lights viewed from the water feature,Darley park, Derby Cathedral
central isle, Markeaton Park, Derby Market place, Vernon Gate, Allestree park
A selection of 360's which I made in various locations in Derbyshire.
Aston on Trent, Elvaston Castle, Chatsworth, Milford, Matlock, Wingfield manor,
Dovedale, Etwall, Kedleston Hall gardens, Melbourne Hall gardens, Alport Heights, Belper Market Place, Repton School courtyard, Sandiacre lock, Trent
Lock, Wingfield Manor

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