Derby and Derbyshire Photograph Wallpapers.
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This page features a selection of my images which you can use as a decorative wallpaper for your PC or MAC.

All images © Andy Savage & ©
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Please wait until all the thumbnail photos have loaded before you click on one.

If you are not sure what a Desktop Wallpaper is then please read the information on my page HERE which explains what a Desktop Wallpaper is.

To select an image for a wallpaper just click on a thumbnail below and follow the very simple instrutions which show onscreen. It only takes 3 clicks to select a image as a wallpaper!
Note all wallpapers are 1024 x 768 pixels. If you use a higher resolution that this, you will need to select the Stretch option from the drop-down menu where it says Picture Display.
If you want extra details on how to set the wallpaper for browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer then please scroll down the page.
Terms and conditions of use
I have provided these high resolution images for free.
They may be used as a desktop wallpaper on any PC/Mac only. The images are protected by copyright and must not be used for any purpose other than a desktop wallpaper. They must not be sold on or reproduced in any form.
If you would like to buy the original unmarked full resolution images then please get in touch.

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Wallpapers of Derby and Derbyshire scenes

Chester Green at Spring 2005

Sunset at Repton Cross

The field at Tansley Car Boot

Alvaston Lake in Winter.

Shardlow Lock at dusk

Derbys Silkmill at sunrise

The Cavendish, Derby

Darley Abbey Weir Spring 2005

Derby River gardens Black/white

Goats at White Post Farm

Swans on Alvston lake B/W

Darley Park Concert Fireworks

Findern Canal Bridge

Council House fountain

Market place corner

Fountain in the Morledge

Iron Gate and Cathedral view

Derby Rowing club on the Derwent

St Johns Terrace view

Derby Water feature - Iron gate

Derby Water feature - Corn market

How to select your desktop wallpaper in other Browsers.

To select one of the photos as your wallpaper follow these very simple steps.

1) Click on a thumbnail above and wait until the full image has fully loaded.
2) Using your mouse, press the RIGHT button and when the menu pops up select the option
which reads Set As Background. As you can see in this example by clicking here.
3) Click on the photo with the normal left button to close the viewer window.
4) If you minimise all windows you should now see your selected wallpaper in all its glory !.
5) If you are not happy with the selection then choose another one in the same way. If at any time you would prefer to change back to your original background then simply right click anywhere on the desktop
and select Properties. Click the Background tab and this will show Internet Explorer Wallpaper as the current choice. Simply select an alternate image from the list or None.

Firefox v1.0.1 Select
Set As Wallpaper…
Dialogue box shows a small version of your monitor and how it will look. You can alter the position from centre to Stretch if your resolution is higher.
Then click the Set Wallpaper button.

Shows as 'Firefox wallpaper' in the Background area of the Desktop tab of Display Properties.

Netscape v7.2

Set As Wallpaper…
Dialogue box asking Do you want to set this image as your desktop wallpaper?
Click on Set Wallpaper.

Shows as 'Netscape 7.2 Wallpaper' in the Background area of the Desktop tab of Display Properties.

Opera 7.54u1
Select Use Image as then move across and select Desktop background.

Shows as 'derbyphotos_name of image' in the Background area of the Desktop tab of Display Properties.

System 8.0 and later
From the browser menu, select File and then Save As..., select a location on your Macintosh to save the picture (for example, on your Macintosh HD disk, or in a folder thereon)
Click on the Apple Menu in the upper left hand corner of your desktop, select Control Panel and then Desktop Pictures
In the dialog box that pops up, click on the Picture button (as opposed to the Pattern button
Click on Select Picture and select the picture you saved earlier
Click Set Desktop

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