Old Derby & Derbyshire Photographs by Neil Johnson
This page features old pictures that were supplied by
former Derby resident Neil Johnson.
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All of the images on this page have been scanned in from old slides supplied to me by Neil Johnson.
I would like to thank him for supplying them to me so we can all share the old memories.

If you have some old photographs of Derby or the suburbs and would be willing to let me borrow them to scan in and put on this web site then let me know. They must be YOUR photographs and NOT copies from books or copyrighted productions.

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Photo descriptions provided by Neil :

DP-OLDNJC041 Spondon Celanese diesel shunting loco on crossing in early 80’s.
DP-OLDNJC042 Another view of Spondon, with shunting taking place. This was once a very common sight at Spondon. Diesel locos had replaced the well-loved steam tank loco’s – named George – Victory and Henry.
DP-OLDNJC043 Derby designed and built APT (Advanced Passenger Train) killed by the media and politicians, this revolutionary train is pictured on trial on the West Coast Main line in Cumbria.
DP-OLDNJC044 Darley Abbey weir –1970’s
DP-OLDNJC045 Swarkestone bridge with high water present on the Trent – late 1970’s
DP-OLDNJC046 Late 1970’s – this already ancient lorry is pictured delivering building sand and gravel to a house in St Johns Drive, Cherry Tree Hill, East Chaddesden.
The uknown owner kindly agreed to pose alongside his vehicle. Both lorry & driver I believe came from Borrowash/Draycott area.
DP-OLDNJC047 Mid 1970’s military display on Tennant Street, at the rear of Derby Market place.
DP-OLDNJC048 This early 1970’s shot shows the old kiln at West Hallam before conversion into a café and a rather nice building. A splendid secondary use and worthy preservation,
using imagination.
DP-OLDNJC049 View beside St Alkmunds way, Derby
DP-OLDNJC050 St Helen’s House, Derby bathed in sunlight. A truly lovely building – 1980’s
DP-OLDNJC051 The A52 during reconstruction - this Chaddesden view is looking towards the then town – now city.
DP-OLDNJC052 a large crane pictured near Raynesway Bridge, as the new A52 takes shape some decades ago.
DP-OLDNJC053 The shell of the once well-known, Derby ice factory at the end if Siddals road. Returning to Derby early one Sunday morning and walking to the bus station, this was the
sight that greeted me. Fireman and police still surround the scene following the fire, which hastened its demise.
DP-OLDNJC054 Heage windmill pictured after a light snowfall – late 1970’s.
DP-OLDNJC055 Markeaton brook walk- note the cathedral in the distance.
DP-OLDNJC056 Brook Street Methodist chapel in the West end displaying its notice board of church events and services – late 1970’s
DP-OLDNJC057 View of doorway at Brook Street – Methodist chapel
DP-OLDNJC058 the towering and gloomy presence of an old mill in Derby’s West End
DP-OLDNJC059 Derby Market place amidst a heavy fall of snow during the 1970’s.
DP-OLDNJC060 Railway Technical Centre, London Rd, Derby. A snowy day engulfs the award winning piece of 1960’s architecture.





















This page is just one of a set of four pages featuring old photos, use the links below to view the other three.
Photo collection 3

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