Old Derby & Derbyshire Photographs by Neil Johnson
This page features old pictures that were supplied by
former Derby resident Neil Johnson.
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All of the images on this page have been scanned in from old slides supplied to me by Neil Johnson.
I would like to thank him for supplying them to me so we can all share the old memories.

If you have some old photographs of Derby or the suburbs and would be willing to let me borrow them to scan in and put on this web site then let me know. They must be YOUR photographs and NOT copies from books or copyrighted productions.

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Photo descriptions provided by Neil :

DP-OLDNJC001 Early 80’s Clifton Street prior to demolition, Derby City Council embarked on something of a witch-hunt to evict two old ladies from these properties – after demolition, the area lay unused for years.
DP-OLDNJC002 Another view of the properties onClifton Street, the subsequent demolition was sad not only because of the final death of a community and the plight of the elderly ladies but because the style of the properties with their upper dorma windows and distinctive brick work inclusive of curved upper circles; they could have been preserved and restored thereby enhancing the area. It was one episode from which the City Council emerged with no credit what so ever.
DP-OLDNJC003 Late Mid 1970’s a rear view of Derby Cathedral taken from the riverbank adjacent to the then new Industrial Museum situated in the Old Silk Mill.
DP-OLDNJC004 Derby’s famous Silk Mill, home of the Industrial Museum. A must visit venue for those coming to the city for a first time. History, industrial progress, memories of bygone times –it has it all. Mid 70’s photograph.
DP-OLDNJC005 The Malt vinegar factory taken from a distance prior to conversion –generations of Derbians and many others would not have enjoyed their fish & chips at all if it had not been for the sterling efforts of those once employed in this building.
DP-OLDNJC006 1970’s View of the old Malt Vinegar Factory on Kedleston Road – now converted into very agreeable apartments. A very good secondary use for a building with character, in a nice location.
DP-OLDNJC007 A winter view of Spondon House School take not long before its final demise and torching in the early 21st Century. In the mid 1960’s (64) when this building was opened it was a flagship for the County in Education terms and replaced the much loved but ancient and tired original school in the Village. Vandals burnt the abandoned shell of the 60’s building and the blaze was witnessed all over Derby and as far away as Long Eaton in the East.
DP-OLDNJC008 Snow covered cottages opposite Derby Midland station in the 1980’s. These restored dwellings which once belonged to the Midland Railway are loved by residents and passers by alike.
DP-OLDNJC009 A distance shot taken with a telephoto lens of Derby Midland station and surrounding complex in the late 1970’s. The camera was positioned on the top floor of Brunel house tower block in the Rail technical centre on London Road Many of the buildings featured on the skyline have since gone.
DP-OLDNJC010 Evening shot of the Morledge in Derby 1980’s – note the famous Co-op cow illuminated in the roof top of the Central hall.
DP-OLDNJC011 A 1970’s wintry day at the entrance to the Railway Technical Centre on the London Road, looking towards Alvaston. The buildings to the right of the scene, which formed part of Litchurch Lane Carriage, Works have now gone.
DP-OLDNJC012 Spondon level crossing view, the main Derby- London line is to the right of the scene. The frame features a British Celanese diesel shunting loco returning over the road after slipping down from the adjacent sidings that flank Megaloughton Lane. 1970’s.
DP-OLDNJC013 The now demolished large LMS signal box at Spondon station –needed originally not only for accommodating all Eastern and Southern bound traffic out of Derby Midland and Chaddesden sidings but for policing Celanese industrial rail traffic. The crossing barriers now in-situ replaced the substantial gates.
DP-OLDNJC014 The Midland Main Line north of Derby at Duffield with the Parish church featuring in the distance. This late 1970’s picture shows a Derby designed High Speed Train (HST) shortly after its introduction.
DP-OLDNJC015 Class 20 Diesel Loco on the Denby branch at Kilburn cross roads – late 1970’s.
DP-OLDNJC016 Derby Loco Works interior, view sometime towards the close of the 19th century.
DP-OLDNJC017 A traction engine trundling along the Derbyshire lanes on a summers eve in the early 1980’s.
DP-OLDNJC018 Masons Newsagents shop, Cherry Tree Hill, east Chaddesden. In the 1960’s this shop was owned by Mr Ernest Jackson a keen railway modeller. The entire top two front bedrooms of the premises were converted into a model rail room with a terrific layout. Other rooms contained large hand built miniature loco’s crafted by Mr Jackson. At his home at the top of Lime Grove, a rail line ran around the garden.
DP-OLDNJC019 Essaldo cinema Chaddesden just prior to its demolition. Photo taken late 90’s. Originally called the Gloria it became a bingo hall in the 1970’s – the site now houses a supermarket.
DP-OLDNJC020 King Street, Derby just before Christmas 1982, alongside Harris Tyres – looking towards Pentagon.





















This page is just one of a set of four pages featuring old photos, use the links below to view the other three.
Photo collection 1

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