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Photographs of Hadfield, Derbyshire in England

This page features pictures and historical information about the following:
Hadfield. This is located in North Derbyshire.
Hadfield is probably better known to people as Royston Vasey, the fictional town featured in
the cult BBC comedy TV series 'the League of Gentlemen'.

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• Photos of Hadfield,North Derbyshire, England
Hadfield is a medium sized town located in North Derbyshire

Walking around the village of Hadfield was very strange, as even though it was the first time I had been there, everything seemed very familiar. This of course was because Hadfield is the real name for the village that was used for most of the filming of the now famous BBC comedy series The League of Gentlemen.

If you would like a map of the various filming locations and points of interest then you can pick up a free map from the shop at the top of the main road. This shop also sells lots of League of Gentlemen merchandise.

If you have never heard of the league of gentlemen (shame on you!) then I would recommend the following website which has lots of info on the series.
Please visit the site here - www.leagueofgentlemen.co.uk

For a streetmap of the Hadfield (aka Royston Vasey) area click HERE.
Detail aerial photo map of Hadfield

All of the photos on this page were taken on August 22nd 2003.

Saint Andrews church (photo-16) was built in 1874, the oldest building in Hadfield is the old hall (photo-17) which dates from 1646.
Photo-08 is The Gables Hotel, a large Victorian townhouse in the centre of Hadfield which is an ideal place to stay if visiting Hadfield.

Photo Description : Hadfield War Memorial
Image Reference No. : DP-220803HADFIELD-01
Exact Map Location : Click HERE
Date photo taken : 22nd August 2003
Other Information : This war memorial is located on the corner of Station Road and Railway Street. The metal panels on the base name those of Hadfield who lost their lives in the two world wars.
This memorial is seen in the starting credits of all episodes of series one and Two.




















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