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Findern. This is located in South Derbyshire.

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• Photos of Findern, Derbyshire
Findern is located 8 miles south/west of Derby city centre.
It has a traditional village green which is overlooked by the Parish Church of All Saints. Findern is split into two parts due to the A50 You can clearly see this if you look at the aerial photo map lower down the page.

The Trent and Mersey canal flows through the south side of Findern next to the Greyhound pub. There is a small hump-backed bridge over the canal which is dwarfed by the road bridge which was built for the advent of the railway, which runs along side the T&M canal here.

Sir Geoffrey de Fynderne was once Lord of the Manor in Findern. It is believed that he brought back a flower from the crusades, known as `poets daffodil`(Narcissus) which still occasionally blooms in the village gardens. Nothing remains of their manor house.

Jedediah Strutt served his apprenticeship in Findern as a wheelwright. He found lodgings with a family of stocking makers and here he met his future wife Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Woolott. He went on to improve the stocking frame and became partner of Sir Richard Arkwright, who was engaged in cotton spinning. Together they established mills at Cromford, Belper and Milford. The partnership was desolved in 1780, Strutt keeping the Belper and Milford mills.

The village industry of velvet weaving, use to be done in the cottages and in 1846 there were as many as 22 velvet and silk looms in the village. All Saints Church was totally rebuilt in 1863-64 and contains a tympanium from the original Norman church and an octagonal font from 1666. There is a monument to Isabella de Fynderne who died in 1444.

In the main street is a village pump which was used until the 1930`s when water mains were installed. Now the pump is dressed by the WI for the village fete in June.

On a hill, just outside the village is a former windmill called Tower House which no longer has any sails on it. It use to supply flour to a wide area and has in the past been the home of Edwina Currie.

Findern has its own Primary school located on Buckford Lane, south of the canal.

Greyhound pub is located along side the Trent & Mersey canal, In the past it has also been called the Canal Turn and The Dog inn, it is a popular stop for boat gatherings.
The Wheel Inn is located on Heath Lane near Main street.

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I liked my visit to Findern, and I will return to take some photos in the summer and also of the village pump when it is decorated. Its strange how Findern seems to be in two parts but this is because the A50 cuts right through it. If you drive north up Willington road you will arrive at a sharp bend and you can clearly see that Heath lane has been cut off by the new A50 road.

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Photo Description : A wide view of the canal and Greyhound pub
Image Reference No. : DP-210203FINDN-01
Date photo taken : 21st February 2003
Other Information : This is a wide view of the Trent & Mersey canal where it passes under Bridge 21 at Heath lane. At the time of taking this photo the Greyhound pub was boarded up and is up for sale. Hopefully it won't be long before its is up and running again.
UPDATE: June 2004 this pub will be converted into a Indian Restaurant.
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Photo Description : A wide view of Main street
Image Reference No. : DP-210203FINDN-02
Date photo taken : 21st February 2003
Other Information : This is a wide view of Main street and the Green.
Photo Description : Cottages at the Green
Image Reference No. : DP-210203FINDN-03
Date photo taken : 21st February 2003
Other Information : There are several nice looking cottages like this on the Green at Findern.
Photo Description : The wheel inn pub
Image Reference No. : DP-130205FINDN-05
Date photo taken : 13th February 2005
Other Information : This is the Wheel Inn public house on Main Street in Findern.
Photo Description : All Saints church
Image Reference No. : DP-210203FINDN-04
Date photo taken : 21st February 2003
Other Information : This is All Saints church which is located at the Green. There are 5 more photos of this church below.








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