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Great mapping site if you need to find anything in the UK.
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This is a very handy site if you want to find a street in the U.K. You can search by Street name, post code, Place name, Landranger grid, Lat/Long or telephone code. the best thing about this site is that you can click a point on the map and it will place a arrow on it, If you then copy the URL (from the address bar) you can use this to send to someone so you can indicate something on a map.
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Another great mapping site, This one offers aerial photos of the UK
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Another great mapping site, If you search for a post code then it will place a circle onto the map at that point. The best thing about this site is that you can click on the "Aerial Photos" button and this will show an aerial photo of your coverage area. You can then also click on the "Overlay Map" button and it will show an aerial photo but when you move the mouse over the map it will display the roads on top.
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Find that postcode here
If you want to find out a postcode for any area in England then use this site.
You will need to register to use it though.
Great detailed weather forecast for derby area.
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This site offers a very detailed weather forecast for Derby, upto 10 days ahead !

Books about Derby and Derbyshire.
Books, books and more Books!
This page features details of some of the many Books on Derby and Derbyshire that I have collected over the years.
Some of the Books have been out of print for many years and were quite difficult to locate. Luckily these days there are many online Book stores such as Amazon, Waterstones, book depository, booksonline, country bookshop, whsmith, scarthinbooks, Breedon Books.
These books are full of local history and photographs of the local area, Below are details of my collection.
Please note that I do not sell books, Try Waterstones or Amazon for books that are still in print or books on ebay for out of print books.

ome Books used for reference by me during the creation of this site were :

The Winter's collection of Derby Volume two ISBN 1-85983-055-2
The old parish churches of Derby by Mike Salter ISBN 1-871731-33-X
The story of Normanton by Normanton-by-Derby local history group ISBN 1-873626-56-8
The illustrated history of Derby's pubs by Maxwell Craven ISBN 1-85983-330-6
Derby, An illustrated history by Maxwell Craven ISBN 907969 33X
Bygone Derby by Maxwell Craven ISBN 0 85033 705 4
A century of Derby by Maxwell Craven ISBN 0-7509-2654-6

Derby our City by Nicola Rippon ISBN 1-85983-245-8
Around Matlock Bath by David A. Barton ISBN 1-84015-076-9
Derbyshire Detail & Character by Barry Joyce/Gordeon Michell/Mike Williams ISBN 0-7509-0919-6

The Cromford Guide by Freda Bayles & Janet Eder ISBN 0907-758-76-2
Derby The crossroads of history by richard Felix
Keene's Derby edited by Maxwell Craven ISBN 1-873626-60-6
The illustrated history of Derby's suburbs by Maxwell Craven ISBN 1-85983-031-5

Around Derby : The old photographs series by Alan Champion & Mark Edworthy ISBN 0-7524-0020-7
Around Derby : Images of England
by Alan Champion & Mark Edworthy ISBN 0-7524-3014-9
Around Derby : Photographic memories
by Clive Hardy (Francis Frith) ISBN 1-85937-046-2
AA book of 50 Walks in Derbyshire by
John Gillham ISBN 0-7495-2871-0
Derby our century by the people that lived it
by Emma Atkin ISBN 1-85983-168-0

The Story of Transport in Derby by Barry Edwards ISBN 1-873626-57-6
Derbyshire of one hundred years ago by David Buxton ISBN 1-84015-086-6

Yesterday's Derby and its districts by F.W. Scarrat ISBN 1-85983-030-7
Memories of Friar gate Station by Susan Bourne ISBN 1-85983-116-8

Memory Lane Derby by Rod Jewell ISBN 1-85983-119-2
Derbyshire Canals by Mike Smith ISBN 0-946404-56-9
The Derbyshire Country House:1 by Maxwell Craven & Michael Stanley ISBN 1-84306-007-8

The Derbyshire Country House:2 by Maxwell Craven & Michael Stanley ISBN 1-84306-041-8
Hidden Derby by Derby Evening Telegraph ISBN 1-85983-181-8
Derby: History and Guide by Maxwell Craven ISBN 0-7509-0420-8
Yesterday's Town : Derby by John Heath & Roy Christian ISBN 0-86023-211-5
Frank Rodgers' Derbyshire ISBN 1-873626-79-7
Ghosts of Derby by Wayne Anthony & Richard Felix ISBN 1-85983-42-0
Belper Looking into the past by Audrey Barrass ISBN 0-9501879-1-7
The Little Eaton Gangway & Derby Canal by David Ripley ISBN 0-85361-431-8
A cinema near you by Ashley Franklin ISBN 1-85983-057-9
Dream Palaces of Derby by Sam Winfield ISBN 0-9510241-5-0
Derby Trollybusses by Colin Barker ISBN 1-901706 72 9
Derby Tramways by Colin Barker ISBN 1-904474 17 9
Derby beneath your feet by Derek Palmer
Wilmorton and before
by Ann Hodgkin
The Derby Canal video
by Laurence Hogg Productions

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