How people have found the Derby photo's website.
Look at the strange things people search for before arriving at my site.
An insight into how people find a website and how much information
is logged by the server when they do.

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One of the things about having my own domain name compared to using the free web space you get with your ISP is that you get web access log files.

Log files are text files which are created automatically every day by the web server, they provide details about which pages and images are being viewed by people visiting a site along with lots of other technical information.

On some days these text files are quite large.

For example on the 27th July 2001 the log file created by the server was over 3Mb and contained 14,234 lines of text!
These logs files build up in a big way, In just three months (starting 12-06-2001) the web server had created over 52Mb of these files.

The interesting thing about searching through the log files is that it shows you where people have
come from before looking at my Derby site. This includes search engine results, which means that if say someone uses the google search engine to search for matlock bath photos and they see my site listed in the matching results and they then click on the link, it logs the search criteria in my log file (see extract below).

A typical entry in the log file looks like this :

2001-09-01 16:01:41 - W3xVC28** ***.***.***.** 80 GET /derby/matlock.htm - 200 0 33823 491 250 HTTP/1.0 - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0b; Windows 98) - bath photos&hl=en&meta=cr%3DcountryUK%7CcountryGB

In the example above you can see that it records the Date, The time (GMT), The IP address of the computer they are using, logfilename, my site ip address, The page requested by the user,Various technical bits, The type of browser they are using (in this example it is MS Internet Explorer version 6.0b), The operating system of the computer they are using and finally the full address of the page they were looking at before they came to my site.

As you can see in this example they looked for the three words matlock bath photos using google and they then visited the Matlock Bath page on my site. I can then see looking in the logfile after this line that they waited for the entire page to load in and then they viewed two of the large photographs of Matlock Bath and then left my site 4 mins and 12 seconds later. (so a very quick visitor).

This shows you just how much info is being logged by web servers when you browse the web, Scary really. In my case it is very useful being able to see how visitors are arriving at my Derby pages so I can add extra info or photos to the popular pages, It also means I can see which search engines are directing people to my Derby site.


The strange things people have entered into search engines:
Have a look through and see if you recognise your own past searches, These are taken directly from my server logs (including spelling mistakes).

Each line of words below has been entered into a search engine such as google by someone on the internet and my Derby site has been listed by it, the person has then visited my Derby site.
There are some strange entries in here, Are you the person that looked for car park photos?

August 2002 :

1024x768 suspension bridges
1789 restaurant photos • - Any restaurant anywhere in the world?
animals to see derby area • - Wild or zoo animals?
abseiling off of a building pictures
best city to live in uk
best areas to live in derby
boots chemist england
back to school photos free • - What?
can you find the ghost in this pic • - What pic?
close up high resolution pictures of butts
cheap smoke bombs
cooling parish england
description of pheasant
derbyshire old public house next to post office • - Where abouts in Derbyshire?
dale married louisa hartlepool
derbyshire village in england • - Any village, what about it?
dog walks round derby • - Why did it have to walk around ?
derby get it around • - What?
derbyshire manor houses turned into hotels
derby telephone book
england and doors and photograph
england neon
find my local pub derby • - And you live where exactly?
fake spiders
food photographs description
fruit structure photographs
famous castle pic
famous day out in uk photo • - Not sure what a "famous day out" would be?
green man and photo and download
green roof england
high resolution library fruit and vegetables
high quality photo free 1024 • - So as long as its free you are not bothered about the subject matter ?
how to reduce format of photography in netscape 6.2 mozilla jpeg image file • - Too much !!
how to make someones day • - Well, thats quite a difficult one to answer.
i wish to view pictures or various stone houses anywhere in the world • - So polite but horrendously vague.
i want to find a postcode • - Well try HERE.
leave comments on my website • - Who do you want to leave comments, and your site address?
large school bus pictures • - Is it a large bus or large photo you want?
large images of childrens play park
large photos of long roads • - I guess it would be a large photo if it was a long road, What do you want it for?
lorry photographs
landranger scan download
lidl store in england • - Any particular one?
melbourne and view and donnington
map england repton
melbourne austrailia lynch wedding
map directing to darley park in derbyshire • - Directions from where exactly ?
married in midland hotel derby
mystery photo of june
mathews bb in canada
norton antivirus 2002 download
nottingham castle wedding reception
nightclub website and halloween photos • - So thats ANY nightclub, what and Halloween as well?
pic boy called edward thumbnails
pictures of the noahs ark taken recently in a museum • - I have no idea what you are looking for here.
photographs thumbnails free black white industrial revolution england
photographs england sheep
photographs of old factory
photos of chimneys of england
photo of places bath
pictures of royal balls
photographs of footpath
photo of you • - A photo of me or you or do you mean mr Google?
paintings of being hung drawn and quartered
photographs of most beautiful wifes
pictures of past parties people pass out
photo decorated donkey high resolution
pub indian derby road melbourne sunday
photo viewing
photo of man getting kicked in balls
pittsburgh photographs guestbook 2002
pagan danish
photographs of boy angels
photo of sheep in england
photo 1983 or 1984 or 1985 • - So as long as the photo was taken in one of those years your not bothered what the photo subject matter is?
property for sale in littleover derby
photos of decorated christmas trees
pictures of ghosts in queen mary • - A ghost "IN" Queen Mary?
photos and description of wood
reason for creating website
room decorated like a castle
road and angel and camera st helens uk
river forcast for river trent
read ontario lindsay rd haunted house
spiders of albert lea photos
school photo pussy cat
sydney panoramic print
show me flashing • - Do you want to know what flashing is or a photo of yourself flashing?
squirting collar
smoke bombs to buy in england
show me the landranger grid
society of derby britain
this is derby • - IT sure is, but I guess you must be after thisisderbyshire (Derby Telegraph website)?
to find the ip address who r visiting my website
toy, production, manufacture, manchester, factory manchester or toy or manufacturers, or factory, or production toy manufacturers in manchester • - Far too many words used here!
the type of heritage site the golden pavillion is
trees high resolution uk photo
tree bark photographs
the white swan england • - I think you will need to be a bit more specific, as there must be thousands!
used book on jean tijou work on hampton court
uk top down round-a-bout pictures
uk supermarket photographs
uk round-a-bout pictures
u.k dead people family whatton
uk road photos
very high resolution colour pictures aerial photo
visit levis factory wednesday • - Any particular Levis factory in the world? and which wednesday?
victorian death pictures actual photographs
who was st mathews
why is 800 x 600 too narrow for my screen windows 98 • - I don't know why is 800 x 600.....!
www.calke abbey .co uk • - Almost a website address on its own!
wooden pivot window sections
what about the description of devonshire location area • - Yes what about it!
where can i find the description of devonshire england • - I have no idea where Devonshire is, do you?
who did the original version of at the river • - I think you need to use the term "music" to narrow it down.
weston -super-mare on map of england
want to find a postcode
where is staunton harold
water 800 x 600 photos • - What a vague search but over specific on the size.
when are the matlock bath ,derbyshire, illuminations
what to do in leicestershire september
wedding congratulations glossop

September 2002 :
.a river grafitti • - What on earth is "river grafitti"?
19th england arm photo
1980s savage boats
6th gate gates pictures
7th form history england
any fool in buxton • - Is this the name of a pub? or perhaps you are looking for the village idiot?
blue page entries guest caribbean
boots the chemist photos
bagpus pictures
built in 1878 • - So you want "anything" that was built in 1878?
brickwork photographs
clock clubs derbyshire
car park area photographs
christmas parties @ the international hotel burton road derby
cow boy photos
cow photos of head
chemist photographs
connecting two boilers together
church grafitti pictures • - What on earth is "church grafitti"?
car park sails photos • - Do you want cars that are sea worthy?
charlotte bronte fake name
car park photographs
can i have pictures of uttoxeter town hall • - No sorry you can't have pictures of Uttoxeter town hall.
digital river twyford
england tower august 1923
england died tower picture
england raining fish
exact map of old bridge • - So that's any old bridge in the world but the map must be exact!
free photos • - So you want photos of anything at all, as long as they are free?
front of garden centre photographs
field camera wood plans uk
find ironmongers in the east midlands
guestbook entry
guest book for market traders in germany
graffiti characters from england • - What on earth is a grafitti "character "?
george herbert the flower commentary
guest book of football teams in england 2002
guest book entries of milk 2002
graffiti history in england • - Seems to be a strange facination with Grafitti!
high resolution photographs abandoned house
hewes photographs
horse in carrage • - If the horse was IN the carriage then it would not be able to move!
horse and carrage clock • - Do you want a "horse and carriage" or a "carriage clock"?
humpy dumpty history
high resolution photographs of office buildings
how you could put a large photograph to thumbnail and full size high quality format. • - Too much!
history of steam organ date
how to time lapse
how to extract people to see my website • - Surely it would better to "attract" people rather than extract them!
i like to see mecca photo • - Well I'm very happy for you!
information on old motorbikes
inside of a school bus-photos
i live in derby england • - Do you?, And what do you want exactly?
i want to see my coat of arms • - Any you are?
ivy and houses
javascript self window close without asking
john walker, directed electronics
kays inn saskatchewan
leave pictures photographs gardens
letterboxes images
large photo of coffee beans
marys greeting cards
map uk derwent house london road derby
need to find a postcode
nice images on twin tower
naturalist who lived in derby
official england photos
old lady pictures england
odd-looking building
old photos • - Too vague!
photos of start of any river in the uk • - Your so vague!
photographs from 1600s
pictures of see it through by edgar albert guest
photo of noahs ark
photographs of public toilets
photographs of rocks
pictures of fruit n veg
photos from before 1960 • - Of what exactly?
pictures of traffic in bakewell derbyshire
photographs with function in locks
please find the assembly rooms in derby • - Oh go on then, seeing as you asked so nicely!
photographs of new trains in england
photo pond england
picture of a royal mail sorting office
photographs of horses taken from the side
pics building my house uk • - So you want photos of YOUR house being built, Where and who are you?
photographs of tree trunks
point of interest derbyshire • - I'm sure there must be several of these?
photographs of rising sun
photographs from 1876 england
pictures of historical small building in england 1700s
photos of city of england in 1800 • - I did not know England was a city!
photographs of expanding west
pollution avi movie free download
photo and description of oak tree
required components download microsoft internet explorer 6.0 full install • - Too much info, try microsoft site!
rain thumbnail photos
railway engine in sketch with pic
road map to little eaton • - from where?
ringing a large bell • - Do you want a photo or instructions of how to?
rod stewart 1970 pictures
sluice gate lifting
sell car to be demolished in derby
swf scream scary chinese
staff party thumbnail photos
snow buisiness • - Mmmm, something to do with skiing?
see photos of temples that have some hangings on their gate
two dogs rabbit
the battle of poitiers pictures
the great northern hotel, photos taken there on the 21st of september • - Far too vague then too specific?
up to date pictures of wirksworth
where can i find a used car in derby
website that gives excellent information on england
what england looks like in 2001-2002 • - Extreamly vague!
where can i buy levi jeans in huddersfield
what is a rowditch
would of the best city on the main market the best road location
where can i find a picture of bonnie prince charlie
water tower hotel
where can i find pics of things that go inside a gurdwara
where can i find out about matlock illuminations • - Your'e in luck, this IS on my site!
where can i find the exact location of england
worlds most unusual photographs
where can i find local web cams in the peak district derbyshire • - Try typing "peak district webcams"
what is the population of derby england

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