Derby Photos Screensaver
Here you can download a free screensaver which features a selection of
high resolution photographs of Derby & Derbyshire for you to enjoy.
I hope to replace this Screen Saver with a more modern one at some point in the future.

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The screensaver available for download is compatible with
Microsoft Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000 and XP.

All of the images supplied with the screensaver are copyright Andy Savage and must NOT be used for any purpose other than the screensaver they came with.

The screensaver is supplied free of charge and must NOT be sold, It can be freely distributed as long as it remains completely unaltered.

The setup & .SCR file have been checked for viruses and are clean *
* Checked using Norton AntiVirus 2002 with virus definitions dated 15th May 2002.

Installation Problems ?
If your system is old or does not have the latest VB runtime files, then during the install you may get an error message such as "file OLEAUT32.DLL is out-of-date", If this occurs click Cancel then click HERE and download and install the file "VBRun60.exe" Then install the screensaver again. This will fix the problem.

Screensaver Removal instructions
To remove the screensaver, Goto the Start button on the task bar and select Settings - Control Panel then Add/Remove Programs, then Select Derby Photos Screensaver and click the Add/Remove button.

Click HERE to start the download process
Click the disk icon above to start the download process.

DerbyPhotos - Standard Edition screensaver
Click the disk icon to start the download
All Photographs are 1024 x 768 pixels
Features 20 different photographs of Derby & Derbyshire
File Size = 3.66Mb (With a 56K modem will take approx 11-20 Mins)
This screensaver is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024x768.
If your resolution is greater then the photos will be stretched to fit.

It features many great looking Transition Effects - including curtains, Random blocks, Slides, Stripes, Spiral, Circle out, Flying Images, Multiple Float, Zoom and Random Mix. Also you can adjust the Display time, transition effect speed and order of the show.

Note additional "Photo packs" will be available to download at a future date, thus allowing you to expand the library of images displayed.

How to install and set-up your Derby screensaver

Step 1
1) Download the screensaver
2) Using My Computer or explorer) locate the downloaded file.
3) Right-click on it, select Properties and verify that the Size shown in the brackets is : (3,846,863 Bytes). If it is then the download is perfect. If not then you will need to download the file again, try using a download manager such as get right or gozilla.
4) Run the setup file "derby_ss_setup.exe" by double clicking on it and work through the install screens as shown below.
The install of the screensaver is very simple....

Step 2
Click Next

Step 3
Click Next

Step 4
Click Continue

Step 5
Wait for the software to install
Wait for the software to install

Step 6
Click Finish
Almost done !

Step 7
That's it, it is now ready to configure
That's about it now, It's finished.

Step 8
Right-click on your desktop and select Properties, Click on the 'Screen Saver' tab and select the Derby Photos Screensaver.
Setup at required.
Now select the Derby Photos screensaver and enjoy !!!!!!

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