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This page features a wide selection of mapping resources that I have collated into one place for you.
In recent years mapping and in particular Satellite/Aerial photography websites have really
come on leaps and bounds, Now that Broadband has become almost standard in households these type
of sites just keep getting better and better. If you have not looked at this type of thing before then you
may be surprised by what you can do these days. For some of the more "featured" mapping sites you
must have a broadband internet connection to get the best out of them.
I'm sure you will enjoy looking around your local area using these sites, its very addictive once you have started.

If you know of a good mapping site that you use then let me know and I may add it to this page.

Thumbnail view of website
Details about the website and what you can do.
Local Live
Click on the image above to try this site
maps.live.com - Microsoft Live Search Maps
This new site is by Microsoft and currently (January 2007) is the best mapping site I have ever seen of this type.

Aside from the usual zoomable/draggable street maps they also have aerial photograph maps, but not only that they also have "bird's eye views" of lots of locations, these are detailed angled zoomable/draggable photographs that can be viewed from several angles. You can zoom in/out using the mouse wheel if you have one.
This site really looks great if you have a high resolution monitor and run it on the Firefox browser (see link button below) in fullscreen mode.
I have done a screen grab on my pc of Firefox in 1280x1024 in fullscreen mode which you can see HERE, you will have to use the scroll bars to see it all!

Some of my examples :
St Peters Street (normal street map).
Meteor Centre.
Spider Bridge, Allenton.

See next section down for bird's eye details.
Broadband is highly recommended for this site.
Local Live - Bird's eye view photography.
Click on the image above to try this site
maps.live.com - Microsoft Live Search Maps - Bird's eye views
This is an extra feature of the site that is amazing, you have to see this to believe it. These images were taken more recently than the "from above" photos so there are sometimes mismatches between what you can see. A lot of the ones around Derby seem to have been taken in the summer of 2006.
The views have two levels of zoom. You can drag the photo view around using the mouse to click and drag the image area around.

To get you started try some of my examples here..
Example Bird's eye views around Derby (just click a link below) :

Iron Gate and Saddler gate
Midland Road Sorting office.
Nottingham Road Cemetery.
Friar Gate Railway Bridge.

n.b. You do not need to install any software to view these images.
Broadband is highly recommended for this site.
Click on the image above to try this site
maps.google.co.uk - Google Maps - UK
This site has been online for a while now and offers clean draggable maps. These maps are very clear and easy to navigate by dragging the map about with the mouse. I like this site for its clean and easy to use maps.

Easy to centre a map on a street, example click HERE to see a street map showing Abbey Street/Alma Street in Derby.

The Aerial photography is not as good as the above site but ok in some locations. Example Monyash.

Broadband is highly recommended for this site for the Aerial photos.
Click on the image above to try this site
www.streetmap.co.uk - Streetmap
This site has been around for years, It uses maps from Ordnance Survey. This site has the advantage that it can be used on a dial-up connection and it allows you to place an arrow on the map which you can then use to show someone an exact location in an e-mail by pasting the link it makes.

For example if you want to show someone the location of "The Spot" in Derby then use the link HERE. As you can see I have placed an arrow at this location.
To do this yourself, just find the location you want then click on the exact point you want to point to and it will put an arrow there, then simple copy and paste from the address bar in the browser window into your e-mail.

The navigation around the map is not as nice as google maps but its ok.
You can search by Street, Post Code, Name, OS Grid, Landranger map, Lat/long and even Telephone code area!
Click on the image above to try this site
www.multimap.com - Multimap
Just like streetmap this site has been around for years too, It uses maps from Crown and Collins-Bartholomew. This site has the advantage that it can be used on a dial-up connection. Unlike Streetmap this site does have Aerial photos, the quality of which is not great but ok if you don't have broadband internet.

Example of Aerial photograph/map HERE. The road names show up as a floating square where the mouse is rather than on top of the map

The navigation around the map is not as nice as google maps but its ok.

Google Earth
Click on the image above to try this site
earth.google.com - Google Earth - PC Application
This is a free bit of software which is mind-boggling if you have not seen it before. It allows you to view aerial photos of any location in the world.
Simply download the software (currently a 14Mb application), install it and run it, its free!

Type in Alvaston and click the search button, watch in amazement as it spins the globe and zooms into England and Derby and then floats above Alvaston. You can then zoom and drag the image around. As you can see the Aerial photography is only detailed in certain areas.

GoogleEarth locations can be invoked from webpages. For example my 360 degree photograph of Trent Lock on the World Wide Panorama website will be located if you click HERE. *Requires google earth installed before you click the link. You can then click on the title and it will show my vr photograph.

Another example click HERE and it should load google earth and take you to Shardlow Marina.

Fast Broadband is highly recommended for this application.

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