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• Photos of Mickleover, Derby, Derbyshire
Mickleover is located 2 miles west of the city centre and is the most westerly village of the City of Derby.
The oldest parts of the village are located along Uttoxeter road (B5020)

The former Great Northern Railway used to run through the north side of Mickleover and was built in 1876-1877, Mickleover lay on the Ilkeston-Egginton section and opened April 1st 1878. Regular services operated on the line until it was closed on May 6th 1968. Today this is a cycle track and nature path. The former Mickleover railway station is indicated by the arrow on the map HERE.

There are five churches in Mickleover, these are All Saints parish church, Community of our Lady of Lourdes, Mickleover Methodist church, St David's community and St John's Parish Church.

The Masons Arms on Etwall road.
The Nags Head on Cawdy Hill
The Great Northern on Station road.
The Honeycomb on Ladybank road, opened on 1st november 1974.
The Robin on Devonshire Drive, opened September 1959.
The Vine on Uttoxeter Road, opened around 1846.

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Images 08 to 12 below show the former Pastures Hospital building which is now luxury apartments. This former lunatic Asylum was built to a design by architect Henry Duesbury in the years 1848 to 1851 and opened in 1851. Above the doorway of the main entrance you will see the Roman Numerals MDCCCXLIX.
I think its great that this building has been converted into something rather than demolishing it.






 Photo Description : Mickleover Community Centre
Image Reference No. : DP-040403MICKLE-05
Exact Map location : Click HERE
Date photo taken : 4th April 2003
Other Information : This building is Mickleover community centre.
This is a former public elementary school which was built in 1880 under the terms of the school board, it was considerably rebuilt and enlarged in 1907 by J.W. Horton.
Here stood the infant schoolroom where Britain's first known children's matinee was held 7th February 1900.
Photo Description : All Saints Parish Church
Image Reference No. : DP-040403MICKLE-01
Exact Map location : Click HERE
Date photo taken : 4th April 2003
Other Information : All Saints church is early 14th Century a lot of it was restored in the late 19th century.
Photo Description : The Nags Head pub
Image Reference No. : DP-200203MICKLE-07
Date photo taken : 20th February 2003
Other Information :
The Nags Head pub is located near Tesco supermarket. It is an 18th century two-story brick building.
In 1946 its landlord was former Derby County player Stuart
Mc Millan, During 1946 Derby County beat Charlton at Wembley and he went into the history books as the only manager ever to win the FA cup for the club.
In 1970 the pub acquired a car from the Southern Railway Brighton Belle electric pullman train as a restaurant.
Photo Description : The Great Northern pub
Image Reference No. : DP-040403MICKLE-03
Exact Map location : Click HERE
Date photo taken : 4th April 2003
Other Information : This pub was named after the Great Northern railway which once ran next to it. It was built around 1878.
In 1908 it was called 'The Northern Hotel'.
Photo Description : Mickleover railway Station
Image Reference No. : DP-040403MICKLE-04
Date photo taken : 4th April 2003
Other Information : This station was abandoned in 1968, Today it is a private house and has been restored.
Photo Description : Channel tunnel model test track
Image Reference No. : DP-040403MICKLE-06
Date photo taken : 4th April 2003
Other Information :
This test track, which is located near the old Mickleover railway station is a test track which was used by the research department of British Rail to test model trains for the future Channel Tunnel. At the time it was covered in polythene like a greenhouse over the hoops covering the track which you can see here. Strange to think that this contribution to a major industrial triumph has been left to rot here!
 Photo Description : Sebastopol Terrace
Image Reference No. : DP-200203MICKLE-02
Date photo taken : 20th February 2003
Other Information : This row of old houses is known as Sebastopol Terrace and they were built in 1856. They are located opposite All saints church. The war memorial you can see is in the grounds of the church and is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the 2nd world war (1939-1945).

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