Photographs of the Eagle Centre
in Derby City Centre, England

This page features pictures and historical information about the following:
Derby's Eagle shopping Centre. This is located in Derbyshire.

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• Photos of the Eagle Centre in Derby City, Town centre, Derbyshire
The Eagle Centre was completed in 1975 and opened by Sir Derek Ezra MBE, it replaced terraced housing built in the early 1820s. The street names included Castle Street, Burrough's Walk and Eagle Street - which lent its name to the shopping centre.
See the old photos section for some photos of this area as it was.
The Eagle Centre has been completely changed since these photos, It is now Westfield Derby.
Photo Description : Eagle Centre - East Street entrance
Image Reference No. : DP-241001CITYEAGLECENT-01
Date photo taken : 24th October 2001
Other Information : This is the Eagle centre as you enter from the East street entrance where Virgin megastore is.
Photo Description : Eagle Centre - Main area
Image Reference No. : DP-241001CITYEAGLECENT-02
Date photo taken : 24th October 2001
Other Information : This is where the stairs from the car park emerge into the Eagle centre. Ahead you can see the a cafe area, Behind me is the entrance to the Eagle centre market and Derby playhouse etc.
Photo Description : Eagle Centre - St Peters street entrance
Image Reference No. : DP-210601CITYEAGLECENT-03
Date photo taken : 21st June 2001
Other Information : This is the Eagle Centre as you enter from the St Peters Street entrance at The Spot. The shop on the right here is Woolworths, It used to be C&A. At the very bottom of this slope is W.H.Smiths.

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