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Old Photographs of Derby,
Derby, England

This page features old pictures supplied by Mick Horobin.

This set of images feature Railway related themes of Derby.
I would like to thank Mick Horobin for allowing the world to see these rare images.

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Descriptions provided by Mick Horobin and Neil Johnson.

DP-OLDMHC-01 - This view is from the running lines opposite Derby Loco Works looking towards London Rd & the sadly demolished St Andrew's Church. Circa mid-1960's
DP-OLDMHC-02 - Mid 1960's view of Chesterfield Midland from the north. A then recently built diesel loco, a Brush Type 4, pulls away towards
Sheffield with a freight train.Note thecrooked spire in the far distance.
DP-OLDMHC-03 - As the sixties gave way to the seventies and left behind steam forever on British Railways, the newly named British Rail started to paint its green loco's in a new blue livery. The locomotive shown is believed to be the first Peak class locomotive to carry this livery.Photographed at the rear of Derby shed this loco, was by then well known to a generation of spotters that had witnessed both steam and diesel. These Derby built engines were a regular feature on the Midland mainline for over two decades.
DP-OLDMHC-04 - In the extreme north of the County,The 1950's electrified DC route conveyed the freight the M62 now carries. From Sheffied to Manchester through the bleak High Peak around Dinting and other outposts of northern Derbyshire these trains were the lifeblood of Industry.This view shows an early electric loco on such a mission. Along side is class 9F Steam loco with a similar task -only weeks before, this loco had been espied leaving Chaddesden sidings with an Birmingham bound train of vans. Picture summer 1965.
DP-OLDMHC-05 - Just a few yards from Raynesway bridge and the run in towards Spondon a 1st ten Peak class diesel, heads a train of mineral wagons out of Chaddesden sidings.This mid -1960's view has long been consigned to history as the A52 now runs over this very spot and Chaddesden sidings too are sadly no more.
DP-OLDMHC-06 - How many older Derbiens remember the Midland Station.This 1960's view will no doubt evoke memories for many.
DP-OLDMHC-07 - A class 8F steam loco at Derby on misty 1960's morning.These loco's carried every concievable type of goods imaginable across the rails of Britain. Many were Derby built and were allocated to Derby shed.Chaddesden sidings were rarely without their presence over a period of three decades. One such engine was involved in an horrific crash and loss of life at Chapel-en-le Frith in the 1950's.The driver John Axon because of his devotion to duty and subsequent loss of life was decorated for his bravery.
DP-OLDMHC-08 - These little tank locomotives - many which were Derby built stand awaiting their fate in the Chesterfield area in the middle of the decade which was entitled the swinging sixties. Stanton & Staveley Iron Works had been the location for most of them for the best part of their working lives before finding their way to Barrow Hill & Chesterfield and awaiting the death knell.
DP-OLDMHC-09 - Barry scrap yard in South Wales was the sad destination of many locomotives from all over the Country. By a quirk of fate few that passed through its gates ever met their fate. Here a rare Derby built class 7F which spent its life on the Somerset and Dorset line waits the cutters torch which never arrived. This locomotive is now thankfully preserved and is a living testimony to the skill of its Derby builders of many decades ago.
DP-OLDMHC-10 - A long vanished Derby signal box enveloped in the mist and in the foreground a grubby tank locomotive of a type that could be seen in numerous locations within the County during the 1950's & 60's. Local passenger trains, mixed goods, shunting and pilot duties- they were regularly seen - alas no more.
DP-OLDMHC-11 - These locomotives; Jubilee class, were a daily visitor to Derby in the 50's & 60's, in addition to many being allocated to Derby as a home shed.They pulled most of the express services to & from St Pancras as well as to & from Bristol - Sheffield and north eastern locations. Generations of Derby enginemen worked the 5x's to just about every location going. Many carried the names of parts of the Empire whilst others boasted the names of the good and the great.This particular loco is at rest near the close of its life;to the rear is an austerity class freight loco.
DP-OLDMHC-12 - Pictured at Derby in the 60's; stored and near the end of its life is the famous 1940's built early diesel locomotive 10000. With its sister 10001, these early diesels were something of an experiment. A well known Derby driver, the late Mr E Prince of Roe Farm,Chaddesden regularly spoke of his training and driving these early traction pioneers - but like many of his generation he far preferred a Stanier class 5 steam loco!
DP-OLDMHC-13 - A trio of Derby lads on a spotting trip to the north of the County in 1966.Barry Cholerton & Iain Wilson of Spondon are joined by Neil Johnson of Chaddesden. Of the trio shown, only Barry did nor pursue a rail career. Iain became a train driver on BR's Southern Region and Neil graduated to role of a Rail Public Relations Officer - Barry however did not completely shed his adolescent pastime and ventured as far afield as India in future decades to gaze upon the steam loco's of the Sub-Continent.
DP-OLDMHC-14 - Little Derby built tank locos await scrapping near Chesterfield after seven or eight decades of hard work. 1960's.
DP-OLDMHC-15 - Late 1960's - one of Derby's best known signal boxes prior to demolition and replacement with the current Power Box.In the rear of this shot can be seen the then new Test Hall of the emerging Rail Technical Centre on the London Rd.
















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