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Old Photographs of Derby, England
This page features old pictures supplied by Kathleen Garner.

I would like to thank Kathleen Garner for allowing the world to see these rare images.

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Information about the photographs by Kathleen:

DP-OLDKGC-01 = This is a photograph of my father, Fred Garner, with his post office van. It was probably taken around 1944 and the street is believed to be Wiltshire Road.

DP-OLDKGC-02 = A photograph of a dinner at British Celanese probably dating from the 1930s. My mother, Gertrude Trueman (b. 1915), is near the back directly in front of a tall lady with a white blouse. To my mother's left is her friend, Hilda, who married Ron Tinsley, whom she met when he came to Derby racecourse where he was a jockey. He later worked for the Carriage and Wagon works. Hilda continued to work for British Celanese as an outworker, doing tracing. She lived in Spondon. On the back of the photograph it says Photograph by H. I. Hawkes 19, Chestnut Av., Derby.

DP-OLDKGC-03 = This is a photograph belonging to my mother who was brought up in Riddings (born 1915). I do not know anything about it but the sign says "Cupid's New Recruits". I should love to find out more about it. Use the link top/right if you have any information about this photo.




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