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Old Photos of Doveridge, Derbyshire, England
This page features old pictures supplied by James Wilson.

I would like to thank James Wilson of Lincolnshire for providing these images and the description below.

These photos were taken in the early sixties, of the "Mill" in Doveridge.
I believe it went out of service in the early 1900's. It was rented, as a smallholding, by a Mr & Mrs J. Boulton in the early 1920's, although I am not sure exactly. However, they lived there until the early 1970's. The Mill came up for sale, in the fifties/ sixties, I believe, for around £800, but they could not afford to buy it at the time. It was purchased by a man who lived on the hill above the Mill. He was not a popular man and considered the Mill spoilt his view over the river Dove. Meanwhile Mr Boulton died and Mrs Boulton with her son Rex had to leave the Mill. Rex had a bungalow built in the corner of the strip of land, known as The Bank, which he owned. This "Bank" ran between the Mill and the , now owner's, house on the hill.
The owner of the Mill wanted to turn it into a tourist attraction, but the council would not give him permission for this, as I said, he was not a popular man. However, after errecting a large notice board stateing that the council would not allow him to restore the Mill as a tourist attraction, he subsequently had it bulldozed down, cleared the site, so now one cannot even see where it was.

The river "Dove" had sluicegates across it, a couple of hundred yards from the Mill, when opperated these gates would direct the flow of water down a channel/stream right alongside the Mill, in order to drive the waterwheel. Last time I was there, a few years back now, one could still see the remains of the supports of those gates. I would imagine that would be around 500 yards up-river from the Swing-Bridge.

For an exact map location of this former mill click HERE.

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DP-OLDJWC-01 - The lady on the right of the picture is of Mrs Boulton, center a visitor, left Eddie a niece of Mrs Boulton.
DP-OLDJWC-02 and 03 - Images of the mill
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