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Old Photographs of Derby's West end,
Derby, England

This page features old pictures supplied by Harold Richardson.

This set of images feature the old West end of Derby and some of the locals.
I would like to thank Harold Richardson for allowing the world to see these rare images.

Photo selection
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DP-OLDHRC-01 - C1990 showing Mill Street with 'Talk of the Midlands' in the distance. Once the old Popular cinema.
DP-OLDHRC-02 - C 1946 West End children in William Street
DP-OLDHRC-03 - C 1963 My mother in 'Albert Vaults' being interviewed by Telegraph reporter prior to demolition of the W/E.
DP-OLDHRC-04 - 1953 Celebrating Coronation Day in Bridge Street.
DP-OLDHRC-05 - 1953 Cronation Day on the corner of Brook Street and Nuns Street.
DP-OLDHRC-06 - 1953 Coronation Day in Bridge Street and William Street.
DP-OLDHRC-07 - 1953 Coronation Day in Bridge Street and William Street.








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