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The following text has been kindly provided by Erica Perry:

College school was once situated in between Uttoxeter New Road and Great Northern Road in the city of Derby. For a map of the exact postion of the former school click HERE.

Children that attended there throughout the 50’s until it’s closure in the 1990’s came from surrounding areas of Bedford Street, Parliament Street, etc, and along Uttoxeter New Road. Also from the Slack Lane area and even as far as Cheviot street.

During the 50’s & 60’s most children walked there and access was gained to the school via an alley leading from Uttoxeter New Road and also access was made from the alley was off Great Northern Road – This entrance led to the school playground.

The school was demolished in the late 1990’s and a new school building was built on a new site nearby on Saint Albans Road and renamed the Bishop Lonsdale School. The original site has now been rebuilt with a housing estate.

Captions for the photos below :

01) Front view of College School taken in the early 1990’s before demolition. Shows the tall windows to each classroom. Also the downstairs classrooms had direct access through French doors to a narrow courtyard area.

02) Shows the back of the building and entrance from Great Northern Road. Over the years the school had extensions built on to accommodate better facilities i.e. indoor toilets. However, as you can see from the picture they were certainly not in keeping with the original design of this Victorian building.
Also, note to the left of the picture stands the old Teacher Training College that in the 1960’s had close links with the school. When I attended the school in the late 1950’s and early 60’s the pupils benefited from the close links that the training college had with the school. The use of the college facilities, i.e. chapel, gymnasium, music hall, art studio and the open grasses areas for sports day etc. Also student teachers would come and do their work experience in the school. Later in the 60’s a new teacher training college was built in Mickleover, with the name Bishop Lonsdale College which is now one of the Derby University Sites.
To see a fading 'then and now' photo of this location, see my page here.

03) Old stairway leading from hall and classrooms.

04) Cloakroom and landing – extension built in the late 50’s to accommodate indoor facilities.

05) Downstairs classroom that was in the 50/60’s the first classroom/reception.

06) One of the downstairs middle classrooms showing the French doors.

07) Downstairs school hall – Photo taken on the last open day when old pupils were allowed to visit before the closure.

08) Toilets.

09) Upstairs middle classroom

10) Middle upstairs classroom.

11) Upstairs end classroom – In the late 50’s early 60’s this was Mrs Salisbury’s Classroom.

12) Upstairs hall on the very last open day ever!

13) Nativity play Christmas 1959
Thought to have been Mrs Arnold’s class that was the top class in the infants. Photo taken by visiting parent who had a camera, not many families had their personal camera in those days.
Some names of pupils in the picture: Ruth Jenney, (Mary) Ruben Lynch, A. Ozels, Tony Haresnape, Erica Kitchen as Angel, Nicholas, Gillian Maine, Hayden Pritchard, Sharon Moffet, Julie Whiting, Paul Bonnington, Susan Crabtree, Denise Lester, Peter Woolley, Guy Hall.

14) Mrs Sailsbury’s class taken summer 1962 – Taken in the grounds of the Teacher Training College.

15) College School Choir taken early 1960’s – They had taken part in a local school’s music festival
















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