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Old Photographs of Derby,
Derbyshire, England

This page features old pictures supplied by Dennis Lockley.

I would like to thank Dennis Lockley for allowing the world to see these images and for their great efforts in collecting additional historical information about them

DP-OLDDLC-01 and 02 are The Oak & Acorn pub after it had been "Tango'd"
DP-OLDDLC-03 is The Rolls Royce Welfare Hall. Nightingale Road, this was demolished in 1993.
DP-OLDDLC-04 is a photo of Rolls Royce No. 6 Shop on Mowbray Street before it was demolished in 1993. The top floor housed the Toolroom as featured in the Your memories section.
DP-OLDDLC-05 Is The Gisborne Arms pub, now demolished, the house I lived in from 1940 until the early 60's, the two bay window houses belonged to Harry Lilley, and his cousin Charlie Lilley, who owned the Derby Tape Mills.
The Gisborne Arms was located at 17-19 Franchise Street, named after the Mayor of Derby, Henry Franceys Gisborne.
DP-OLDDLC-06 and 07 are Franchise Street. development has Williamson's bakery top left of the picture with delivery van outside, all this has now been demolished and council housing has been built on the site, Along the top of the picture is Boundary Rd.
Franchise St. development 1. is another view of the right side of the street after the small terraced houses had been demolished from the Gisborne Arms to Boundary Rd. Upon this site now have been built 2 storey flats, that belong to the Liversage Trust.
DP-OLDDLC-08 to 10 The lovely fields on which Oakwood now stands, Looking over to Breadsall Priory Estate (Wood Rd, Chaddesden).

Dennis Lockley

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