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Old Photographs of Derby Trolley Buses,
Derby, England

This page features old pictures supplied by Brian Dominic.

Text by Brian:
These pictures were taken in the latter days of the Derby trolleybus system, and were intended to show the system and its surroundings, rather than just being "pictures of trolley buses". They were taken with an Agfa Rapid camera, which used 35mm film in a simple "drop in" cartridge and produced square images. I still have the camera, but I doubt I'd get any film for it now!. The darker images were taken on the occasion of an enthusiast's tour organised by myself, using trolleybus 230, on a day which turned out to be 'orrible and wet. Andy has been able to brighten these considerably.

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DP-OLDBDC-01 - I usually came by train (complete with bicycle) to Derby when I was photographing trolleybuses and this would usually be my first sight: a trolleybus hurrying to or from the town centre along London Road.
DP-OLDBDC-02 the Tour bus outside the old Derby station.
DP-OLDBDC-03 one of the Willowbrook-bodied examples awaiting departure from the Market Place
DP-OLDBDC-04 the Tour bus using the passing loop in the overhead at the same spot.
DP-OLDBDC-05 On the Cornmarket - note the sign for Offiler's Ales on the pub.
DP-OLDBDC-06 One of the Roe-bodied examples heading through the traffic onto St Peter's Street.
DP-OLDBDC-07 Heading past The Spot.
DP-OLDBDC-08 an "out of service" vehicle (note no destination showing) heading past the end of Midland Road, the site of a full double-track
triangular junction in the overhead..............
DP-OLDBDC-09 .................... and a service vehicle making a left out of Midland Road at the same spot.
DP-OLDBDC-10 Down in Alvaston, a trolleybus heads back for town.
DP-OLDBDC-11 the Tour bus outside the Blue Peter at Alvaston, where there was a "trolleybus only" section of road, separate from the island.
DP-OLDBDC-12 Sometimes on tours, we wanted to take a short cut where there wasn't a direct connection in the overhead. Fortunately, there were enough of us to do this!
DP-OLDBDC-13 230 on the tour, I think at Victory Road turning loop.
DP-OLDBDC-14 At The Mitre island, there was a complete circuit of wiring so arranged that to make a left turn, it was necessary to do one-and-a-quarter circuits of the island, with the conductor pulling each of the had pulls on the central pole in turn to operate each frog (overhead point) in turn.
DP-OLDBDC-15 Coming up Balaclava Road, about to make the left onto Ossie Park Road - Sinfin trolleybuses would have carried straight on.
DP-OLDBDC-19 A vehicle approaches Normanton Barracks from the opposite direction. (this image makes more sense here than in the numerical
DP-OLDBDC-16 I wonder why they've all stopped?
DP-OLDBDC-17 Aha! The overhead line gang have come out for an emergency repair, holding up the service. Though Derby's overhead was regarded by some as being tatty , untidy and " bit loose", it actually stood up to the day-to-day rigours of operation fairly well - perhaps the flexibility helped to limit the damage. Note the motor cycle copper with his old-style helmet directing traffic.
DP-OLDBDC-18 Batting down Ossie Park Road, near the other end of Nightingale Road.
DP-OLDBDC-20 The driver of 236 retrieves an errant trolley pole whilst his ducky looks on.
DP-OLDBDC-21 View looking down on Friar gate from Friar gate railway bridge.
DP-OLDBDC-22 An unusual view looking down on trolleybus taken from Friar gate railway bridge.
DP-OLDBDC-23 View of Trolley bus under Friar gate railway bridge heading towards town.
DP-OLDBDC-24 The Esso filling station's still there, the island too (though rather larger than in this picture) but the pub's now a McDonald's!
242 is bound for town from Morden Green (Prince Charles Avenue)
DP-OLDBDC-25 Another town-bound trolley in Ashbourne Road.
DP-OLDBDC-26 Prince Charles Avenue was the last extension to the system. The 1950's shops look very well, as does the clock.
DP-OLDBDC-27 a trolleybus on the 60 to Shelton Lock , outbound on Osmaston Road by the end of Litchurch Lane.
DP-OLDBDC-28 230 on the tour on the Nightingale Road loop, specially installed for RR shift changes............
DP-OLDBDC-29 ........ and having turned, pausing on the layby section of wiring which allowed service vehicles to pass trolleybuses waiting for the shift change.
DP-OLDBDC-30 On the way to Shelton Lock....
DP-OLDBDC-31 230 on the tour at a VERY soggy Shelton Lock.
DP-OLDBDC-35 seen here on a better day with 224 (since preserved) about to depart for town.
DP-OLDBDC-32 230 in the rain - on the tour - at Uttoxeter Road terminus
DP-OLDBDC-33 Tower Wagon 3 rests in the sun outside the bank, having delivered the previous day's takings.
DP-OLDBDC-34 and hastens back to the depot for a cuppa!
DP-OLDBDC-36 A pair of Brush bodied Crossleys outside Ascot Drive depot, in use on driver training (because they hadn't got the "easier" Daimler Fluid Flywheel gearbox).
DP-OLDBDC-37 224 at Sandtoft Transport Museum alongside 156, the last "classic" double-decker bought by the undertaking.






































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