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The Derby Friar gate Line Route Map (aka GNR Derbyshire and Staffordshire Extension)

On my map I have traced the entire original route of the Friar Gate Line from its junction at Egginton all the way to Nottingham. Along the way I have marked on the locations of the all the GNR railway stations that served the Friar Gate line.
Have you ever wondered where this railway line used to run?, Well here on my interactive map you will be able to see. Perhaps your house was built on top of the line or may be at the back of your house and you never knew it!

I have put a lot of time and effort into making sure my route path and markers are correctly positioned but in some areas such as Daybrook I may be off slightly, please let me know if this is the case. In those areas where there was no clear route using the Satellite map I had to guess by using bridges and stations either side for reference combined with some old maps of the route.
I would estimate that I have the route marked correctly to within +/-5 metres along most of the line.

Large sections of the route have been or are being, converted to cycle paths and walkways and adopted by Sustrans.
The GNR Derbyshire and Staffordshire Extension route or Derby Friar Gate Line as its often referred to locally was a "back line" that opened in 1878 and ran from Nottingham through Derby (over Friar Gate Bridge) and to Egginton where it joined the North Staffordshire Railway.
This line closed in 1964 and slowly taken apart but there are still plenty of reminders where the Friargate line once ran.

You can either view the whole Friar Gate route map and then zoom in on the sections of the line you want to see or you can use one of the Quick links I have provided below that will take you straight to points of interest such as railway stations.
At some points I have taken some 360 photographs which will allow you to have a look around.

If you have some photographs of the Friar Gate line then please add them to my dedicated Friar Gate Line Flickr group.

Clicking one of these links will give you a zoomed in centered view

Friar Gate Bridge.
Egginton Junction (Far Western end of Friar Gate Line).
Egginton Railway Station.
Etwall Railway Station.
Mickleover Railway Station.
GNR Bonded Goods Depot.
Friargate Railway Station (Derby).
Handyside Bridge
Breadsall Railway Station.
West Hallam railway station.
Ilkeston North Railway Station.
Morley Tunnel.
Bennerley Viaduct.
Awsworth Railway Station.
Kimberley East Railway Station.
Basford and Bulwell Railway Station.
Daybrook Railway Station.
Mapperley Tunnel.
Gedling Railway Station.
Netherfield Junction (Far Easten end of Friar Gate Line).

Or just click the thumbnail below to see the whole route.
Click here to view the GNR Route Map.
Click the thumbnail above to view my Complete Friar Gate Line Route map.


The GNR Friar Gate Line Serving stations
Egginton Junction, Etwall Railway Station, Mickleover Railway Station, Derby Friar Gate Railway Station, Awsworth Railway Station, West Hallam Railway Station, Kimberley East Railway Station, Daybrook Railway Station, Basford North Railway Station, Gedling Railway Station and Netherfield Railway Station.
I have also marked the tunnels at Mapperley, Mickleover and Morley.

Using the Satellite mapping function in Google Maps you can clearly see certain sections of the line. I have also used Google Streetview in many locations along the route to identify road bridges and paths. Sometimes even though the railway line has gone, the bridge over it remains in place. Some of the markers I have placed in my map have small photographs in them, click on them to view a larger version.

I hope you find my Friar Gate Line Route map of interest, perhaps you will learn something from it that you did not know before.

Here are some of the reference books I used to plot the route of Friargate line:



Andy Savage www.derbyphotos.co.uk