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Your guide to - Friar Gate Railway Bridge.

Friar Gate Railway Bridge - Credits, Acknowledgments, Books, Further Reading.

I would like to thank the following people for their help with creating this feature.

The Local Studies Library, Margaret Howard, Geoff Alcock, Maxwell Craven, Glen Burdekin, Christopher Harris, Keith Blood.

I have used several books for my research for which I would like to credit here...

1) The Friargate Line, Derby and the Great Northern Railway. A dedicated history with illustrations by Mark Higginson.
160 Pages Published in 1989 by Golden Pingle Publishing. ISBN 0-9513834-0-X.
This is a very difficult book to track down but well worth it, I managed to get my copy from ebay after a year of looking for it!

2) Memories of Friargate Station by Susan Bourne. 100 Pages Published in 1998 by Breedon Books. ISBN 1-85983-116-8

3) Derbyshire Miscellany, Volume 12, Autumn 1990, Part 4, "Andrew Handyside and his workforce" by Sandra Henson.

4) 'Works in Iron' by Andrew Handyside 1868, This very old hard backed brochure by the company features a wide selection of work by the iron founders complete with photographs and illustrations. It does not include Friar Gate bridge as it pre-dates this.

4) GNR route Map, An ideal map which covers the Derbyshire Extension is available from Map Anorak.

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