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Photographs taken at the Bryan Adams concert,
Kedleston Hall, Near Derby on July 21st 2006

This page features pictures from this musical event.

Bryan Adams is a well known musician that I'm sure just about everyone will have heard of, shame on your if you have never heard of him!
This was the first time I have seen Bryan perform and it was great that out of only a few UK dates he decided to come to Kedleston Hall. About 9000 people filled the parkland in front of Kedleston Hall. The stage was situated near the bridge over the lake. A lot of people had brought picnics with them including fold up tables.
The Guest band were Reamonn, who played some good tunes from 7.30 onwards, Bryan Adams appeared on stage around 8.30pm and played until 10pm, returning for several encores.
He played all the well known hits such as Back to you, Summer of 69, Cuts like a knife, Everything I do etc etc. He even had a go at improvising that track Crazy by Gnarls Barkely !
During the concert there were several people playing golf on the other side of the lake oblivious to what was happening, Bryan decided to talk to them and they stopped playing and watched the concert from the lake side.
At one point he asked if a member of the crowd would jump into the water for him, and sure enough someone called Richard did just that. Bryan invited the guy onto the stage and he got a backstage pass and a T-Shirt. After this he picked a girl from the crowd to sing Baby when your gone with him, He picked Kate Ash, from Staffordshire. They sang together as though she was a professional (see video clip below).

When he started one song he asked everyone to wave their mobile phones, what a strange thing to see thousands of phones held aloft, instead of cigarette lighters. My camera battery had died at this point so could not take a photo.
When the concert ended, a lot of people remained sitting down as they knew the traffic was going to be bad getting out of the park. It took over a hour to get out of the park, so chance to buy a tour t-shirt.

I took some small video clips at this concert as well, Watch them (if you have broadband) on www.youttube.com using the links here..

1:Man jumping in River
2:Kate Ash helping Bryan out with Baby When you're gone
3:Keith Scott Guitar solo
4:Summer of 69
5:Reamonn (The guest band)

This event took place on Friday July 21st 2006.

Aerial Photo of location : Here. This shows Kedleston Hall at the bottom, The stage was in the centre of the image just to the right of the small circle you can see which is the source of the spring which feeds the cool dipping pool in the base of the building next to the lake.
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Panoramic photograph of the crowd....


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