Photographs of a Viking battle reenactment at
Elvaston Castle 2003, Derbyshire, UK

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• Photos of the Viking battle at Elvaston Castle, Derbyshire.
This event took place on 21st September 2003 at Elvaston Castle.

Elvaston Castle was transformed into a Viking village complete with battleground, traditional food and warriors. It is organised by m
embers of the Regia Anglorum society, which translates as Kingdoms of the English. They used authentic weapons and were wearing chain mail, members of the society filled the air with battle cries as visitors experienced the realities of a fight as the Vikings took on the Saxons, and both of them fought the Normans.

This event was organised by Regia Anglorum, A early Medieval (or Dark Ages) Living History and Re-enactment society. They are a group of enthusiasts who work hard to recreate the lives and deaths of Anglo-Saxons, Norsemen, Normans and the other people of the British isles in the centuries around the Battle of Hastings. Please visit their web site HERE for more information.











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