Photographs of Quarndon,
Derbyshire, England

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Quarndon. This is located in Derbyshire.

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Photos of Quarndon, Derbyshire, England.
Quarndon is
a charming village located not far from Derby, near Allestree.It has some great views of Kedleston Hall on one side and the Derwent Valley on the other.
There was a settlement in Quarndon by the 9 th Century. Its name is said to be derived from two old English words : “Cwoern” meaning mill and “dun” meaning hill.

Quarndon Church Hall
The church hall was built with money raised by village efforts. It was opened on May 9 th 1914 (3 months before the First World War). In 1965 it was extended and improved by various members of the Richardson family.
Three Norman pottery kilns were discovered at the bottom of Burley Lane.

Located down the road is a former Wesleyan Chapel and school room which was built in 1859. This is now a private house but about 1960 it was converted into Quarndon Village Stores and post office.
I believe it was converted back again a few years ago.

The Pinfold (226 Burley Lane). The village Pound, Pinfold or Penfold was a small enclosure in which stray animals were impounded until collected by their owners on payment of a small fine. The fine was probably one penny and went to the Lord of the Manor.

Saint Paul's Church
Completed in 1874 at a cost of over £4000. The land and part of the public subscription a gift from the Rev Alfred, 4 th Baron Scarsdale. It was consecrated on 16 th April that year. In 1897 the proceeds from the local celebrations of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee paid for the installation of the striking clock.

Only the Ivy-covered west tower of the original 12 th Century chapel remain (at the end of Old Vicarage lane). The Nave and Chancel were demolished when the new church was erected at the top of the hill.

Quarndon Millennium Sunclock
Roughly opposite the former Wesleyan Chapel near an old traditional Post Box is the rather unique sunclock which was created in 2001. It consists of a rectangular central path with the months of the year marked on it and surrounding this is an arc of stones with the hours 6am to 9pm marked on them. To tell the current time you stand with your heels on the line below the current month, your shadow will indicate the time (B.S.T). This clock is quite an interesting feature of Quarndon village. According to the brass plaque below the clock, it is located at position 1 ° 30.16W,52 ° 57.89N.

The Joiners' Arms
Its heyday was during the building of Kedleston Hall (1759-1765) after whose craftsmen it takes its name. In its grounds were a wheelwright's and blacksmith's shops.

The Chalybeate – Located just a few yards down the road from the Joiners Arms.
An iron-impregnated spring had made Quarndon into a popular spa long before Matlock and Harrogate became celebrated watering-places. By the mid-17 th Century, Quarndon's water was well-known for it “specific in Coughs, Asthma, Consumption, Spittin of blood, Hyppa and Cachexy” It was also believed to ward off the plague. During the Commonwealth (1649-60), Presbyterian sermons were preached from the battlements on Sunday afternoons. It was visited by Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe in 1727, during his grand tour of Great Britain. In 1817 the flow of water ceased due to an earth tremor. 2000 was the last time that this well was dressed

The late Brian Clough spent his retirement in Quarndon.

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DP-180305QUARN-01 - shows a view of Old church lane.
DP-180305QUARN-02 - View on Church Road
DP-180305QUARN-03 and 04 - View of the Chalybeate and The Joiners' Arms pub.
DP-180305QUARN-05 - A close up view of The Chalybeate
DP-180305QUARN-06 and 07 - The Joiners' Arms pub and beer garden above The Chalybeate.
DP-180305QUARN-08 - Quarndon Church Hall.
DP-180305QUARN-09 - View looking down Church road.
DP-180305QUARN-10 - Quarndon Millennium Sunclock
DP-180305QUARN-11 - View looking up Church road towards the Chapel and church.
DP-180305QUARN-12 - View of the former Wesleyan Chapel.
DP-180305QUARN-13 - The Curzon CE Primary School
DP-180305QUARN-14 and 15 - Views on Burley Lane
DP-180305QUARN-16 to 18 Saint Paul's Church
DP-180305QUARN-19 - Former Quarndon Hall.
DP-180305QUARN-20 - Coat of Arms on the side of the Church hall.










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