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Doveridge. This is located in Derbyshire.

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• Photos of Doveridge, Derbyshire
Doveridge is a small village and parish, 17 miles west from Derby, and about 2 S. E. from Uttoxeter. It is located on the west side of Derbyshire on the border with Staffordshire, The river Dove being the county border.

The Doomsday book tells that Doveridge boasted, amongst other things, a parish church and a water mill. Dropping down from the church, a footpath passes the site of the old water mill, demolished in the 1970s. Approaching St Cuthbert's by the main path you enter a 'tunnel' of branches formed by an ancient yew tree, reputed to be some 1200 years old. According to legend, Robin Hood was betrothed to his lady under its boughs.

The village of Doveridge used to be the main route for traffic going from Uttoxeter to Sudbury, The A50 bypass has allowed the village to return to a quiet place again. To the north west of the village is Dove bridge, which now carries the A50 across the river Dove. The local pub is called the Cavendish Arms and is on Derby road.

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Photo Description : Cavendish Memorial well
Image Reference No. : DP-300602DVERI-01
Map location : Click HERE
Date photo taken : 30th June 2002
Other Information : This nice view was taken at the bottom of Church lane where it joins with Cook Lane. This memorial well area was planted by members of the Doveridge women's institute as their effort for conservation year 1971.
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Photo Description : Saint Cuthbert's church
Image Reference No. : DP-300602DVERI-02
Date photo taken : 30th June 2002
Other Information : The church, which is dedicated to St. Cuthbert, is a small edifice, chiefly in the early style of English architecture.
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Photo Description : The village pond
Image Reference No. : DP-300602DVERI-03
Date photo taken : 30th June 2002
Other Information : This is the first Derbyshire village I have photographed which has it's own pond, complete with Ducks.

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