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Photographs of Chesterfield in Derbyshire, England

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Chesterfield, This is located in Derbyshire.

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• Photos of Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England.
The town of Chesterfield is most famous for the amazing 'crooked spire' of St Mary and All Saints church and its large open air market. Chesterfield Tourist information is located on Rykneld Square in the heart of the town Tel (01246) 345777

Chesterfield has managed to keep some of its medieval streets and buildings, It's worth taking a walk down the narrow streets off the Market Place into the Shambles and the old Butchery quarter. In Irongate stands the Royal Oak, one of Chesterfields oldest public houses, first mentioned as an inn in 1722 formerly being a rest house for the Knights Templar band of Crusaders. To the south of the town centre is Queen's park which was built to celebrate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee and opened in 1893. It has a cricket ground, Boating lake, Miniature train and children's play area as well as a restored Victorian bandstand where you can watch brass bands play on Sunday afternoons.

To the north of Chesterfield town centre at Tapton lies the Chesterfield canal, surveyed by famous local Derbyshire man James Brindley in 1777 which linked the town to the river Trent at West Stockwith, it has one of the longest tunnels (at Norwood) and one of the first multiple staircase lock flights in the country. Boat trips on the canal are available from Tapton lock Sundays from Easter to end of October (1pm-4pm).
This canal is currently being restored to its former glory by the Chesterfield Canal Trust.

St Mary and All Saints church:
The spire reaches 228 foot into the air and is a well known highly visible landmark in the area. The reason it is twisted is because it has been built using unseasoned timber and the sheer weight of the herringbone lead plate covering (The lead weighs 32 Tons). There is a legend that it is twisted because a magician persuaded a Bolsover a blacksmith to shoe the devil. Shaking with fear, he drove a nail into the Devil's foot. Howling in pain, the Devil took flight towards Chesterfield. Skimming over the church, he lashed out in agony, caught the spire and twisted it round.

St Mary and All Saints is the largest church in Derbyshire and is a landmark that Chesterfield is well know for.
The building was dedicated in 1234, although it wasn't finished until 1360. The church is open all year 9am-5pm Mon to Sat and if you would like to take a guided tour up the tower then visit on a summer bank holiday, Parties by appointment.

In the churchyard stands the town's first gas lamp of 1824, decorated by Joseph Bower. It originally stood in the market place. Chesterfield was the first town in Derbyshire to install electric street lighting in 1881.

Chesterfield market:
The traditional open air market has been going since at least 1165, when the sheriff of Derbyshire recorded an account of £1 2s 7d from the market of Chesterfield. In the early 1220's it outgrew its original site near the church and moved to its current location in front of the market hall. The markets are held on Monday, Friday and Saturdays with a Flea market on Thursdays. Holiday markets take place on Easter Monday, May Day, Spring Bank and August Bank holiday Monday. There are 200 stalls to look around so you are sure to find something of interest.
For modern shopping stores visit Vicar Lane, The Pavements Centre and the Yards.

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Photo Descriptions : Chesterfield, St Mary and All Saints Church views (6 off)
Chesterfield is probably most famous for its 'church with a crooked spire' so I make no apologies for featuring this church in such photographic detail as it really is an amazing structure, If you get a chance go on one of their guided tower walks.
DP-080604CHESTERFIELD-06 shows the Anniversary window, each of its nine sections depicts life through the years starting with the Battle of chesterfield in 1266 and through to featuring the new court house, market hall extension and Peacock heritage centre.









Chesterfield Museum opened on 12th May 1994 by Henry Sandon, it is housed in the Stephenson Memorial Hall which was built in 1879 on Corporation Street which is near the church as you can see in photos DP-080604CHESTERFIELD-28 and
DP-080604CHESTERFIELD-27. DP-080604CHESTERFIELD-26 shows Rosehill united reform church





Chesterfield Market Hall was built in 1857, In 1980 it was renovated and opened on 15th November 1980 by Mrs Margaret Troop JP (president of the the national market traders federation)





The Peacock information and Heritage centre (DP-080604CHESTERFIELD-13) is located
in a Mediaeval building from 1500AD which was possibly a former Guildhall.









The Town Hall is located on Rose Hill and looks overlooks Shentall Memorial gardens.
DP-080604CHESTERFIELD-30 shows Great Central Way which is the main road through Chesterfield, in the distance you can see Chesterfield college of Technology and arts.
The road going over is Brewery street





The Portland hotel is located on Park Road in the town centre.
The Sun Inn pub is one of the most unusual public houses I have seen, Decorated in ceramic tiles !



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